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Press Release RFM parking vision for Mosman. RFM announce after the September election, at the first meeting of the new Council to propose a motion for the introduction of a Mosman Parking Appeal Panel. The panel will be made up of two resident representatives, a business representative and a Council officer, and will be empowered to consider all factors leading to a parking infringement, including hearing evidence from rangers and residents that have been fined. The panel will be empowered to dismiss or let residents off with a warning in the case of extenuating circumstances Background After the RFM team surveyed local business owners, and residents, and after discussions with the Lord Mayor of Parramatta on the makeup and structure of their pilot scheme. RFM became convinced that a softer approach to parking enforcement is needed in Mosman in order to help stimulate business and community accessibility. RFM believes that parking enforcement should primarily be about managing a scarce resource rather than as a revue raising exercise to supplement Councils income. Council’s current attitude has resulted in residents being fined inappropriately for minor offences including but not limited to parking over your own driveway or overstaying in time limited spot by a few minutes. RFM assert that there is no need for the time tickets used at the beach and other foreshore areas in winter, as Councils own studies indicate that residents are usually gone within 2 hours. The only conclusion that can logically be drawn from the current policy is that revenue rather than equity is the primary concern. The RFM team believe the panel will address this inconsistency and start moving Mosman Council in a more user friendly direction. fine Roy Bendall

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