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The Skin And Phytoceramides - How They Work Together

The outermost layer of mammalian skin is known as the stratum corneum. It acts as a barrier and protects the inner cellular structure from external stresses. In so doing, it helps in keeping the skin protected from factors such as excessive transcutaneous water loss. The cells of the outer layer which are made up of ceramides and conrneocytes are what work in accomplishing this very important function by creating a barrier. Any disruption in this barrier through physical trauma arising due to conditions such as eczema or simple aging will compromise its functional ability.

The result of such compromise includes decreased skin elasticity and increased susceptibility to infections as well as increased water loss. All these factors speed up the formation of fine lines and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and mouth in addition to creating a dull skin texture. They are the signs that will easily tell the age of an individual. People dread the formation of these cosmetic changes and many, especially women have gone to great extents to work out a solution to fighting the signs of aging.

The Ceramides Solution The ceramides responsible for skin health are produced naturally in the body. The amount decreases with age. Plants contain protein compounds with the same kind of structure; almost identical to what humans have. Since they are plant derived, they are referred to as Phytoceramides. Like the ceramides found in the human body, the Phytoceramides aid in creating a protective barrier within the epidermis.

Supplements containing ceramides are now readily in the market and replace the components which are lost through hydration effects and aging. These ceramides come with a moisturizing effect, especially for the supplements since they are carried right into the blood. They therefore directly improve on the functionality of ceramides and will give results which can be harder to achieve with topical applications.

They have become important compounds for the overall protection of the skin. They will work by establishing and maintaining water retaining properties of the skin. As they decrease with age, increased trans-epidermal water loss is experienced leading to the skin changes. These plantderived ceramides will therefore work in the prevention of moisture loss from the skin as a result of aging and trauma. They are also believed to inhibit Melanogenesis, the process through which the cells produce skin-coloring pigments, giving the skin an even tone and preventing formation of age spots. It is helpful when it comes to hyper pigmentation, causing age spots and discolorations of the skin.

The plant-based ceramides when consumed in supplement form are first digested and then transported to the stratum through the blood. As a result, the plant-based ceramides circulate easily and effectively, thus giving significant effects, especially in the promotion of the important water barrier in skin layers. They end up maintaining a functional barrier that will keep the skin well-protected from all harm. When going for the Phytoceramides however, it is important to ensure that you are settling for a product that is 100% natural and with the potential of fetching you the best results without exposing you to any more harm.


The skin and phytoceramides- how they work together