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General Information

General Information


Choosing Child Care Resources


Visiting a Child Care Program


Daycare Programs


Preschool Programs


Approved Family Day Homes


Out-of-School Care


Resources: Leduc County


Resources: Alberta 12 Resources: Canada 13 Resources: United States 14

This directory is intended to offer information about child care and preschool services available in Leduc County. Every effort has been made to ensure information that is accurate, as of July 2013. If you note information that requires updating, please contact Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre (LRPLC) at 1-866-979-2386 or lrplc@leduc-county. com. This guide is also available on our website at The information about each program is descriptive only and is not to be interpreted as an endorsement or a recommendation by Leduc County. There are many types of child care services available. For the purposes of this directory, only those programs that are licensed or regulated have been listed: • Daycare programs serve infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children. • Family day homes offer care in a private residence. There are usually six or less children, including the caregiver’s own children, with one caregiver. • Group family child care programs offer care in a private residence. There are typically between seven to 10 children with two caregivers. • Out-of-school care programs operate before and after school, during lunch hours and often when schools are closed. • Preschool programs are typically offered as an opportunity for children to participate in group experiences as a preparation for school, and operate for less than four hours per day. Children are registered for two or three mornings a week. Parents are generally involved in the operation of the program.



Choosing Child Care Resources The Government of Alberta website ( is a very good place to begin to gather information about what is available. Depending on your needs, there are several links to a broad range of services. The following information is taken directly from this website:

General Information

Finding the best arrangement for your family takes time and planning, but it is worth the effort. Here is a quick list of things to consider before making your choice. Also, please read “Choosing Child Care: A Guide to Licensed and Approved Child Care in Alberta” ( to help begin your search.

To help you ask the right questions, see the “Child Care Checklist” (humanservices. and/or the “Telephone Interview Planner” ( to assist you.

You know your child best. Think about where he or she will be most comfortable. List your needs. For example, if your child needs a lot of quiet time, a large, busy centre may not be the best choice. Some points to consider are: • Your child’s age • The types of activities your child enjoys • The number and ages of children your child enjoys being with • Any food allergies or food preferences that must be accommodated Each program will have a different approach to how they offer child care and may provide different services, such as snacks or meals. Other things to consider are your work hours, location, and cost.

Child Care Subsidy Program Do you require assistance with your child care fees for your preschool-aged children? If so, check out the Child Care Subsidy Program ( • Subsidy application form ( documents/CDEV2127.pdf) • Guide to completing your application for child care subsidy ( If daycare is not suitable, other child care subsidy options ( include: • Kin Child Care Funding Program • Extended Hours Child Care Subsidy • Stay-at-Home Parents Support


Visiting a Child Care Program

It is very important that you visit each program that you are considering. This allows you to ask questions and to see first-hand the kind of care offered.

When you are making your visit, there are a number of things you should be looking for, such as: • Is the facility and equipment clean and in good condition? • Is space arranged for children to freely choose activities? • Are toys and equipment in reach of all children? • Do toys and equipment suit the ages and sizes of all children? • Are there enough toys for the number of children? • Is there a program listing daily activities? • Can children choose from a variety of activities? • Do activities suit the ages of the children? • Do children appear relaxed and involved in activities? • Is there room for outdoor play? Nutrition • Does food for all children meet the standards in Canada’s Food Guide (www.hc-sc. • Do caregivers sit with children during meals? Health and safety • Do staff and children wash their hands before and after diapering or toileting? • Are medications stored in a locked container, out of reach of children? • Is all indoor and outdoor equipment clean and safe? • Does staff have training in child care first aid? Child care staff and providers • How may staff per child are present? • How are staff trained? • Are staff engaged and involved with children? • Do staff calmly reassure children who are upset?


Visitng a Child Care Program Accreditation In Alberta, all licensed and approved child care programs must meet a minimum set of provincial standards. The Alberta Child Care Accreditation program establishes standards that exceed those in the provincial standards. These higher standards have been developed by members of the child care sector, together with the Ministry of Human Services. An accreditation agency works with accredited programs to make sure they follow these standards. This voluntary program is the only one of its kind in Canada. Look for the accreditation logo in your child care program. For more information on accreditation, visit their website at Since July 1, 2011, enhanced standards for the Family Day Home Program have been in effect. These standards reflect the ministry’s commitment to ongoing continuous improvement and assures families who choose a family day home that there are standards in place to promote their children’s safety and well-being. • Family Day Home Standards Manual ( Homes displaying this logo are private residences offering an approved family day home service that is monitored and supported by a government contracted family day home agency.

