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Moberg Gallery LED Lighting Case Study

The ability to find the right piece of art to convey a message requires a unique sense of communication, a skill perfected by Moberg Art Gallery. Infusing unique sculptures and fine art into commercial buildings and facilities, has given them the reputation as the premier art consultant for Des Moines, Iowa. Moberg has selected pieces for John Deere Inc., Nationwide Insurance and Mercy Medical Center. The gallery showroom has a vast collection of art illuminated by track head lighting to accentuate the colors.

“We’re happy we made the switch and noticed a significant drop in the energy bill.” - T.J., Owner


Color The previous lighting system consisted of 85 track heads fitted with PAR30 Halogen bulbs at 75 Watts each. However, the halogens made colors appear faded and damaged canvas paintings due to the ultraviolet light. This caused Moberg to look for a lighting alternative and consulted the experts at LED Source® to find a solution to their problem. Toshiba’s 3000K PAR30 LED lamp, at only 16.3 Watts, proved to be the best solution. It uses up to 75% less energy than halogen, emits virtually no ultraviolet light and highlights the true color of the art. In addition, the LED lamps were able to eliminate maintenance costs due to their life expectancy of 50,000 hours. LED Source® was able to assist Moberg in qualifiying for a $2,125 rebate from MidAmerican Energy. The LED lighting solution not only improved the quality of light but also reduced energy and maintenance costs for the gallery.

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Total Annual Savings* *Savings shown are an estimate based on the information provided.

$731 $90 $1,297 $24


Moberg Art Gallery  

Moberg Art Gallery in Des Monies, Iowa, recently retrofitted their showroom with energy-efficient LED lighting from LED Source Iowa.