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Outstanding Tank Armour in the Portable Speakers-LuguLake Dual-Horn Bluetooth Speaker 2.0 On the whole, we can't find any faults with this Bluetooth speaker. It has a sturdy and durable crust, as well as fashionable and stylish colors. May 23, 2014 - We'd all feel especially excited to go outside on weekends in summer. After being stuck in the noisy, crowed, and polluted city for a week, it will be a great idea to be near hills or rivers and enjoy the fresh air with our friends or families. Camping, cycling, walking, or having a picnic will definitely relax both our bodies and minds. In such a beautiful moment, it will be more perfect with some music. However, things like earphones seem to be inappropriate now, unless you prefer enjoying the solitude, with no one else to share the happiness. The common desktop speaker may also be useless on this occasion. Do you want to carry a diesel generator with you to generate power? Oh, no. VV thinks that your best choice should be a smaller, more portable and fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker! Source: Sturdy•Durable•Nice-looking Beach, girls and beer! My summer becomes much more fun because of them. But if there is some music, I will definitely fell more excited! Not all audio equipments can satisfy my demand for the music, and not all new things can arouse my interest. However, a new device I recently came across with is so lovely that I can hardly tear myself away from it. It is sturdy, small, exquisite, nice-looking and easy-to-use. It is the LuguLake Bluetooth speaker 2.0.

I was deeply attracted by its exquisite body on the first sight. Its crust adopts the material of aluminum, which makes me feel quite secured. Compared with plastic, aluminum is more impact-resistant, and when compared with other metal material, it is more corrosion-resistant. Being sturdy and durable, this speaker undoubtedly leaves a good impression on us, let alone to mention that it is also very light. Matte effects are applied in the body surface of this Bluetooth speaker. Unlike the smooth or other effects, matte effects make it softer to touch. What's more, sweat stains, water spots, fingerprints or any other imprints that may affect the appearance will be completely kept away from the speaker's body by using matte effects. Now let's look at the groove at the bottom of this speaker. Yes, this is what makes it special! No matter it is a smart phone, an Android tablet, or an ipad, you can put them on the speaker firmly. What about your hands? Yes, they are free now. Grab some snacks, hold your girlfriend, or do whatever you like. OK, let's move to its appearance. Instead of the traditional and dull colors of white and black, the Bluetooth speaker uses bright colors to be more eye-catching. After all, who would reject it to be "nice-looking" when it is already "easy-to-use"?

Dual horns to guarantee sound quality As intelligent terminals like smart phones and tablet PCs become more and more popular, many peripheral devices also find their markets, and portable Bluetooth speakers are no exception. However, an unavoidable downside reveals itself- the audio fidelity is often a step down from the traditional multimedia speakers. Unlike the once mainstream single-horn Bluetooth speaker, the ones with dual horns have done a significant improvement on sound quality. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers do not merely focus on the exterior designs, but also on the functions. And this is why LuguLake Bluetooth speaker is designed-to guarantee the sound quality.

Smooth process in paring with other Bluetooth devices The Bluetooth version of LuguLake Bluetooth speaker is 3.0+EDR. Switch the speaker on, and it will start paring with your Bluetooth devices automatically. You can easily find the device of "HD-13100" on your smart phones or Android tablets or ipads. When the paring is done, all you have to do is to enjoy the music. Bluetooth signal transmission will be very smooth as long as the distant between two devices is no more than 10 meters. At the same time, there is also a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack on the back, so you will find every need be satisfied by this Bluetooth speaker.

Six-hour battery life on limit test Battery life constitutes an important part of a portable Bluetooth speaker. In order to get an objective result, we did a test on this Bluetooth speaker by playing music constantly in the maximum volume. It shows that this speaker offers around 6 hours of battery life. In daily life, we seldom play it on such occasion, so the battery life in medium volume will be 2 to 3 times more than the test result. Editor's note: On the whole, we can't find any faults with this Bluetooth speaker. It has a sturdy and durable crust, as well as fashionable and stylish colors. The process in paring with other Bluetooth devices is quite smooth, and it also provides other modes of connection. The six -hour battery life on limit test may fully satisfy my outdoor needs. Besides, dual horns in this speaker have made up for the lower sound quality of ordinary portable speakers. All in all, I decide to bring this speaker with me this weekend when dating with my girlfriend.

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