Daycare Programs Leduc AGAPELAND DAYCARE CENTRE 16 Corinthia Park Shopping Centre 4302 50 St. T9E 6J9 Phone: 780-986-1632 GLOBAL CHILDCARE CENTRE 5007 49 Ave. T9E 6M6 Phone: 780-980-9700 LEDUC LEARNING CENTRE 5010 48A St. T9E 6Y1 Phone: 780-986-1345 LITTLE OTTERS DAY CARE CENTRE 4409 Black Gold Drive T9E 4R1 Phone: 780-986-6848


Calmar LITTLE OTTERS DAY CARE CENTRE 4917 50 Ave. Phone: 780-985-2818

Devon AUNTIE ROSE’S COMMUNITY DAYCARE 6D Superior Street T9G 1E8 Phone: 780-987-7338

NESSIE’S JIGSAW 101-4709 51 Ave. T9E 6Y2 Phone: 780-739-5550

LEARN, LOVE ‘N LAUGH CHILD CARE CENTRE 102 17 Athabasca Avenue T9G 1G5 Phone: 780-987-3349


New Sarepta

SEEDS & SPROUTS EARLY LEARNING CENTRE 6302 29 Ave. T4X 0H5 Phone: 780-934-9404


SUNSHINE PATCH DAYCARE 111-6002 29 Ave. T4X 0H5 Phone: 780-929-2298

BUDDY’S PLACE Phone: 780-886-3515


Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs Devon


DEVON CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL Hwy 60 and Miquelon Avenue T9G 1Y1 Phone: 780-987-4157

THORSBY TINY TOTS PLAYSCHOOL Arctic Spas Recreation Complex 4901 48 Ave. T0C 2P0 Phone: 780-789-0044

DEVON PRESCHOOL EXPERIENCE 1 Jasper Court T9G 2B9 Phone: 780-987-3711

New Sarepta NEW SAREPTA PLAY SCHOOL New Sarepta Agri-Plex T0B 3M0 Phone: 780-941-2552 BUDDY’S PLACE (FULL DAY PRESCHOOL) Phone: 780-886-3515

Calmar CALMAR PRESCHOOL SOCIETY 5402 50 St. (Elementary School) T0C 0V0 Phone: 780-985-2510


Warburg WARBURG PLAYSCHOOL Warburg Elementary School T0C 2T0 Phone: 780-848-2822

Leduc COVENANT CHRISTIAN Covenant Christian School 49257 Range Road 250 T9E 2X2 Phone: 780-986-8353

JACK & JILL PLAYSCHOOL 5212 50 St. T9E 6V6 Phone: 780-739-JILL (5445) KINDERSSORI ACADEMY 4503 45 St. T9E 7K4 Phone: 780-991-6959 NOTRE DAME PRESCHOOL Notre Dame School 66 South Park T9E 7J1 Phone: 780-986-9300 ST. BENEDICT’S CATHOLIC PRESCHOOL St. Benedict School 75 Alton Drive T9E 7K1 Phone: 780-986-7480

EAST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL East Elementary School 4503 45 St. T9E 7K4 Phone: 780-986-8421

Beaumont BEAUMONT TINY TOTS PLAYSCHOOL 4912 50 Ave. T4X 1J9 Phone: 780-929-2808 L’ECOLE DES PETITS 4904 50 Ave. T4X 1J9 Phone: 780-929-5445 READY SET GROW PRESCHOOL 5703 50 Ave. T4X 1C4 Phone: 780-929-2820 ECOLE BEAU MEADOW SCHOOL 4322 44 St. T4X 1K3 Phone: 780-929-2175


Family Day Homes

Out-of-School Care (OSC)




LEDUC STRATHCONA SERVICES FOR CHILDREN 101-4806 47 Ave. T9E 5X3 Phone: 780-986-3993

LEDUC STRATHCONA SERVICES FOR CHILDREN 101-4806 47 Ave. Leduc, AB T9E 5X3 Phone: 780-986-3993

AGAPELAND DAYCARE CENTRE 16 Corinthia Park Shopping Centre 4302 50 St. T9E 6J9 Phone: 780-986-1632

IT’S A CHILD’S WORLD FAMILY DAY HOMES 201-10335 178 St. Edmonton, AB T5S 1R5 Phone: 780-489-2626

Beaumont LEDUC STRATHCONA SERVICES FOR CHILDREN 101-4806 47 Ave. Leduc, AB T9E 5X3 Phone: 780-986-3993 CHILD DEVELOPMENT DAY HOMES OF ALBERTA 10639 131 St. Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1Y6 Phone: 780-444-2288

PARKLAND FAMILY DAY HOME AGENCY Suite A-221 First Ave Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3X2 Phone: 780-962-5919

New Sarepta/Calmar/ Thorsby/Warburg LEDUC STRATHCONA SERVICES FOR CHILDREN 101-4806 47 Ave. Leduc, AB T9E 5X3 Phone: 780-986-3993 CAMROSE FAMILY DAY HOME PROJECT 4304 53 St. Camrose, AB T4V 1Y2 Phone: 780-672-0131 EVOLUTION FAMILY DAY HOMES 5010 50 Ave. Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 0S4 Phone: 780-352-5615


GLOBAL CHILDCARE CENTRE 5007 49 Ave. T9E 6M6 Phone: 780-980-9700 LEDUC LEARNING CENTRE OSC 5010 48A St. T9E 6Y1 Phone: 780-986-1345 LEDUC ESTATES BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL CARE 95 Alton Drive T9E 5K4 Phone: 780-986-6750 LITTLE OTTERS OSC 4409 Black Gold Drive T9E 4R1 Phone: 780-986-6848 NESSIE’S JIGSAW 101-4709 51 Ave. T9E 6Y2 Phone: 780-739-5550 NOTRE DAME OSC Notre Dame School 66 South Park Drive T9E 7J1 Phone: 780-986-9300

