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WESTERNPORT ANNUAL HARNESS DAY Our Annual Harness Day was held on the 28th April, 2012, this has become a regular event on the WMPPG calendar. This day is always well supported by both those who love driving miniature ponies and those wonderful members who come along and give a hand whether it is replacing balls on cones, manning the stop watches, or adding voices of encouragement to the competitors. This year we had 10 ponies in harness and 11 drivers, we have found that drivers use this event to bring out their new ponies so they get accustomed to being driven with other ponies and tackling different obstacles that they have never seen, we had 4 new ponies who will be making their debut on the show scene in 2012/2013. This year we invited junior riders to participate, but the leaders must have thought it would be too much running, it would have been fun and we would have made the tasks easier, maybe next year we will get some riders. Now for the results: Dressage:

1st Cheryl Sheddan; 2nd Karen Whitaker-Taylor; 3rd Paula Grieves; 4th Craig Sheddan. Interesting fact, the first 3 ponies have not yet been shown in harness.

Activity Course:

1st Corrin Thornell; 2nd Cheryl; 3rd Paula; 4th Craig. Again the first 3 ponies are newies.


1st Cheryl; 2nd Pat Fromholtz; 3rd Janet Taylor; 4th Craig.

Obstacle/Bush tracks:

1st Cheryl; 2nd Pat; 3rd Corrin; 4th Janet.

Overall Winner:

Cheryl, well done. The prize was a lovely plate donated by Dee Bee Stud, Glengarry.

Champion Junior Driver:

Winning all sections was Samantha Zoljan. Sam could be heard in the dressage test saying “shoosh Grandma”.

While we are mentioning things that made us laugh, Pat lost her mudguard rushing around a few trees, while Craig brought some bushes back attached to his cart and he also ran over the Stop sign, and if you listened very carefully you might have heard Marlene saying “……..” as she went down the dips. Special thanks must go to our Dressage Judge, Kaye Donnelly; her comments on the dressage sheets were very much appreciated. This event will be on again next year, so if you like a fun day full of laughs with members and friends make sure you come along. Helen, Cedera Lodge, Pearcedale

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