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LED Lighting Case Study

SAHAR S c o n t i n e n t a l “We love the way the lighting looks and the huge improvement that it has made at our facility.� - Sahar Alsash Owner

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LED Lighting Case Study LED Source® created an LED lighting solution that eliminated the additional maintenance costs and provided annual energy savings of $6,886*. The energy-efficient LED lighting also qualified for an $11,700 rebate from MidAmerican Energy. It is estimated the LED lighting upgrade for Sahar’s will have a return on investment within 3.8 years. LED Source® was able to provide Sahar’s Continental Shops with an LED lighting solution, that improved the quality of light in their location and met the challenges faced with traditional lighting. Everyone

loves to be pampered, especially when

visiting a spa and their favorite retail shop. Creating an environment that combined both of these experiences was the brainchild of Sahar Alsash, owner of Sahar’s Continental Shops. Ensuring that every client receives only the best, whether spa treatments or the luxury merchandise, is the premier goal of the highly trained staff. Every attention to detail has been made in creating the ultimate spa and shopping environment, including the lighting.

Sahar’s previous lighting consisted of 138 incandescent, 115 fluorescent and 18 halogen bulbs. These bulbs frequently failed and required additional





Keeping stock of each bulb type further added to their expense. Sahar’s was in need of a lighting solution that would not only provide energy savings, but also reduce maintenance and material costs. They turned to the experts at LED Source ® for a solution.

Total Savings Lighting Energy*




MidAmerican rebate



*Annual savings is an estimate only based upon the information provided.© 2012 LED Source, LLC. All rights reserved.

Sahars Case Study  
Sahars Case Study  

Sahar's Continental Shops of Des Moines, Iowa, recently retrofitted their spa and retail shop from fluorescent and halogen bulbs to energy-e...