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KIMBLEWOOD PARK COMPETING AT THE CEDERA LODGE HARNESS DAY As this chance comes around once a year, you really should be there. After spending a lot of time preparing your harness pony to undertake some serious competition; you’ve have primed yourself to take part and the best part is when one of the grandchildren wants to come along and drive too. Lots of people helping replace obstacles, making sure the cross country course is safe, selling raffle tickets and that’s just the first bit when you arrive. First thing for us was making sure Jocala Jupiter was warmed up and feeling relaxed; never mind how the drivers felt. A dressage test, serious stuff remember to use the corners, nice round circles, good paces and the rein back; salute the judge, that’s that section over; able to breathe a little bit easier. Now the obstacle course lots of big blue bins to go around, through the sack gate, over the blue tarp, past the whirly bits and over the carpet, post the letter and another big sigh of relief. The cones with the tennis balls on top, not my greatest test and Jupiter did it well taking tight turns even when keeping a vigorous pace up; must remember it’s all about time and trying not to make mistakes. Now comes the best bit, cross country, trying not to get lost, following the arrows, through some serious ditches thank goodness it hadn’t rained for a few days, over the wooden bridge, shafting in a webbed circle, tight turns through the trees, all the time listening to the encouraging shouts from family and the stewards out on the track. Then with Samantha in the driver’s seat off we went again. Samantha loves anything to do with horses. She has been showing since she was two years old; minis of course, then she got her “real” horse and started pony club all the while keeping up with the miniatures and once Sam sat in my cart; that was another passion that had to be conquered. Samantha and her sister Natalie were born with a love of horses and follow in their mums footsteps; let’s hope it never ends. If you do nothing else with your minis, get into harness. It’s the best activity for all ages. Marie Smith KIMBLEWOOD PARK. Victoria Photos by Debbie & Terry Lear 14th April, 2012

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WHAT BOOK HAVE YOU BEEN READING? The Horse Conformation Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas ISBN 978-1-58017-559-3 I purchased this book from Horseland and found it full of practical information with fantastic illustrations covering everything you wish to know. Highly recommended and great to test yourself on your judging. Also another book to own:Miniature Horses—A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders By Rebecca L. Frankeny, VMD , MS, Diplomate ACVS - ISBN 978-1-57076-398-4 This well thought-out and illustrated book contains valuable information essential to the breed that also applies to Miniature Ponies. It provides readers with a better perspective on their horses & extends knowledge by ask educated questions. Both these books are in my library and are extremely helpful. Small Talk Edition 115

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