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How Led Light Boxes Offer Superior Lighting Technology LED lighting is increasingly becoming the norm when it comes to lighting applications, not just for home applications, but for large-scale displays and commercial promotions as well. But while a simple LED bulb is the application for a simple lamp or light fixture, it's LED light boxes that are best used for the aforementioned large-scale displays. Why should you buy LED light boxes? Well, for starters, not only are they a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional lighting options, able to last for over 50,000 hours, but they also offer a bevy of other benefits.

The Superior Technology of LED Light Boxes Here's a look into many of the benefits: 

Superior design: LED light boxes are designed so that light is evenly dispersed throughout the entire display. That means no dark spots - just even illumination throughout. This even disbursement of light is thanks to the light box design - it utilizes what's called V-cut technology to ensure of it.


Superior performance: Aside from even light disbursement throughout the display, LED light boxes are also designed for superior performance. They won't overheat, as they're mounted into a custom aluminum extrusion heat sink. No overheating means that the light boxes are less likely to degrade and fail. This design differs from many other manufacturers of LED light boxes, as they're often mounted directly into acrylic, which can cause a light box to fail faster.

Custom design: LED light boxes aren't fixed designs (although we should note that fixed, standard designs are available), they can be crafted to meet the needs of any particular party or display. What's more is that turnaround time is usually a week or less. This differs from other manufacturers who are typically working with set sizes.

Safe: We already covered how LED light box products are resistant to overheating, but they're also very safe. In fact, they're UL Standards compliant, meaning that the products can be used anywhere throughout North America, as they meet all safety standards.

Sustainable: Just because it's worth mentioning again, LED light boxes are designed to last for over 50,000 hours, saving you on product replacement costs as well as energy costs. So it's a sustainable solution to pair with any other eco-friendly, sustainability initiatives that already exist in a company.

As you can see, LED light boxes are an ideal product for commercial lighting applications. For more information and to buy LED light boxes, contact us today. For more information regarding buy LED light boxes and LED light boxes Please visit:

How led light boxes offer superior lighting technology  

LED light boxes are designed so that light is evenly dispersed throughout the entire display. That means no dark spots - just even illumina...

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