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Family Resource Guide presented by the Leduc Regional & Beaumont Early Childhood Development Coalitions 1 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

I Am Growing Up: 2014 Leduc Regional Family Resource Guide Published in partnership by Leduc Regional & Beaumont Early Childhood Development Coalitions First Steps to Childhood Success


Leduc Regional Coalition Suite 101, 1101-5th Street Nisku, Alberta T9E 2X3 Ph: (780) 979-2386 Beaumont Coalition 5600-49th Street Beaumont, Alberta T4X 1A1 Ph: (780) 929-3322 I Am Growing Up Text & Concept Jeff A. Johnson

Leduc Regional

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Thank you to the local families who have allowed us to use photos of their children in this guide.

NOTE: This directory is to be used as a guide only, and should not be considered to be a fully authoritative nor an exhaustive list of services available in the communities, nor of those actually provided by the agencies listed herein, nor of their qualifications to provide such services. We assume no responsibility to any person or persons for the information contained in this publication, nor shall we be held liable for any damage caused to any person, whether negligently or otherwise. It the reader intends to rely on any information contained herein, he or she should verify the accuracy of the information independently.

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Through ECMAP with the help of seed grant funding provided by Alberta Education, coalitions were formed across Alberta. Coalitions are groups of individuals who have come together to plan and promote community-based supports for young children and families. Your local Leduc Regional & Beaumont Early Childhood Development Coalitions.

Our Mission The Early Child Development Mapping Project (ECMap) aims to strengthen Alberta’s ability to make positive early childhood development a reality for every child in the province.

Our Goals •

Provide current information on early childhood development in Alberta

Promote understanding of how children’s early years impact lifelong development

Enable governments at various levels to monitor early childhood development and make informed decisions

Provide credible information on early childhood development to communities throughout Alberta to support local planning and action

Advance early childhood development research and knowledge

For more information visit www.ecmap.ca

4 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Emotional Maturity is age appropriate emotional understanding, empathy, reflection, and controlled actions (thinking before doing). This includes the development of a child’s self-help skills and interactions with others. Emotional maturity helps a child function independently and effectively at home, school, at work and in the community. What Parents Can Do To Help:


Volunteer in the community with your child and talk about it afterwards

Point out to your child opportunities to help others (help that man pick up his keys)

Cook with your child and encourage daily help with chores and cleaning

Give your child opportunities to play with other children; to learn to share, to take turns and how to relate to others of the same age

Teach your morals and values and help your child develop a strong work ethic by giving your child a task and to have him/her work on it until it is completed

Communication and general knowledge is open communication of needs and wants in a socially appropriate way, storytelling and an appropriate awareness of the outside world. This includes the development of a child’s language skills including what is said and what is understood. Communication and general knowledge consists of listening, verbal and non-verbal attempts to respond, eye contact, humor and expression of personality. What Parents Can Do To Help:


Talk with your child about “everything”, repeat often and listen to your child

When cleaning up emphasize “put the block in the box”

Read to your child often and ask many questions about the pictures

Encourage your child to speak his/her needs verbally instead of just pointing

Praise your child at each attempt to speak and repeat correctly what is said incorrectly to role model proper speech

Have fun communicating!

Language and thinking skills is age appropriate pre-reading, pre-writing skills, classification of shapes, numbers, colours, size and concept. This also includes how the child plays with toys and the child’s ability to find a solution to increasingly more difficult problems. Problem Solving Skills are a step towards a proper understanding of how to tackle problems and thus to help a child develop coping skills. What Parents Can Do To Help: •


Playing with puzzles, lacing cards, matching objects and playing with play dough

Playing hide and seek or hide a toy so your child can find it

Teach your child simple coping techniques (take a deep breath, come back to the activity later, count to 10) when there is a problem that seems unsolvable

When there is a problem brainstorm with your child the different ways this problem can be solved and then chose which solution is best for the situation

Physical Health and Well-Being is supported by encouraging physical growth and independence, gross and fine motor skills and coordination. This includes the development of the child’s hand and finger movement and coordination (fine motor) and the development of the large muscle movement and coordination (gross motor). What Parents Can Do To Help: Fine Motor

Play cards, Pictionary or any board game, as they all involve problem solving skills

