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For almost 45 years, Matthew’s Jewelers has been in the forefront of jewelry design and craftsmanship. Winners of the prestigious DeBeers International Design Award, 10 time winner of the DeBeers Diamond Design Award and 4 time winner of the World Gold Council Design Award, Matthew’s Jewelers is part of a time-honored family tradition of jewelry design excellence. Located in Plantation, Florida, the 4500 square foot facility showcases unique designs of jewelry, which is manufactured right on the premises. Clients can watch as their designs, that have made Matthew’s Jewelers famous, come to life. Owners Mark and Andrea Silverman are the creative team that continues to bring great success to Matthew’s Jewelers. They pride themselves on their unique designs, which sets them apart from all others. When showcasing these original pieces, the proper use of light is imperative. LED lighting, along with its numerous benefits, met their desired goals.

“Since opening, our utility bills have continued to increase every month. Now with the new LED lamps, I am amazed to see that my bill actually went down for the very first time.” - Mark Silverman, Owner

Mark felt that it was time to look at a lighting alternative from the traditional lighting that was being used. He was tired of needing to replace failing bulbs and rising energy costs. Mark was also concerned with the constant heat from being under direct light e v e r y d ay. Th i s p r o d u c e d a n uncomfortable environment for both his staff and clients. Mark had spent the last 8 months researching LED lighting as a possible solution. When the team from LED Source® presented the new Toshiba E-Core LED PAR30 800 Series and MR16 300 Series lamps in action, he knew that LED lighting was the clear choice for his business.

“The LEDs do make our jewelry pop! I would have never believed it, but we are actually selling more because of the new LED lights. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the help and guidance.” Mark Silverman, Owner

The Challenge Matthew’s Jewelers operates their lighting an average of 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, 313 days per year. The challenge was to reduce utility costs and the need to replace failing bulbs. It was equally important to properly light the various jewelry display cases and showroom.

Toshiba E-Core LED Series

The Solution To replace the 13 PAR30 Metal Halide 70 Watt bulbs with the Toshiba E-Core PAR30 16.3 Watt LED 800 Series lamps, and the 142 MR16 50 Watt Halogen bulbs with the Toshiba E-Core 6.7 Watt MR16 LED 300 Series lamps.

PAR30 800

MR16 300

The Savings *Lighting Energy


*Air Conditioning Energy


*Maintenance Materials


*Recycle/Disposal *Total Annual Savings

$21.26 $3,576.40

*All information shown is an estimate only and based upon information provided.

3101 Fairlane Farms Rd. Suite 4 Wellington, Florida 33414 1.866.900.4LED(4533)

Matthews Jewelers Case Study  

Located in South Florida, Matthews Jewelers recently converted all their traditional lighting to energy-efficent LED lighting. All LED light...

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