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professional_ Hongqiao Business Resort master planning and architectural proposal, Shanghai Situated next to Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport and its ever-spreading urban expansion the Hongqiao Business Resort’s aim is to be an allinclusive complex for business and exhibition. The facilities’ goal is to be a permanent location for new creative companies and a temporary meeting and exhibition space for short-term business promotions. Hongqiao Business Resort has a mixed-use program that includes commercial, retail, soho, exhibition, recreation and hospotality.

professional_ Hongqiao Business Resort The Hongqiao Business Resort program includes a 4 and 5 star hotel, the latter of which is a special component to the development as a destinationstyle boutique hotel. The hotel appears to float over the landscape and is comprised of individual villas that have a unrestricted view over the surrounding area. This approach offers a unique rural experience never before experienced in this context and increases marketability within the business park real estate offerings.

professional_ Yangzhou Government Center master planning, space planning and conceptual proposal, Yangzhou The site of the Yangzhou government complex is the dividing line between the old Yangzhou city and the location of a new planned city. It is once piece of a master plan that includes culture, recreation, commercial and residential functions. A residential community sits adjacent to the government complex and was a conceptual motivator from the projects induction. The complex’s goal was to give back to the community a park, garden, commercial core and open spaces while extending its functional hours beyond the typical 9am to 5pm office hours of a government facility. The complex hosts a commercial plinth on the 1st and 2nd floor to cater to community life and protects an internal garden and park.

professional_ Yangzhou Government Center The garden was conceptualized as a striped landscape that both influences the architectural language and adheres to it. To emphasis the professional blue hues of the façade the landscape’s color spectrum concentrates on blues and greens of native, low water consumption plantings. The strips set up function areas and events as well as scales of intimacy as one moves through the space.

professional_ Yangzhou Government Center

professional_ Apple built work, Apple China Research and Development Facility, Beijing 2300 sqm / 24.800 sqft The Apple Facility was a 14 month project and responsibilities ranged from the initial design proposal, space planning, design development, material specifications, project management, company-client relations though to site hand-over. Working directly with Apple Asia Facilities Headquarters, chief roles also included primary contact between client and contractor, all internal communications, as well as representative for all site and construction matters.

professional_ Apple The Apple Research facility is includes 10 meeting rooms, 10 private offices, 2 server rooms, reception, 133 open office workstations, 12 laboratory chambers and their supporting infrastructure. It comprises the entire 25th floor and utility modifications included power and A/C upgrades from base building.

professional_ Apple

professional_ Legend Holdings interior design proposal, Beijing 700 sqm / 7500 sqft

professional_ Havas interior design proposal, Beijing 2170 sqm / 23.400 sqft Havas is a marketing and branding company interested in defining their space by the experiential progression of their office. Conceptually perceived as a “dragon�, the Chinese symbol for good luck and fortune, a programmatic coil was created to hold all closedroom functions and supporting facilities. The open studios are located outside of these boxes in a pure and sterile workspace. The finishes are natural and reinforce an honesty in the material pallet.

graduate_ Moma, New York’s vertical gallery The MoMA AIR is located in the Chelsea Arts District of New York City at 504 West 22nd St. As an annex to MoMA New York, the AIR is an Artist in Residency facility to foster young and emerging artists. Up to 18 artists would live and work in this facility and demand a wide variety of studio and gallery situations for infinite possibilities of medium. The AIR provides a unique potential for its participants because of the dense urban context and vibrant Chelsea district. Programmatic requirements of such a site yield a vertical gallery where participants experience from the top down, within a constricted building footprint.

graduate_ hAMP STEER wheel The hAMP wheel is a mobile lodging unit that can be driven between destinations by an outer track system. Once on site it functions as a hotel, rotating in place to provide working, sleeping, and showering applications. Its goal is to provide an alternative to big-box franchise hotels that aim to please everyone in their design but consequently inspire no one.

graduate_ LVx2012 Responding to the amplified draughts of Nevada and diminishing water levels of Lake Mead, the life-line of Las Vegas, LVx2012 is a transformable hotel-casino on the strip to a rescue and evacuation site. Its technologies make it resilient to desert conditions without municipal power and water. It is a standalone oasis for desert catastrophes.

graduate_ FOCO

built furniture Found Object Craft object is a process of allowing the form and use of an object to be inspired by a found item. The found object then creates the basis of conceptual design and its congruent components. The industrial caster made one leg or outrigger of a desk.

graduate_ donald judd gallery The Donald Judd Gallery and Storage Facility is to protect a large collection of Judd’s work in his former home of Marfa, Texas. This facility features three gallery spaces for rotating works and is open to the general public four days out of the year. It allows each of Judd’s pieces a correspondingly sized space to allow each to be appreciated as he envisioned, in pure and unadorned space.

graduate_ ArchSpace built work, Nebraska Community design center is a course developed to follow the design and construction of a house for a low-income family on an infill site in Lincoln, Nebraska. The ArchSapce House is built by University hands and experiments with locally sourced products, sustainability, energy conservation and integration into well establish inner-city communities. Responsibilites included collaborative conceptual design, construction and site works.

international studies_ sketches of China







international studies_ Tianjin housing Destruction of traditional hutong housing and replacement with apartment towers is a widespread renewal approach throughout China as their urban populations swell. Located in a traditional housing area of Tianjin China, the objective of this proposal was to hold on to the traditional elements and scale of the beloved hutongs. Goals included a multi-use live-work community that reinforced the social integrity of old neighborhoods. Each unit incorporated a vertical courtyard for local agricultural production as well as a sun shading element for this south facing proposal. It offers a culturally inspired reinforcement to the concrete box in the sky approach of the modern Chinese city.

international studies_ winterschlafer Located on a garden lake in Hannover, Germany the Winterschlafer

is a transformable dock for swimming, fishing, and relaxing in the summertime. During the winter the unit collapses to ensure unobscured views from the garden cabins across the lake. Through a system of pulleys and pins one person can operate the canopies from their low resting position to their extended shading position.

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