Social competence is encouraging a child to play well with others, curiosity about the world, respect for adults and other children, and following rules/instructions, independence, self-confidence and eagerness to explore new things. This includes the development of a child’s interactions with others and the recognition of their feelings in response to a situation. Social Emotional Skills are when children start to understand who they are, what they are feeling and what they expect to receive from others. What Parents Can Do To Help:


Infants can play with rattles and one toy at a time to begin to learn grasping skills

Coloring, writing, drawing, finger painting, eating finger foods and play dough

Squeezing objects, turning knobs and pushing buttons

Puzzles and lacing activities like beading necklaces, tying and sewing

Activities where a child has to pinch clothes pins and use tweezers to sort things

Cooking activities like stirring, adding ingredients and breaking eggs

Gross Motor


Walk an infant around by holding his/her hands and when an infant can sit; have him/her sit and play often to strengthen the stomach and back muscles

Play ball together (catching, throwing, kicking, and running)

Dancing, swimming, balancing on one foot, building with blocks, riding bikes

Have consistent routines to help your child feel secure

Respond to your child’s calls for help or attention so they learn to trust

Model good manners “thank-you”, “please” and “may I?”

Smile at, cuddle with and comfort your child as often as you can

Play at the park (sports, swinging, sliding, climbing, pulling and pushing)

Show positive ways to express emotion through role modeling

Spend a lot of time with other kids so your child learns to share and take turns

Spend the day at the beach (swim, run, play in the sand and throw around a ball)

Go on a walk or hike and slowly increase the amount of time of the activity

3 Months Cries at an angry voice

I AM NEW I’m a bundle of potential and need. I’m a consumer of information: I watch, listen, touch, taste, and smell. I’m a busy brain driven to learn. I’m a scientist and problem solver. I’m hope and joy personified.

Squeals, laughs, gurgles and coos

9 Months

Smiles or laughs when spoken to in a nice voice

Likes to copy sounds and facial expressions

Stops crying when soothed

Likes it when he/she is copied

Cries when upset

Makes babbling sounds

Reaches for and grabs objects like a rattle

Reaches for things he/she wants

Puts hands in mouth

Touches things to explore

Learns to support head

Rolls over

Pushes up on arms when on his/her stomach

Bounces on legs when held standing

Cries when he/she needs something

Acts shy around strangers

Feels comfortable around those who attend to those needs

Looks at and plays with what interests him/her

Reaches out for familiar people and shows a desire to be picked up

Shows pleasure and interest at familiar words and familiar people

Cries for the attention of his/her needs

May cry, turn away or make faces when he/she does not like something

Acts shy around strangers

When unhappy may cry, kick, bang or throw things

Smiles when happy

8 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

6 Months

Cries when bored

Gets attached to objects and people and cries when separated from them

Holds and grabs toys in both hands and from one to the other

Sits up without support and may crawl Moves from sitting to lying down

Finds the source of what is heard and will find a toy even if it’s hidden Copies what others do

Plays peek-a-boo

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 9

12 Months Says “mama” or “dada” Moves head in response “yes” or “no”

18 Months Understands simple questions (where is your nose?) Points to objects he/she knows

Understands 2 word phrases

Holds and grabs things between thumb and index finger Uses a spoon

I’m a curious, observant, energetic, determined, focused, and sometimes stubborn scientist. I’m a natural-born learner, all-the-time explorer of stuff ... an insatiable consumer of sensory experiences. I’m a highly evolved and very capable future adult, eager to engage the world. 10 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Scribbles with crayons Puts things in containers Takes off shoes & socks

Stands up; may start to walk

Walks and runs unassisted

Climbs on things

Learning to catch objects

Stands independently

Runs on tip toes

Drops things just to see you pick it up

Has tantrums to communicate wants and needs

Bonds with toys for security Gets into things to explore

Says “no” hits or screams to get his/her own way

Waves goodbye

Shows curiosity

Shows jealousy and emotions are unstable

Imitates others

Cooperates more

Cries when someone they love leaves

You can tell when he/she is happy, sad or angry

Asks for food or drinks

Tantrums are normal to communicate feelings

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 11

2 - 3 Years

I AM 2

(don’t underestimate me) It’s not easy. I’m realizing the world no longer revolves around me like it did when I was younger. Still, life’s not so terrible. It’s just a bit complex and overwhelming at times. I’m trying to understand the world and my curiosity and drive sometimes look like trouble. I’m a force to be reckoned with, a busy brain on the go.