ST. BENEDICT BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE St. Benedict School 75 Alton Drive T9E 7K1 Phone: 780-986-7480 WILLOW PARK OSC PROGRAM Willow Park School 5212 52 St. T9E 6V6 Phone: 780-986-8456

Beaumont SEEDS & SPROUTS ELC 6302 29 Ave. T4X 0H5 Phone: 780-934-9404 SUNSHINE PATCH OSC 111-6002 30 Ave. T4X 0H5 Phone: 780-233-9299 TOWN OF BEAUMONT OSC 4306 44 St. T4X 1K3 Phone: 780-233-9299

Devon LEARN, LOVE ‘N LAUGH OSC 2 Clair Street T9G 1J3 Phone: 780-918-5208 or 780-987-3349

New Sarepta NEW SAREPTA OSC Phone: 780-902-8956


Resources: Leduc County Name Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre Leduc County FCSS Early Childhood Resource Program Leduc County FCSS Home Visitation Program Leduc County FCSS Child and Family Services Authority (Leduc) Child Care - Licensing Boys and Girls Club of Leduc Black Gold Regional Schools St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools Family Support for Children with Disabilities GRIT Program Robin Hood Association HEALTHLink Alberta Leduc Public Health Beaumont Public Health Devon Public Health Thorsby Public Health Centre Babysitter Safety Course and Referral List Kids Help Phone Bullying Help Line Child Abuse Hotline Distress Line (Support Network) Family Violence Info Line


Resources: Alberta •

Alberta’s Promise ( is a movement to facilitate partnerships between communities, businesses, services clubs, foundations and agencies to work together to direct more resources to benefit our children and youth.

Alberta Child Care Association ( is a network of organizations with a focus on quality care for all children ages 0 to12, a purpose to share information and be the voice of child care in Alberta.


The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) ( provides information about the first provincewide accreditation program for early learning and care services in Canada.

Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement of Early Learning and Care Services (ARCQE) ( outlines programs and services to enhance the ability of early learning and care services to meet the needs of the children and families of Alberta. ARCQE delivers specialized training and professional development for child care services and for Parent Link Centres.

The Alberta Family Child Care Association (AFCCA) ( is a non-profit organization representing approximately 80 contracted agencies in the province, which serve about 8,000 children. All member agencies offer quality child care service in a family environment, which meets the needs of children and families in each community.

Phone Number 780-979-2386 or 1-866-979-2386 780-955-4598 or 780-955-4599 780-955-6423


780-986-7869 780-427-0444 780-986-3121 780-955-6025 780-986-2500

780-427-4354 780-454-9910 780-467-7140 1-866-LINK (5465) 780-980-4644 780-929-4822 780-342-7069 780-789-4800 780-980-7120 1-800-668-6868 1-888-456-2323 1-800-387-KIDS (5437) 780-482-HELP (4357) 780-310-1818 (tollfree) 4219 50 St. Leduc 4918 50 Ave. Beaumont Devon Hospital, 101 Erie St. 4825 Hankin St.

Available 24/7 To report

Provides information and referral to callers who suspect, are aware of or witness to family violence


Resources: Canada

Canadian Child Care Federation ( provides services and programs for direct service providers, child care organizations, educational institutions, government policy makers and public opinion leaders.

Child and Family Canada ( offers resources on children and families with an extensive library of online documents in the areas of children and families.

Child Care Resource and Research Unit ( outlines research and policy on early childhood care and education. The website highlights new research findings and provides ongoing updates on current research projects in early childhood care and education. The website contains a section on child care policy, with provincial, federal and international policy developments.

Seeds of Empathy ( fosters social and emotional competence and early literacy skills and attitudes in children three to five years of age while providing professional development for their educators.

The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs ( promotes the well-being of families by providing national leadership, consultation and resources to those who care for children and support families.


Resources: United States •

National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Centre (NCCIC) ( is a U.S. agency with information on current child care research in the United States (with many posted research reports), state child care profiles, government initiatives, the “Child Care Bulletin” and a long list of links to American child care organizations.

Early Childhood Research and Practice ( is a peer-reviewed electronic journal sponsored by ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education of the University of Illinois covering topics related to the development, care and education of children from birth to eight years old.

Connect for Kids ( provides solution-oriented coverage of critical issues for children and families including child care and early development.

National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education (www.nieer. org) was created to carry out a comprehensive program of research, development, and dissemination to improve early childhood development and learning.

National Association for the Education of Young Children ( is an organization of early childhood educators and others dedicated to improving the quality of programs for children from birth to Grade 3. The website contains position statements including program practices and policies of early childhood programs.

The National Network for Child Care ( provides research-based publications about children and child care from the resources of universities.


Leduc County Family & Community Support Services Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre 101, 1105 - 5 Street Nisku, AB T9E 2X3 Phone 780-979-2386 Toll-free 1-866-979-2386 Fax 780-955-4765

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