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Restaurant LED Lighting CASE STUDY


GREEN Pizza Fusion is a new take on America’s favorite food. They operate on the belief that social responsibility is just as important as profitability. Every detail of their operation is continuously evaluated from an environmental perspective in an effort to further minimize their ecological footprint. With their new location, Pizza Fusion wanted to maintain their ‘Green Earth’ concept and felt that LED lighting was an essential part of the project. It would provide the quality of lighting required and enhance the design of the restaurant, while conserving energy. LED Source® was able to meet the needs of Pizza Fusion by reducing their energy usage and presented several unique LED lighting fixtures that added to their distinctive decor.


LEDs LED Source® worked with Pizza Fusion Design Specialist, Agustin Amaro, to achieve the goals of maintaining the proper aesthetics of the restaurant with LED lighting. LED Source® utilized the following fixtures: • Customer tables were lit with 27 Pendant Fixtures using a Toshiba MR16 Generation 2 Series LED lamp, which produces an incredible initial 300 Lumens at only 6.7 Watts • The bar counter was lit with 8 Ferrari Red Pendant Fixtures housing a replaceable 5.8 Watt LED light and a quick-connect Satin Monopoint Canopy • General lighting behind the bar was provided by three Recessed Cans with a Toshiba PAR38 Generation 2 LED lamp, delivering an impressive 970 Lumens at only 20.3 Watts • Art sculptures and various wall-mounted artwork were backlit by LED Tape Lighting operating at a very low 1.5 Watts per foot • The Zen Lounge area utilized three Oriental Taka Lamps with a Pharox 300 A-Type LED light at 6 Watts each


LEDs There are many advantages that Pizza Fusion will achieve by using LED lighting in their restaurants.

THE ENVIRONMENT LED lighting will aid in their continued objective of utilizing earth-friendly products while reducing their carbon footprint and lowering energy consumption.

LOW ENERGY COSTS The annual LED lighting energy costs are estimated at $134. When compared to that of traditional Incandescent lights costing an estimated $998 annually, the savings are substantial.

LOW MAINTENANCE It is estimated that Pizza Fusion will not need to replace any of their LED lighting for 10 years, thus saving $5,740 on additional maintenance costs.

THE SAVINGS When compared to Incandescent lights, Pizza Fusion will save an estimated $8,645 in lighting energy costs during the life-span of the LED fixtures. A total savings, including maintenance costs, are estimated at $14,385. *Information based upon the Pizza Fusion Tampa Bay location. Numbers may vary depending upon size of location and fixtures used. Š 2011 LED Source, LLC. All rights reserved.

your LED lighting EXPERTS

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Pizza Fusion LED Lighting Case Study  

This is a Case Study on the installation of LED lighting at Pizza Fusion. All LED lighting provided by LED Source.

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