12 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

3 - 4 Years

Responds to his/her name

Understands 900-1000 words

Says short sentences Says more than 50 words

Should understand 75% of what people say

Turns a key or screw

Eats without making a big mess

Throws and catches

Gets dressed on own

Eats and drinks alone

Colors without scribbling

Getting better at kicking, throwing and catching a ball

Catches objects

Walks up and down stairs holding onto a railing Uses the potty because he/she does not like being dirty Changes behavior with the arrival of a new sibling

Begins to play interactive games or role plays Tries to be independent

Tries to please you Says “no” to try and control the situation Starts to communicate feelings verbally


(trust me, I’m learning) I am not built to sit still, keep my hands to myself, take turns, be patient, stand in line, or keep quiet. I need motion. I need novelty. I need adventure. And I need to engage the world with my whole body.

Swings, climbs, skips and jumps Hops on one foot

Does simple puzzles Is becoming very social Wants to help with chores May not like going to bed

Can be very social and talks a lot about personal experiences Begins to tell stories

Less rebellious Has the ability to share and take turns Helps others freely without being reminded

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 13

4 - 5 Years Speaks in complete sentences and tells stories Follows 3 step directions & asks a lot of questions

Draws a person copying shapes and lines


Prints some letters Colors inside the lines

I AM 4

Balances and controls a tricycle Gets dressed except for zippers, ties, buttons...

Focuses on a task and finishes it Learns, thinks, reasons and will solve simple problems Laughs at jokes and then makes up jokes

I’m a smooth talking, agile, and observant seeker of adventure. I’m kind of a know-it-all ... as in ... I want to know it all. I have more questions in me than you have answers. I’m perceptive enough to sense this can frustrate you, but please don’t discount my inquisitiveness.

14 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Knows his/her emotions but may not know the words Starts to play well with others

Argues with parents when he/she wants something Wants approval of adults

I’m a risk taker and mess maker. I’m a confident doer of exciting things. I’m not built for desk sitting. My busy brain craves action and novelty. I’m not as grown up as some people think — I still need to play, move, and explore. Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 15

supporting child development All children gain skills at their own rate and in their own way. Their parents and caregivers are the first experts in knowing their child best. There are many services available within the region to support you: to learn more about your child’s development and people you can talk to when you need more help.

regional early childhood development programs Leduc County Family & Community Support Services Ph: (780) 979-2385 | County Centre | 1101 - 5th Street, Nisku

Playschool Subsidy: The Playschool Subsidy is available to residents of rural Leduc County, Calmar, Thorsby, Warburg and the Graminia area of Parkland County. Applicants must meet the income guidelines and are expected to pay a portion of the playschool fees. Leduc County FCSS may take into consideration special circumstances and determine eligibility on a case by case basis. Families receiving the Stay-at-Home subsidy from the Government of Alberta are not eligible to receive the Leduc County FCSS Playschool subsidy. Please phone (780) 955-6424 for more information.

Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre

Ph: 1-866-979-2386 | www.leduc-county.com/parent-link-centre | www.parentlinkalberta.ca Parent Link is a parenting resource for families and caregivers of children between the ages of 0 to 6 years. At a Parent Link Centre in your community you can attend workshops and programs, learn positive parenting strategies, track your child’s development, meet other parents and caregivers and learn about programs, resources and supports in your community.

Family Connections Home Visitation Program Ph: (780) 955-6423 | www.leduc-county.com/family-connections

The Family Connections Home Visitation Program is free long term support program for parents who are either expecting or have had their first child within the past year. It is designed to support parents who would like some extra help, and to answer questions and concerns.

family resource services resources available to families living in the following communities: Leduc, Devon, Beaumont, Calmar, Thorsby, Warburg, Leduc County

educ Regional Family Resource Guide

In addition to parenting support, Family Connections provides support with other issues that may directly or indirectly affect healthy family functioning and parenting in general. Information about other community resources is provided to families. Parents may choose to stay involved in the program until their first child reaches their sixth birthday.

