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Sanyo launched eneloop LED flashlight batteries

ELPA Asahi Electric recently sold a two only need to use a Sanyo's "eneloop ( NiMH )," Charging the battery will be able to illuminate the LED flashlight, called LED LIGHT-Eco Style, respectively, use AA batteries DOP-EN301 and the use of the 4th battery DOP-EN401 two. DOPEN301 price of 3680 yen, DOP-EN401 is priced at 3,480 yen. This is a LED flashlight as the light source, power is only 1W, built a Sanyo eneloop NiMH rechargeable battery, can directly use "eneloop" as the power is the product characteristics. Previously, the use of LED flashlight battery to solve the battery voltage and disposable batteries are not the same problem, had to sacrifice light intensity as consideration. But the new internal LED flashlight battery dedicated circuit, the perfect solution to the problem of insufficient brightness, but because of the use eneloop, making it longer than the original lighting improved by 20%. Of course, supporting the use of eneloop battery, eneloop charger is the need to buy another. DOP-EN301 size of about 21 Ă— 97 mm, remove the battery weighs about 37 grams. Continuous lighting time is about 3 hours; the brightness is about one meter distance 220lx, irradiation angle of approximately 55 degrees. DOP-EN401 size of about 14 Ă— 76 mm, remove the battery weighs about 11 grams. Continuous lighting time is about two hours; the brightness is about one meter distance 85lx, irradiation angle of approximately 74 degrees. Light-emitting diodes have been invented for decades, in 1999, located in San Jose, California, Lumileds, invented the high-energy halogen white light-emitting diodes. In 2001, Arc Flashlight will be applied to such a halogen flashlight. Light-emitting diodes can be used less power but emit more light, so it is more energy efficient than conventional bulbs. Such flashlights have long battery life, some up to hundreds of hours. A misconception about the LED is that they do not generate heat. Although the low-energy lightemitting diodes emit very low indeed the heat, but high-energy light-emitting diodes can still emit heat. Most of the flashlight is designed to be cylindrical, but early flashlights often designed in various styles, some look like the early years of the lantern, and some, like candles, is expected in the future there will be more interesting pattern appears. The use of special high-quality LED flashlight battery, they can adjust the brightness, waterproof function, and to adjust the focus, but usually more expensive.

Sanyo launched eneloop led flashlight batteries