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About Us

From its roots in domestic oil tanks, Ledbury Welding &

customer service and the company’s continuing success.

Engineering (LWE) has grown into a leading manufacturer

The aim is consistent performance, from initial enquiry

of high specification storage tanks for all types of

through to the completion and delivery of a finished

environmentally sensitive wet-stock, such as petroleum,

product - on time and fully compliant with the customers’

fuel oils and industrial process chemicals.


Operating from a purpose built factory in Ledbury, Herefordshire, LWE is a privately owned company which prides itself on the quality of its products and the importance of good working relationships not only with its workforce but also with its suppliers and business partners. As a British company, LWE recognises the importance of local procurement. Steel sheets as well as all other materials are sourced from UK suppliers wherever possible. It is this ethos which underwrites

Proud to be a British manufacturer


L W E LT D . C O . U K

From Concept To Installation LWE is a manufacturing engineering company,

It is this experience which differentiates LWE within this

specialising in the fabrication of sheet metal storage tanks

market sector. This brochure outlines the company’s

with a capacity of up to 220,000 litres. Production facilities

capability. There are no standard products. All LWE

include laser cutting, welding jigs for round tanks,

products are tailored to meet the customers’ requirement.

materials handling, pipework and detail parts.

In addition to tank manufacture, LWE provides a total

The workshops include a shot blasting and spray painting

engineering capability, from concept to installation. This

bay, enabling LWE to offer a total capability from design

includes project management, bringing together the

though to finished product.

specialised disciplines required to deliver a suitable, safe

Storage tanks are used for various liquid and wet-stock

storage solution.

management requirements. The company’s experience covers most applications from water treatment, leachate and waste oil disposal. Traditionally a large proportion of LWE tanks are supplied for commercial logistics and depot fuelling facilities. LWE also owns patented technology for the construction of above ground petrol storage tanks for use in retail forecourts. Other applications include fuel storage for auxiliary power units and integral belly tanks for emergency power generation plant.

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Diesel Storage Tanks Customised Solutions LWE offers three basic design specifications for bunded storage tanks – Supreme – Premium and Standard – all of which are fully compliant with current environmental and DEFRA regulations for bulk storage.

THE LEDBURY SUPREME The ‘Supreme’ diesel storage tank features a convex roof designed to shed rainwater. The inner tank and roof are manufactured as separate components. This configuration

Each design has been optimised to meet different

allows more interstitial space between the bund and the

operational requirements. Customers can choose the

inner tank for better insulation, impact protection and

most cost effective build standard as the basis for a fully

frees additional space for self contained pipe work runs.

customised solution.

The roof can be removed to allow access for maintenance

All Ledbury tanks can be supplied as multi-compartment

and cleaning.

units enabling multi product dispensing (diesel and gas oil) from a single location. Multi-compartment tanks with automatic cross feeds are often recommended for high capacity/turnover applications. Cross feeds are designed to ensure that dispensers are always drawing fuel from the earliest stock delivery. For biofuels or other more challenging fuel products, tanks can be equipped with temperature controlled fuel conditioning, using filtration and a recirculation pump to ensure that the fuel quality is maintained irrespective of the ambient conditions.

CUSTOM E R S TOR IE S Gravesham Borough Council (GBC) has decommissioned the last of its underground fuel storage tanks following a strategic review of its depot fuelling facilities. Fuel is now being dispensed from a dual compartment tank package, providing 30K – 5k litres capacity for diesel and gas oil, respectively. “After twelve months in service we have achieved significant savings in cost in terms of convenience, maintenance and administration,” says transport manager, Ronnie Helen “An important advantage of an above ground tank is that fresh supplies have to be metered-in as opposed to loading underground tanks by gravity feed. Metering eliminates any possibilities for discrepancies and we now have absolute reconciliation of our fuel stocks.” The GBC installation comprises of a standard tank with electronic monitoring for tank contents and dispensing. Data from these transactions are uploaded to a web-based fuel management service.


L W E LT D . C O . U K

THE LEDBURY PREMIUM & STANDARD The simplified build standard allows greater scope in pricing for all tanks up to 220,000 litres capacity. The main difference between the Premium and the Standard are the choice of either top suction outlets or gravity feed requirements. Installation of above ground tanks is usually fairly straight forward. All that is required is a suitable plinth and a properly drained hardstanding for vehicles. As a tank supplier, LWE works in collaboration with all the frontline suppliers of pump dispensers and fuel stock management services. The company can provide impartial advice on security and fuel usage monitoring. Alternatively LWE will work with the customer to integrate these services within an existing fuel management infrastructure.

