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Portfolio This is work from my current project.

Organic Preservation House Design Brief: Mauritius and Maldives are examples of places that are popular with tourists and despite this they haven’t been ruined with towering hotels. Instead are scattered with hut like building that are used as accommodation. The theme of the resort is preserving the environment therefore the hotel resorts design should be separate house type structures rather than be an apartment block that you would find at most coastal holiday resorts. Specifications: -Must not damage the look the of the environment must blend in. -Should be able to hold a few of people. -Should be situated near a town or city and should be accessible. -Provide activities for people. -Shouldn’t be too expensive Location: The Location for my resort has to be a coastal country that has a an natural surrounding so that it can fit the organic theme. I want the resort to be able to provide activities for its guests, that is why the best place for my resort is Hawaii. It is a tourist hotspot as well as fitting the criteria and providing the resources and activities needed to fit the specifications.

Hawaii The Hawaiian tropical rainforests are a tropical moist broadleaf forest ecoregion in the Hawaiian Islands. They cover an area of 2,600 square miles in the windward lowlands and montane regions of the islands. Although the islands lie within the hot climate zone of the tropics, the continuous Northeast trade winds produce pleasant sea breezes that moderate the temperature. July temperatures average around 21° C. This particular location is quite large and has more than enough space for the resort and any activities we may decide to have. It is also near the coast which is another positive. The fact that it is near a city means it is easily accessible by vehicle or any other form of transportation. The nearby city also means it will have restaurants and shops the guests could visit while on their holiday.


Organic Structures- Trees/Leaves/Nature Since the focus of my brief is the environment and organic preservation it feels necessary to focus my images and drawings on more natural shapes rather than and forms rather than basic shapes but more importantly natural colours and materials, however I believe that my project will benefit more by combining the two. The exterior is more attractive and noticeable part of a structure as well as it being the key part of my project, however it is still important to show the layout of the interior and how it works as a whole. Thinking about the relationship between the structure and the surrounding is important to my project because its important to understand function. My resort has to be able to meet the brief as well as accommodate guests, it will cater to a specific group of people as it has certain features that a particular age group might not be suitable for.

Initial Primary Research Trees


Initial Cad Plan

Ground Floor

Front View

Back View

I am not very happy with the shape of the building because I want them to be less rectangular so that is one of the changes I will have to make to my next design. Another thing I am considering changing is making them single floor rather than having multiple floors but that means I’ll have to increase the surface area.

First Floor

Wood Model Experimentation This was some experimenting I did with different shaped wood blocks to create a structure.

Understanding Function Using the shape I created and looking at it as a potential structure or sculpture

Understanding Function Izabelin House, Izabelin Poland Reform Architect

Located in Poland the Izabelin House is the perfect example of a camouflage building. Architects commonly utilize biomimicry when designing homes in rural areas to seamlessly blend a building with nature around them. Taking camouflage techniques a significant step beyond mimicry, architects in Poland have designed a house that will blend into a forest setting using mirrors. Mirrors will make up the first-story exterior, creating the illusion that it is an untouched forested area. The architects are addressing the possibility of birds flying into the facade two ways. The surface of the second-story will not be reflective, and a sounding device on the lower level will warn birds if they get too close to the reflective surface. This is a measure that could limit bird fatalities in cities, where large, glassy facades are even more common.

Artist Experimentation These are some digital models I made of the Izabelin House for the bottom half is reflective so I used the same colour as the background so it gives the invisible effect.

Side View

Front View

Understanding Function Acros Fukuoka Building, Fukuoka Japan Emilio Ambasz and Associates In Fukuoka City in Japan, they have an amazing building called “ACROS Fukuoka� with two very distinct sides: one side looks like a conventional office building with glass walls, but on the other side there is a huge terraced roof that merges with a park. The garden terraces, which reach up to about 60 meters above the ground, contain some 35,000 plants representing 76 species. In addition, a green roof reduces the energy consumption of a building, because it keeps the temperature inside more constant and comfortable. Green roofs also capture rainwater runoff, and support the life of insects and birds.

