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How LED Light Panels Are Leading The Industry With Its Warranty Program When people think about LED lighting technology (light emitting diode), they are most likely familiar with the way they are being used in personal home environments. LED high definition television sets are hugely popular in today’s marketplace, for example, thanks to the fact that the backlighting allows for excellent color reproduction and bright images that are crystal clear. Business owners are also flocking to LED light panels for many of the same reasons for uses in and around their businesses. One of the major advantages that LED light panels offer over other types of lighting has to do with the warranty programs associated with them. LED light panels are positively leading the industry in this regard. Green LED Lighting Solutions Inc. in particular is a company that has a very valuable warranty attached to all of their LED products. All LED light panels and LED light boxes are completely covered from both defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years. This warranty begins from the moment the products are shipped from Green LED Lighting Solutions to the customer. Because other types of lighting solutions have a much higher failure rate, their warranties often reflect that information. Other types of lighting are also more difficult to manufacture, which means that the chances of you getting a higher quality product are much lower. With LED lighting solutions, however, you’re receiving a device that is designed to work as well as possible for a long period of time. The warranty offered by Green LED Lighting Solutions Inc. and other similar LED light boxes USA manufacturers reflects this by way of an extended warranty period that covers both workmanship and the materials used to make these devices. Though the warranties offered by these types of companies do reflect the high quality products that you can expect when you choose LED lighting solutions for your business, there are a few very important exclusions that need to be discussed. For starters, the warranty often excludes damage done by a general misuse of the product due to factors like extending the wire length or for use outside maximum operating temperatures. If you get a piece of electronic equipment like an LED lighting solution hotter than it is supposed to be, it will break without exception. These types of situations would be caused by user error and through no fault of the provider. As a result, the business owner would be responsible for these types of damage. Warranties also do not include poor electrical connections or negligence displayed by any party other than the original equipment supplier.

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How led light panels are leading the industry with its warranty program