Structural Base Fuel Tanks Data centres are now becoming a large part of the

Our current design tanks can accommodate 40,000 Litres

expanding market for fuel storage requirements, and

of usable fuel, but we also have options to design to suit

ledbury welding & engineering ltd are at the forefront of

the sizes of your requirements of acoustic housing and

design that is in a class of its own. To provide you with a

product quantity required.

high class product for storage facilities. Our tanks are designed to accommodate up to 74 tonne acoustic housings on top of the tank and provide you with a 48HR cycle of product for generator run times. The design of this system is produced to reduce area needed on site

Our SBFT have a Bunded Secondary containment and are fully compliant with British Standards. This Product Includes all of the following components to fulfil generator requirements.

and support the weight of the generator and all of its

• 110% Bund Structure


• Fuel Polish System – Timed or Constant Cycle

These tanks are built so that the internal structure

• Tank Contents Monitoring with Modbus Outputs &

remains open on the base, so not to form any pockets that the fuel could collect in, which in turn allows the fuel polishing of the tank to achieve its best quality possible.

Electronic Overfill Control • Electronic Overfill Valve • Water Content Monitoring • Bund & Cabinet Alarm monitoring • Cabinet Lighting • 2 x Product Heaters, suitable to stored product with 20% Low Level Cut off facility • 40mm Suction & Return for Generator • Removeable Lifting Points • Sprayed 5-15 Year Paint Finish • -22∞C Suitability for low temperature sites Our tanks are built to the highest standards and quality control is a vital part of the manufacture of our tanks.

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Stainless Steel Bunded Tanks For process chemicals and other potentially corrosive wetstock products, such as de-icing fluid LWE has supplied bunded tanks made of stainless steel. Apart from seals and the sheet metal specifications, these are identical to standard bunded tanks. The company’s comprehensive manufacturing facilities, include specialised steel welding equipment required to meet all these requirements. LWE also has the expertise to undertake responsibility for the delivery of a complete stock management solution including pump filling and dispensing controls.

AdBlue Tanks AdBlue is now being dispensed alongside diesel fuelling facilities at most commercial transport depots and truck stops. It is also being introduced onto retail forecourts and its application is expected to grow as clean air regulations are extended to cover diesel powered taxis and light service vans. As a chemical urea product, tanks designed for the storage for AdBlue have either a plastic, or stainless steel internal skin. LWE can provide integrated AdBlue tanks as part of a Diesel /Gas Oil/Lubrication Oil multicompartment configuration all contained within a single bund to minimise the overall foot print area. Apart from functional design considerations, AdBlue storage tanks are common to other bunded stainless steel tanks produced by LWE. Capacities start from 2,500 litres and tanks can be supplied as standalone installations complete with pump dispensers and contents gauging.


L W E LT D . C O . U K

Bespoke Requirements

As all LWE tanks are built to order, each individual design can be manufactured to suit almost any bespoke needs. Current production includes this 178,000 litre capacity tank, destined for a water treatment facility. Design features include the use of external bracing for structural integrity and to allow seamless internal coating.

Multi Compartment tanks LWE have in recent years manufactured and installed an ever increasing number of multi compartment tanks. This allows a multi functional site the ability to house its core products within one bunded unit. Typical products could be White Diesel/Gas Oil and AdBlue, often with a small Engine Oil compartment. The number of products or compartments can be tailored to suit the individual client needs.

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Petrol Storage Above Ground SuperVault MH Underground storage of highly flammable products such as methanol or petrol was once considered the norm due to the limitations of existing above ground tank manufacturing technology. Today however, the enabling technology has progressed significantly, allowing users to take advantage of the benefits of using above ground tanks for bulk storage. Easily re-positioned above ground tanks offer greater flexibility, but most importantly, above ground storage is now considered essential in environmentally sensitive

The design incorporates secondary containment, with two concentric skins of steel separated by 150 mm of specially formulated insulating concrete. The interstitial space can be monitored continually for leaks, a provision which obviates the need for any additional bund protection. SuperVault tanks can be configured as multi-product storage units for capacities up to 110,000 litres. From an operational point of view, above ground tanks need very little site preparation, they can be delivered as complete packages incorporating pump dispensing, data telemetry and electronic wet-stock management facilities.

areas and wherever there is a potential risk of flooding. As a licensed manufacturer of the SuperVault MH, LWE has supplied over 130 installations throughout the UK, accounting for more than three million litres of storage capacity. The SuperVault’s unique performance specification of a four-hour fire rating together with its multi hazard accreditation, puts it at the forefront of tank safety technology.

CUS TOM E R S TOR IE S West Falklands Fuelling Facilities An LWE petrol storage tank has been installed at Fox Bay Village, West Falkland, a remote trading station at the southern end of the Falkland Sound. The contract was awarded by Stanley Services Ltd, which provides fuel to both the Domestic population of the Falkland Islands and the fishing fleet operating in the waters near and around the Islands.

“This new facility will allow our customers on West Falkland to collect petrol in a very straightforward and easy manner and saves them having to store highly inflammable product in 205 litre barrels,” noted Tom Swales, Managing Director of Stanley Services Limited. The new tank will provide above ground storage of 10,000 litres capacity for petroleum spirit. It will be located alongside existing storage facilities for diesel. The package includes fuel dispensing pumps and an electronic metering system which allows registered customers to obtain their fuel by way of a self –service account.