Early Childhood Resource Program

Ph: (780) 955-4598 (or 4599) | www.leduc-county.com/early-childhood-resource-program This program provides support and services to families, as well as early learning and care professionals of children 0-6 years. Short-term, in-home support is available to families concerned about their child’s behaviour and/or development. Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 17

early childhood development Early Intervention Program - Robin Hood Association Ph: (780) 640-9401 | 3 Spruce Avenue, Sherwood Park The Robin Hood Early Intervention Program provides home-based programming, playgroups, support networks and consultation to families. This program is available to children between 0 and 3 1/2 years of age who may be experiencing developmental delays or have a diagnosed disability.

Connect Society Early Intervention Program Ph: (780) 454-9581 | 6240-113 Street, Edmonton | www.connectsociety.org The Connect Society Early Intervention Program is for families who have a child with a hearing loss, or children of deaf or hard of hearing adults. In-home support, playgroups, and connections to community/ hospital resources is provided. Participating children must be between 0 to 3 1/2 years of age.

Preschool Rehabilitation Services Ph: (780) 413-7703 | www.albertahealthservices.ca Preschool Rehabilitation Services is for children from birth to 5 years old who have not yet entered school. It provides assessment and intervention to support parent concerns related to daily living (eating, sleeping, bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, transitions, outings, movement and play skills.

Preschool Speech & Language Services (Central Intake) Ph: (780) 408-8793 | www.albertahealthservices.ca This service offers supporting speech, language, pre-literacy development and fluency skills through parents/caregiver training and information, individual and group service, at public health centres and other community locations. The service is available to preschoolers from 0 to (nearly) 6 years of age who are not enrolled in kindergarten.

Babysitter Safety Course & Referral List (City of Leduc)

early childhood services programming Government of Alberta - Early Learning Branch Ph: (780) 422-9423 | www.education.alberta.ca/parents/ecs.aspx

Program Unit Funding (PUF) Program Unit Funding (PUF) is provided to school authorities across Alberta for Early Childhood Services (ECS) children with severe disabilities/delays who require additional support beyond that offered in a regular ECS program. PUF is provided for individualized programming that meets the educational needs of children with severe disabilities/delays who are at least 2 1/2 years of age, and less than 6 years of age on September 1.

Funding for mild/moderate disabilities/delays & those who are gifted/talented Funding for children with mild to moderate disabilities/delays and those who are gifted/talented is provided in addition to the Base Instruction funding. Children who meet the coding criteria must be at least 3 1/2 years old—but less than 6 years of age—on September 1.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Funding In addition to Early Childhood Services (ECS) Base Instruction funding, ESL funding is provided for children from 3 1/2 years of age to less than 6 years of age who are:

Ph: (780) 980-0406 | www.leduc.ca/LRC/Programs/Babysitter_First_Aid_Programs.htm

foreign-born and have minimal English language skills, or;

To assist you in your search for a youth that has completed the Babysitter Program, please visit the web address above to fill out an online registration form. The information provided will be forwarded to the parents/guardians of the Red Cross Babysitter Progam participants and they will follow up with your inquiry.

Canadian born and have limited English language skills

18 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 19

program options

health & wellness Child Health Clinics

Pre-Kindergarten Programs - Black Gold Regional Schools


Ph: (780) 955-4534 | www.blackgold.ca

Beaumont Public Health Unit

Black Gold Regional School’s Pre-Kindergarten Programs are inclusive programs for Program Unit Funding, mild to moderate funding support, English as a Second Language Learners, and children without special needs as space permits.

Ph: (780) 929-4822 | 4918-50 Avenue

Devon Public Health Unit

St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools

Ph: (780) 342-7069 | 101 Erie Street S

Ph: (780) 986-2500 | www.starcatholic.ab.ca

Leduc Public Health Unit

Parkland County (Graminia School)

Ph: (780) 980-4644 | 4219-50 Street

Ph: (780) 963-5035 | www.psd70.ab.ca

Thorsby Public Health Unit

Community Options

Ph: (780) 789-4800 | 4825 Hankin Street All Public Health Units:

Ph: (780) 455-1818 | 15824-131 Avenue, Edmonton | www.communityoptions.ab.ca

Community Options is a multi-disciplinary educational program for children who have disabilities and attend community settings such as child care centres, kindergartens and preschools in the Edmonton area, including Leduc County.

offer health education/counselling/support for parents, health assessments and screening to identify health concerns, and referral to appropriate health care providers such as community resources.

provide primary immunization for children 2 months to 5 years (no referral or appointment required)

provide early childhood oral health services for children who are at risk for dental disease

GRIT (Get Ready for Inclusion Today)

Preschool Rehabilitation Services

Ph: (780) 454-9910 | 14930-114 Avenue, Edmonton | www.gritprogram.com

Contact your local Public Health Centre | www.albertahealthservices.ca

GRIT is an inclusive, early childhood program for young children with developmental disabilities from 21/2 to 51/2 years of age.

