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Magic Breed Pocket Ponies


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Ponies proudly owned by M & M Valley Lodge, Yarra Valley.

What a beautiful photo of Mikayla Doyle with Collandie Park Regal Sweets (Daisy) 149/10 winning at Tataura, photo by Angie Rickard. Ponies on top left Grassdale Attitude to Burn 141/10, Possum Hollow Victoria 36/10, right Glenelen Flynn F/R 268/11. Middle Pentland Ryobi F/R 188/10, 3rd row Michelle & Grassdale Jail House Rock FR272/11.Mikayla with (left) Pentland Minutte AM7874F 81cm & Dee Bee Request AM8894F 80cm.

Mikayla &

Michelle love showing their beautiful ponies and are extremely successful in the show ring. For information contact:- Michelle Doyle, M & M Valley Lodge, Victoria

email: or telephone 0439 070 564 Small Talk Edition 115

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