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WESTERN AUSTRALIAN STATE DELEGATE’S REPORT Hi Everyone Nearly half way through the year already it’s going so quick. Foaling season will be upon us soon. No foals for me so will be waiting to see everyone else’s new additions. High point closes at the end of July thanks to everyone that has entered. Results will be announced in August and prizes etc will be ready in September. The next high point opens on the 1st August emails and forms will be sent out in the next few weeks, hope to see lots of you entering there is a lovely trophy and rosette with your pony’s name on it for all the High Points and Runner Ups in each section. We are also adding a High Point Appendix Pony and also a High Point Best Presented. Our Spring Spectacular Show is being held at Fletcher Park in Wungong on the 10th November. A full halter programme including foal classes will be available soon. Please make sure all your handlers are current financial members before the day of the show. Also any 2yr old upgrades are completed before the show as well. We are currently looking for Sponsors for the show to help make it the best day we can. Also we are seeking any new goods to make into 3 raffle prizes to be drawn on the day. Hope you all can make it I’m sure it will be a wonderful day. Take care Kelsie Clark, State Delegate

Measurers Co-Ordinator’s Report. Hello to all measurers and welcome to new measurers Valerie Dewsbury, Emma Jenkins from NSW and Julie Spiteri from Vic. As we have now exhausted the stock of Height Pads I hope that you all understand the new system that has been put in place. If you have any queries please contact me so that I can help you and explain the new method. It is now time for me to send out the Yearly Return Form and it would be very much appreciated if these are completed and returned to me ASAP so that all records can be updated and the number of ponies measured for the year can be compiled. Last year it was very disappointing that a lot of forms were not returned although requests were made to the measurers that failed to return them. This resulted in the number of ponies measured not being able to be tallied and I hope that this year all forms are returned promptly. As well as the Return Form there are still a lot of Receipt for Equipment Forms that have not been returned and once again it is a Society requirement that these are returned so that we have a record of all Society equipment being held by members. Please remember that the Measurer’s Position is on an annual basis and can be reviewed for not complying with Society regulations. Upon being contacted by members’ requesting measuring please arrange a date and time and discuss the reimbursement for fuel costs as it is a Society rule that members must pay for this cost. In closing I hope that everyone has a very happy foaling season and a successful showing year. Glen Drust Small Talk Edition 115

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