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Our Mission Lee Brothers Fencing is committed to providing high quality products and services using the latest technology, while also demonstrating a high level of commitment to creating sustainable relationships with our employees, contractors, consumers and visitors.

Our Story Lee Brothers Fencing is a proud family business founded in 1948 by brothers Jack and Brian Lee. Their mission was to provide quality domestic fencing for the residents of Melbourne’s northern suburbs as well as operating their timber yard located in Thornbury. As their reputation for service and quality grew, the brothers soon began to develop quality commercial and industrial fencing solutions. From humble beginnings to the now large-scale operation, the key focus has always been to provide customers with the highest quality fencing solutions. Today Lee Brothers Fencing has cemented itself as Melbourne’s premier one stop fencing provider. Damian Lee, Tony Wells and Andrew Lee, who are nephews of the original founders, have operated Lee Brothers Fencing since 1981. It proudly remains a family owned business.

Security Fencing Security Fencing is an increasingly essential element for businesses wishing to protect their property. Lee Brothers Fencing can accommodate for any commercial or industrial security fencing requirement. We provide tailored fencing solutions ranging from tubular steel through to our high security DeFcOn速 range. Our clients may choose from our standard range, or alternatively, our design department can design and fabricate a fencing solution, according to the requirements of a property risk assessment.

Security Fencing

in addition, we are able to customise to better suit the project. this includes increasing the average height of a fence, adding barbed or razor wire and using spear panel fencing. the increased security comes at a minimal cost while exhibiting superior value.

chain link

chain link The chain link range is the most versatile and durable material for commercial and industrial clients. it provides protection and encloses large areas of land; making it the perfect option for industrial sites, schools, golf clubs and other sporting facilities. as a founding member of the australian chain link Fencing association, lee Brothers Fencing products are designed to comply with the standards set by the aclFa as well as all relevant australian Standards. Our fences can also be powder coated or PVc coated which adds a further protective layer. This option enhances the visual appeal, while also increasing the durability of the fence. as an additional security measure, barbed wire or razor wire can be incorporated into the design.

acoustic Lee Brothers Fencing specializes in superior quality acoustic fencing applications. this type of fencing is ideal for areas where reduction of noise is necessary. acoustic Fencing in the environment will block and defuse sounds originating from a particular source, including traffic, industry and domestic noise. all fencing is designed to adhere to statutory regulation and design constraints. our acoustic fencing is a customised solution based on environmental needs which are compliant with the standards set by VicRoads and local councils. it also meets the noise ratings established by the Environmental Protection agency (EPa). in addition, we have the services of qualified acoustic and structural engineers with years of experience available to analyse sites and provide detailed advice on each individual situation.


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hoardings Timber hoarding is a vital element to construction and demolition companies undertaking work within the public domain. it provides the public with protection against flying debris and dust as well as any falling objects. our hoarding has a simplistic design making installation on site efficient and effective.

an additional benefit for the hoarding is to boldly display our company’s logos or vital marketing media. The hoarding acts as a billboard that can be regularly refreshed to promote the company’s projects, generate interest and inform the public of site progress and completion.


The hoarding can be constructed to include walkways, overhead covering and Perspex windows. it also provides a higher level of security than the alternative temporary fence solutions. The materials used are durable and can withstand the harsh treatment on building sites. They can also be recycled and reused at different locations on the same site.

Timber fencing is a classic material which has been used for many years and will continue as a popular and economic choice. Timber is primarily used for boundary or feature fencing for commercial properties such as schools, units and service stations. our fully trained employees are available to assist in both design and preparation of a fence to any height or length that you require. colorbond provides a low maintenance boundary for your commercial property. it can also act as a decorative feature with numerous designs and colours available. As with our timber range, colorbond can be enhanced with the addition of lattice and exposed posts.

Timber & colorbond

Timber & colorbond

Enclosures and cages are ideal for the storage of belongings and equipment in apartment blocks or for securing utility services including valves and meters. Lee Brothers Fencing enclosures come are available in a variety of designs, ranging from supported or suspended enclosures to complete floor-to-ceiling enclosures. The materials range from wire, perforated mesh to welded mesh, providing you with a security solution tailored to your needs. They are specifically built giving endless options.


Enclosures & Cages

Bollards are used as a protective measure against cars, trucks or forklifts. They are ideal for car parks, stores or warehouses. They are designed for impact resistance and to protect valuable assets. Additions can be made to include poles, chains or rails. They also act as guides for traffic flow in car parks, an essential element for functionality. To increase the impact resistance of the bollards they can be filled with foam or concrete. Lee Brothers Fencing is able to design and construct gates of any size in any of the fencing ranges available. This includes Chainwire gates, through to our large high security DEFCON速 range of gates. They are manufactured in our modern production facility allowing any level of customization. All gates can be designed and installed with automation. This increases the level of security while providing you with a convenient integrated gate solution.

Bollards, Car Park aCCessories, Gates & automation

Bollards, Car Park Accessories, Gates & Automation

VTF & VTF Events

Victorian Temporary Fencing events have professional staff available to install temporary fencing or crowd control barriers at your event. Event panels enable the separation of specific areas and provide a temporary perimeter fencing solution. To ensure the event is outstanding, we use event only panels. Included in our unique range are advertising panels with provision to promote your company or the event. Victorian Temporary Fencing is focused on delivering first class service and safety. Our optional patented 2 part concrete blocks are coloured VTF Safety YellowÂŽ to increase visibility. The 2 part option means that your staff can move the 18kg blocks without breaching manual handling guidelines. There is also an option for hi-visibility panels that indicate emergency exits. All these elements assist with the event safety and presentation. Victorian Temporary Fencing are also a founding member of the Australian Temporary Fencing Association.


Victorian Temporary Fencing introduced temporary fencing to the Victorian fencing market in 1996 and remains the market leader in providing temporary fencing services. There are several different fencing solutions for hire including timber hoarding, chain wire industrial, welded mesh anticlimb, crowd control barriers and pool safety barriers. Our fencing is erected by professionals according to the Australian Standards and is certified to comply with AS54687-2007 – Temporary Fencing and Hoarding.

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