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STATEMENT OF SUPPORT BETWEEN CORPORATE PARTNERS AND FORT JACKSON EMPLOYMENT READINESS PROGRAM We recognize that Army spouses are a diverse and talented candidate pool. In the highest America tradition, the spouses of patriotic men and women of the Army serve voluntarily and provide support to the Army and its Soldiers, enhancing the well being of the Army Family. Whereas the Army commits to facilitate a focused and expanding partnership where Army spouses and Corporate America benefit from their mutual involvement. The partnership will afford Army spouses the opportunity to meet employment goals, career sustainment and mobility and increased family security. Therefore, we join the Army and other employers in pledging our best efforts to increase employment opportunities for military spouses and resources for Corporate America.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Company Name: Division of In-patient Services, South Carolina Department of mental Health Address:BPH, SCDMH,220 Faison Dr. Columbia, SC 29203 ________________________________________________ Telephone Number: *803-935-7766 ; 803-935-6809 _____________________________________________ Point of Contact(s): 803-935-7766 ______________________________________________ E-mail Address:__PLL20@SCDMH.ORG_________________________ Agency Website: http://dmhhome/ Type of Industry: Health Care Type of Employment Opportunities Offered: _Nurses, Nurse Aides Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Social Workers, Activity therapist, Certified Nurses Aide, Information Technology Personnel, Signature:_Pai-Li Lin__________________ Date:Aug.13,2008_________ Please e-mail or fax job postings to Fax: (803) 751-5524 Post job vacancy announcements on Please mail us your company profile information so we can establish a file on your organization. Mail to: Directorate of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Army Community Service Attn: Barbara Martin, Employment Readiness Program Fort Jackson, SC 29207

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