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I do not live in an urban area, and there are few places to walk. It’s also really cold. I felt confused, and worried that I wasn’t going to be able to do this project. I thought to myself: You’re going to have to get CREATIVE! I had fear of not taking the “right” pictures. Or that they would be too trite. So I just went for it and stuck with what I knew, and found interesting.

I found myself drawn to repetitive lines.

While the lines were something new I found myself drawn to, I’ve always found myself drawn to textures. I’ve been a “collector” of textures for while now.

I think this would be great warm up exercise before a project, or a continuous work in progress. I could see this exercise being used to help open the students up to their world. They go to school everyday in the same place. This idea would be a good way to help them see their everyday space differently.

Pafford ci2  
Pafford ci2