Sydney Opera House The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney, Australia. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the building was formally opened on 20 October 1973. It is one of the 20th century's most famous and distinctive buildings.

Idea 1 This was a Model I had created as one of the possible exterior designs, this design would make it capable of climbing which would provide an activity for the guests, it being hollow means it also provides shelter.

Drawings These are some plan drawings I did of the structure and how they could look as the building using the model aspect as the roof.

Understanding Space Understanding how the space works in comparison to people. So I added scale models into the image at different distances so now I can visualise what it will look like in a public environment.

Inspiration Natural Forms These are some pictures I took of organic elements as they refer to my organic themed resort. The colours would be useful for the exterior of my resort as well as using them as a external materials

Idea 2 The rock climbing frame inspired me with the potential activities I could have at my resort, with the ladder acting as a possible way to access the rooms. In regards to the rock climbing, I would have to provide safety precautions but if I did decide to put my rooms off the ground it would keep in theme. Another possibility inspired by this piece of equipment was to incorporate a slide into the rooms as a quick way to exit to the ground rather than only having ladders . As an added bonus, something enjoyable for the guests

Model Initial models I made of inspired by the park playset. As part of my brief I have to provide an activity for my guests this idea provides me with the possibility by make a section of my resort climbable.

Idea 3 This playset gave me the inspiration for the structure of my resort. Keeping with the brief of being environmentally friendly ,this inspired my structure with the idea of keeping my resort off the ground in line with the concept. This has shown me that it is possible if my rooms are supported but stilts and beams and are made accessible by the use of interconnected ladders

Development of Idea These are specific elements of the park equipment that I feel directly related to the design and layout of my resort. The resort will also have a bridge connecting the different rooms.

The two towers have a similar placement to the rooms on my resort. They will also be parallel to each other.

Development of Idea Model Making

A model I made using art straws because they closely resemble the poles from the park equipment. The model I created was hollow because I wanted to see how the interior works as a space for a resort.

Development of Idea Understanding Function

Material Mood Board This is a mood board created of different materials I could find that I feel related to my resort, which vary from wood to metal and glass. Some of the materials will be used to make my resort such as the wood and the grass.

Colour Mood Board This is a mood board I created for the colour that I considered interesting and could possibly relate to my resort. I collected some items of different colours and created a mood board with them. The colours that particularly stand out to me are the green, brown, and camouflage

Photos of Shape inspiration These are some of the shapes I found intriguing . My finial product is going to be more rectangular but I am considering experimenting with other shapes although rectangular block building will be more suitable for this particular resort

Drawings Some drawings I did of buildings and sculptures based on the pictures of different shapes I found. Theses are the possible looks of my resort If they were based of those shapes.

Idea 4 Activity One activity I want to provide for my guests is a viewpoint which allows them to stand on a structure I will create and view the beautiful scenery surrounding the resort.

Shape Inspiration

Drawings Some drawings based on the shape inspiration of how my viewing tower might look.

Model 2

Understanding Function

Potential Shape Models Experimentation with different shapes using foam blocks.

Digital Model This is a digital model I created based on the physical model I made with the foam blocks.

Understanding Function Looking at the digital model I made as potential buildings

Chosen Idea My final decision is to make my holiday resort a combination of the tree house on stilts and a camouflage eco-friendly building to make my resort a camouflaged tree house and the exterior will be covered with trees and shrubbery.

Materials Trees A key part of my resort is the idea that it is friendly for the environment and doesn’t damage the visual beauty of the surroundings. So part of my hotel is going to be off the ground and in the trees (like a tree house) and the other part is going to be covered by branches. So looking at these trees has helped me understand how to make my hotel resemble one.

Leaves Part of my resort is going to be camouflaged which means the exterior will be covered will foliage. These are some of the leaves and branches that might be useful for that aspect in my resort.

3D Floor Plan

CAD Model

Resort Plan Drawings These are original drawing or the shape of my building

SketchUp Models

Understanding function

Graphics This is some of the work I have done for my graphics course, ranging from photography to editing.