Preschool Rehabilitation Services offers children 0 to 5 years support to address activities of daily living (eating, sleeping, bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, transitions, outings, movement/play skills, and school readiness skills).

Health Link Alberta Ph: (780) 408-LINK (5465) | www.myhealth.alberta.ca Registered nurses provide health information about symptoms and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Immunization Infant Preschool Services Contact your local Public Health Centre Provides primary immunization to children 2 months to 5 years of age. No referral or appointment required. 20 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

health & wellness CASA (Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health Services) Ph: (780) 410-8483 (birth to age 5) or (780) 342-2701 | www.casaservices.org CASA is a community-focused provider of a variety of mental health services for infants, children, adolescents and their families. No referral needed.

child care Choosing Child Care Resources

The Government of Alberta website (humanservices.alberta.ca/family-community/child- care.html) is a very good place to begin to gather information about what is available. Depending on your needs, there are several links to a broad range of services. The following information is taken directly from this website:

Ph: (780) 427-4491 | 9942-108 Street, Edmonton

Finding the best arrangement for your family takes time and planning, but it is worth the effort. Here is a quick list of things to consider before making your choice. Also, please read “Choosing Child Care: A Guide to Licensed and Approved Child Care in Alberta” (humanservices.alberta.ca/documents/choosing-child-care.pdf) to help begin your search.

The Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line provides immediate crisis telephone support to children, adolescents and their care providers.

You know your child best. Think about where he/she will be most comfortable. List your needs. For example, if your child needs a lot of quiet time, a large, busy centre may not be the best choice. Some considerations are:

Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line

Children’s Mental Health Centre Ph: (780) 488-3737 | 11024-116 Street, Edmonton The Children’s Mental Health Centre provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for children, adolescents and their families.

Primary Care Network (Leduc, Beaumont, Devon) Ph: (780) 980-6624 The Primary Care Network provides services for patients in the City of Leduc, towns of Beaumont and Devon, and all communities in Leduc County. A group of 49 family physicians in 11 clinics along with additional health care professionals (registered nurses and dietitians, a registered pharmacist and psychologist and an exercise specialist) work together to improve primary care for patients.

NAIT Dental Hygiene Clinic Ph: (780) 471-8827 Students of NAIT’s Dental Hygiene Clinic provide low cost dental services under the supervision of a registered practitioner. Cleaning and fluoride treatments available for 4 to 21 year olds in May and June. Small fee charged.

University Dental Care Ph: (780) 407-5550 | 11140 University Avenue, Edmonton | www.dentistry.ualberta.ca/PatientCare This is a non-emergency Dental Hygiene Clinic. Discounted fees for all services. Dental students perform treatments under the supervision of qualified practitioners. 22 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

• Your child’s age • The types of activities your child enjoys • The number and ages of children your child enjoys being with • Any food allergies or food preferences that must be accommodated Each program will have a different approach to how they offer child care and may provide different services, such as snacks or meals. Other things to consider are your work hours, location, and cost.

Child Care Subsidy Program The Ministry of Human Services provides financial assistance to eligible lower-income families using the following services/programs: • Licensed day care centres, group family child care, out-of-school care centres, and preschools • Approved family day homes and ECD programs If you require assistance with your child care fees for your preschool-aged children, check out the Child Care Subsidy Program online at humanservices.alberta.ca/financial- support/15104.html. You can also view: • Subsidy application form (humanservices.alberta.ca/documents/CDEV2127.pdf) • Guide to applying for child care subsidy (humanservices.alberta.ca/documents/CDEV2127A.pdf) Other child care subsidy options (humanservices.alberta.ca/financial-support/15679.html) include: • Kin Child Care Funding Program • Extended Hours Child Care Subsidy • Stay-at-Home Parents Support