L W E LT D . C O . U K

Multi Hazard

4-HOUR , 2000-DEGREE FIRE TEST Internal

Immediately after the fire test the hot tank is

temperature rise was only 165 degrees

exposed to a hose stream test

5 Rounds of 150 grain M-2 ball ammunition

The same tank is hit with a 12,000lb. battering

(2700 feet/sec)

ram traveling at 10 miles per hour

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Modular Filling Station For Retail Forecourts Designed to fulfil the requirements for a complementary

Key elements are manufactured off site thereby reducing

retail fuelling automart in locations where space and

the time on site for commissioning. All that is required

environmental conditions are restricted, the Modular

is a suitable hard standing, drainage facilities and an

Filling Station is a fully integrated, service module based

electrical power and communications channel to the host

around an integral storage tank. A typical installation


might comprise of a dual compartment tank providing 30,000 litres capacity each for petrol and diesel; four selfservice customer fuel dispenser points, cctv surveillance, data streaming and standard tanker driver operated delivery facilities.


L W E LT D . C O . U K

CONSTRUCTION The SuperVault storage tank forms the central structure of the filling station. This was delivered to site as a complete package incorporating the fuel loading pump, internal pipe work, electrical wiring, controls and instrumentation. Site installation includes the canopy and the fuel dispensers before containment proof testing and final commissioning. Each fuelling point has facilities for customers to contact someone at the host location, should any assistance be required. CCTV is installed for overall security and there is also an emergency point with telephone and fire extinguishers.

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Bunded Fuel Storage For Marine Environments Waterside and floating re-fuelling facilities are some of the most challenging locations, for potential risks of pollution to the natural environment as well as the need to withstand corrosive seaside weather conditions. For servicing and tanker access, fuel storage tanks are usually based on the harbour side with delivery pipelines extending out to the pump dispensers on the fuelling pontoon. Clearly self-bunded above ground tanks are most suited for such applications. True secondary containment ensures safe operation under all circumstances and satisfies the necessary regulatory and environmental requirements. This includes Class 1 leak detection monitoring for petroleum. LWE has significant experience in the installation of waterside fuelling facilities and will be happy to provide advice on new installations.

Service Modules Lube Oil, Waste Oil Tanks manufactured by LWE, are usually custom built within the company’s design principles. This means that LWE can adapt any of these principles to accommodate virtually any storage requirement. Service modules can incorporate lubrication oil storage/dispensing, compressed air, pressure washing and hand washing facilities. Tanks are also supplied for the safe handling of waste oil/ contaminated diesel/petroleum. Integral bunds are incorporated as necessary. Rectangular tanks and bunds can be configured as either single of double skin according to requirements. Build quality is guided by the appropriate British standards. The majority of tanks built today, require installation within a sealed bund to achieve acceptance by the UK’s Environmental Agency. 11

L W E LT D . C O . U K

Equipment Cabinets – Dispensers And Stock Management As a tank supplier, LWE works in collaboration with all the mainstream suppliers of pump dispensers, data telemetry and wet-stock management services. The company can provide impartial advice on security and real time fuel usage monitoring. Alternatively LWE will work with the customer to integrate these services within an existing data management IT infrastructure. Pump dispensers, control units and contents gauges are housed in equipment cabinets. These are manufactured as common modules, which can be configured to suit the installation layout – either as part of the tank installation or as a stand-alone unit covering multiple tanks.

Cylindrical Products The LWE team are happy to discuss storage solutions for all wet-stock products. Double skin cylindrical tanks conforming to European standard can be manufactured for capacities up to 100,000 litres. Surface finishes can be specified for all operating environments including Polyurethane for pea- shingle installations. Single skin cylindrical tanks can be produced for capacities up to 165,000 litres. These can be supplied together with all the associated fixtures and fittings, including galvanised access ladders and platforms. LWE also provides installation services and the de-commissioning and safe disposal of redundant equipment.

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Engineering Support

An important aspect of LWE’s tank manufacturing capability is the engineering support provided from initial enquiry (Project Sales) through to final installation (Project Management). All sales enquiries will initiate a process of evaluation in order to prepare accurate cost estimates. If necessary, our project team will undertake a site survey which together with consultancy services can help to clarify the operational requirement and put in place a sound technical proposal and project management plan. Expertise and resources include an up to date computeraided design tool used to optimise manufacturing methods and the routing for complex pipework layouts. This information is crucial for providing accurate costs estimates.


L W E LT D . C O . U K


Customer demand has led LWE to develop a team of experienced engineers, allowing us to provide our clients with everything from just a basic tank installation, through

TANK REFURBISHMENT • To bring units up to required EA Standards

to a complete turnkey package.

• Modification of existing units for new applications



• Changeover Works “Old out new in” for both above &

• Annual inspections

below ground • Disposal of old tanks under Duty of Care

• Maintenance and callout/response services • Extended warranties

• Registered Waste Carriers & Brokers (BLS/34436/CB)

LWE offer extensive and bespoke services which are summarised above. Please contact us if you require


further information, on any of our products or services.

• New tank installation offload & positioning

We are confident we can offer you a suitable, cost effective

• Above & below ground pipe work


• Electrical works

SITE AUDITS • Environmental • Site Audits in accordance with PPG2 • Comprehensive reports of your existing facilities to meet most audit requirements

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