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 23

daycare programs Leduc Agapeland Daycare Centre Brightpath 16 Corinthia Park Shopping Centre 5010 - 48A Street, T9E 6Y1 4302 - 50 Street, T9E 6J9 Ph: (780) 666-3262 Ph: (780) 986-1632 www.brightpathkids.com Global Childcare Centre Little Otters Day Care Centre 5007 - 49 Avenue, T9E 6M6 4409 Black Gold Drive, T9E 4R1 Ph: (780) 980-9700 Ph: (780) 986-6848 www.globalchildcarecentre.com www.littleottersdaycare.com Nessie’s Jigsaw #101 4709 - 51 Avenue, T9E 6Y2 Ph: (780) 739-5550 www.nessiesjigsawinc.com

daycare programs Calmar

New Sarepta


Little Otters Day Care Centre 4917 - 50 Avenue, T0C 0V0 Ph: (780) 985-2818

Buddy’s Place Childcare Centre 5013 Centre Avenue, T0B 3M0 Ph: (780) 886-3515

Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning Centre Sunshine Patch Daycare 6302 - 29 Avenue, T4X 0H5 #111 6002 - 29 Avenue, T4X 0H5 Ph: (780) 737-5510 Ph: (780) 929-2298 www.seedsandsproutsdaycare.com www.sunshinepatch.ca

preschool programs Calmar Thorsby

Town of Beaumont Early Learning Child Care Centre 4901-55 Avenue, T4X 1A1 Ph: (780) 929-1263

Calmar Preschool Society Thorsby Tiny Tots Playschool 5402 - 50 Street, T0C 0V0 Arctic Spas Recreation Complex Ph: (780) 985-2510 4901 - 48 Avenue, T0C 2P0 Ph: (780) 789-0044

Devon Auntie Rose’s Community Daycare 6D Superior Street, T9G 1E8 Ph: (780) 987-7338

24 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Learn, Love ‘n Laugh Child Care Centre 102 - 17 Athabasca Avenue, T9G 1G5 Ph: (780) 987-3349

Warburg Warburg Playschool Warburg Elementary School, T0C 2T0 Ph: (780) 848-2822 Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 25

preschool programs Leduc Covenant Christian 49257 Range Road 250, T9E 2X2 Ph: (780) 986-8353

Jack & Jill Playschool 5212 - 50 Street, T9E 6V6 Ph: (780) 739-JILL (5455)

Kinderssori Academy 4503 - 45 Street, T9E 7K4 Ph: (780) 991-6959

Notre Dame Preschool 66 South Park, T9E 7J1 Ph: (780) 986-9300

St. Benedict’s Catholic Preschool 75 Alton Drive, T9E 7K1 Ph: (780) 986-7480

L’ Ecole Des Petits 4904 - 50 Avenue, T4X 1J9 Ph: (780) 929-5445


New Sarepta

Leduc Strathcona Services for Children #101 4806 - 47 Avenue, T9E 5X3 Ph: (780) 986-3993 | lsfc@shaw.ca www.servicesforchildren.ca

Leduc Strathcona Services for Children #101 4806 - 47 Avenue Leduc, T9E 5X3 Ph: (780) 986-3993 | lsfc@shaw.ca www.servicesforchildren.ca Parkland Family Day Home Agency Suite A - 221 First Avenue Spruce Grove, T7X 3X2 Ph: (780) 962-5919 office@parklanddayhomes.com

Ready Set Grow Preschool 4703 - 50 Avenue, T4X 1C4 Ph: (780) 929-2820

Devon Christian Preschool Hwy 60 & Miquelon Avenue, T9G 1Y1 Ph: (780) 987-4157

Leduc & Beaumont


Beaumont Beaumont Tiny Tots Playschool 4912 - 50 Avenue, T4X 1J9 Ph: (780) 929-2808

family day homes

Devon Preschool Experience 1 Jasper Court, T9G 2B9 Ph: (780) 987-3711

New Sarepta/Calmar/Thorsby/Warburg Leduc Strathcona Services for Children #101 4806 - 47 Avenue Leduc, T9E 5X3 Ph: (780) 986-3993 | lsfc@shaw.ca www.servicesforchildren.ca

New Sarepta Playschool New Sarepta Agri-Plex, T0B 3M0 Ph: (780) 941-2552 26 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide | 27

out-of-school care (osc) Leduc Agapeland Daycare Centre Global Child Care Centre Brightpath 16 Corinthia Park Shopping Centre 5007 - 47 Avenue, T9E 6M6 5010 - 48A Street, T9E 6Y1 4302 - 50 Street, T9E 6J9 Ph: (780) 980-9700 Ph: (780) 666-3262 Ph: (780) 986-1632 www.globalchildcarecentre.com www.brightpathkids.com Leduc Estates Before/After School Care Little Otters OSC Nessie’s Jigsaw 95 Alton Drive, T9E 5K4 4409 Black Gold Drive, T9E 4R1 #101 4709 - 51 Avenue, T9E 6Y2 Ph: (780) 986-6750 Ph: (780) 986-6848 Ph: (780) 739-5550 www.littleottersdaycare.com www.nessiesjigsawinc.com Notre Dame OSC 66 South Park Drive, T9E 7J1 Ph: (780) 986-9300

St. Benefict Before/After School Care 75 Alton Drive, T9E 7K1 Ph: (780) 986-7480

Willow Park OSC Program 5212 - 52 Street, T9E 6V6 Ph: (780) 986-8456

Sunshine Patch OSC #111 6002 - 30 Avenue, T4X 1J9 Ph: (780) 929-2298 www.sunshinepatch.ca

Town of Beaumont School Age Site 4306 - 44 Street, T4X 1K3 Ph: (780) 929-2173

Beaumont Seeds & Sprouts ELC 6302 - 29 Avenue, T4X 0H5 Ph: (780) 934-9404 www.seedsandsproutsdaycare.com

Devon Learn, Love ‘n Laugh OSC 2 Clair Street, T9G 1J3 Ph: (780) 918-5208 OR 987-3349

Auntie Rosie’s Community Daycare 6D Superior Street, T9G 1E8 Ph: (780) 987-7338

New Sarepta Calmar New Sarepta OSC 5013 Centre Avenue, T0B 1M0 Ph: (780) 902-8956 28 | Leduc Regional & Beaumont Family Resource Guide

Little Otters Daycare Centre (OSC) 4917 - 50 Avenue, T0C 0V0 Ph: (780) 986-6848

graminia (parkland county) & devon Rainbow Playschool Clymont Playschool Graminia Community Hall Clymont Community Hall 51101 Range Road 270, Spruce Grove #1 51423 Hwy 60, Spruce Grove Ph: (780) 987-2685 Ph: (780) 418-1577 www.graminiahall.com/playschool www.clymont.com Woodbend Community Playschool Woodbend Community Hall 26002 Twp Rd 514, Spruce Grove Ph: (780) 470 - 3338 www.woodbendhall.com

graminia (parkland county) & devon Alberta Parenting for the Future Association (APFA) Ph: (780) 963-0549 | 5413 - 51 Street, Stony Plain The APFA provides programs to families and family members that encourage and support individuals to strengthen their relationships within their families and communities. APFA also administers the Home Visitation program to both Graminia & area families and Devon families.

Family Support Services (Graminia & Area) Ph: (780) 984-4286 | Graminia School (contracted by Leduc County FCSS) | fcssinfo@leduc-county.com Offers free, voluntary one-to-one support for individuals and families by building on their strengths in life to help them cope and be resilient. Provides up to six visits in home, school, community, or in the Leduc County FCSS Office. Family Support Services also offers workshops and groups focused on preventing crisis.

Parkland County (Graminia & Area) Early Education - CLICK Program Ph: (780) 962-0212 Ext. 251 | École Broxton Park School | Broxton@psd70.ab.ca www.psd70.ab.ca/schools/BroxtonPark/Programs The CLICK (Children Learning in Inclusive Community Settings and Kindergartens) Program supports children ages 21/2 to 5 years with significant challenges in core developmental areas. Individualized programming is delivered in high quality Early Childhood settings.

Early Intervention Program (EIP) Spruce Grove Health Unit (serving Devon and Graminia families) Ph: (780) 342-1300 | Suite 110, 505 Queen Street, Spruce Grove The Spruce Grove Health Unit’s Early Intervention Program provides home-based programming, playgroups, support networks and consultation to families. Available to children from birth to 31/2 years of age who may be experiencing developmental delays or have a diagnosed disability.

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Your guide to family resources in our community. From first-rate health care facilities to endless recreation opportunities, the Leduc & Beaumont region is a great place to raise a family. In this book you will find information on the services and resources that are available in our community.

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I AM Growing UP Family Resource Guide  

I AM Growing UP Family Resource Guide