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March 2007 Newsletter

Issue 10

“Specification to Commissioning” One of Leda-Vannaclip’s strengths lie in its ability to assist our customers develop both standardised and customised Perimeter Security Solutions. Providing the Holistic Security Solutions approach to a project is supported by our engineering, design and manufacturing teams with skilled installation and reliable service and support staff. “Perimeter Security Solutions” was never better demonstrated then on a recently completed project in Western Sydney by Leda-Vannaclip early this year.

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Sunshine Coast University, QLD

Leda-Vannaclip’s products were specified extensively throughout the project with Retractable Bollards, Cantilevered Gates and Boom Gates combining on all the main vehicular access points to provide access control and maximum security. Sophisticated Control equipment was also designed and installed to operate the equipment throughout the site. In addition Leda-Vannaclip “Premier” Security Fencing and Pedestrian Gates provided the final solution in securing the perimeter of the project.

New Barrier Material Technology

The total Physical Security Package was managed from specification to commissioning by Leda-Vannaclip’s experienced team and project managed by John Dare Leda-Vannaclip’s NSW Installation Manager.

Protecting a Penguin Colony, Victoria

2nd Edition PSH - 69 pages of NEW & Updated Products! Need more Information visit or phone Leda-Vannaclip on 1300 780 450

Shopping centres embrace Higher Security Bollards With increased criminal activity being directed towards ATM theft particularly in Shopping Centres, Leda-Vannaclip has been installing improved perimeter security to access points on many high profile centres. Higher impact resistance bollards are being installed to deter Ram Raiding and newly designed ATM Bollards provide maximum security at the ATM installations. These sophisticated Bollards employ various infill materials that make it extremely difficult to cut or breach their security. Some of the Shopping centres utilising Leda-Vannaclip’s technology include; NSW Power Centre – Auburn, Stocklands - Wetherill Park, Westfield Eastgardens, Westfield - Hurstville, Westfield - Hornsby, Rhodes Shopping Centre, Centro - Roselands, Castle Mall - Castle Hill, Broadway Shopping Centre – Sydney, Glen Quarrietown Centre – Macquarie Fields, Darling Harbour Shopping centre – Sydney, Kingslangley Shopping Centre, Westfield – My Druitt, Miller Shopping Centre, Strathfield Plaza, Marrickville Metro, Cherrybrook Village, Emerton Village, Pemulway Marketplace, St Mary’s Shopping Village. VIC Westfield Bay City - Geelong, Box Hill Centro, Watergardens Shopping Centre, Parkmore Keysborough, Patterson Lakes Shopping Centre, Rowville Shopping Centre QLD Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre, Noosa Civic Shopping Centre SA Unley Shopping Centre WA Craigie Plaza

Sunshine Coast University - Sippy Downs QLD The main criteria for this project was to provide a boom gate capable of multiple operations as well as providing vandal resistance and students raising the boom arm manually. The entry & exit boom gates also had to integrate with an external access control security system already in place. Leda-Vannaclip’s solution was to design and install a boom arm that can be electronically set to lockdown with a solenoid lock. In the event of power failure the boom arm solenoid will retract and raise the boom arm.

Innovative breakwater security The BHP Cannington Wharf project required an innovative design, as the cantilever gate had to open over a breakwater without a rear runner, which is normally required with our Cantilever Gates. This solution was made possible with the installation of a carriage gate. A “U” shaped channel is welded to the entire length of the main bottom rail gate leaf. To achieve the support of the main gate leaf two support wheels are bolted to the main concrete foundation & glide along the “U” channel – alleviating the need for a rear runner.

Cairnlea Town Square - Victoria Glen Alpine Developments chose Leda Vannaclip's "Roman" pre-cast concrete architectural bollards for the new Cairnlea Town Square project. As developer and constructor of a completely new suburban town centre they were looking for a single, attractive bollard option to use throughout the town square and retail centre. They needed a multi-purpose design that provided a good "access control" bollard (to keep delivery vehicles off the footpaths throughout the centre). They also needed bollards to provide a visual deterrent to those who may be considering Ram Raids on shopfronts facing public roads and car parks. The “Roman” design gave them the best balance of properties being both aesthetically appealing and providing a strong physical deterrent. The steel core imbedded in the pre-cast concrete not only provided simplicity of installation in a variety of substrates but enhanced the impact strength. Over 60 Roman bollards were used in the Town Centre, each having a light acid-etch to give an attractive textured finish. Glen Alpine's General Manager Greg Cairns said that the suburb of Cairnlea was created by the Vic Urban Corporation's sell off of government land thus creating a new suburb in what was previously part of Deer Park. He thanked Leda-Vannaclip for its help in getting the project in on time and with the technical advice on installation in various locations and paving surfaces. He says the bollards are doing all he expected and enhance the quality of the Centre's streetscape. He added that "they look great and I'll definitely be considering them for our next project".

Protecting a Penguin Colony – St Kilda Pier Breakwater Leda-Vannaclip’s range of products not only protects property it can be used to help protect our wildlife! The installation at the famous St Kilda pier breakwater included a manual gate and fencing put in place to help protect the Fairy Penguin colony particularly the young penguins. The isolation of St Kilda Breakwater is an ideal location for the little Penguins to live. The Penguins make their homes under rocks where they are protected from the extremes of weather. Fairy Penguins spend most of their time in the waters of the bay feeding on pilchards, anchovies and other small fish. At night they return quickly to the safety and protection of their burrows within the breakwater. The main threats to St Kilda’s Fairy Penguins are through human interference, dog attacks and pollutants in the water. The installed Leda-Vannaclip fence restricts access to the breeding area, allowing the penguins to reside without threat from humans or domestic animals. Fairy Penguins are not the only animals to have colonised the breakwater. Native water rats (rakali) can sometimes be seen among the rocks or swimming in the shallows. The breakwater is also an important roosting platform for many other sea-bird, including cormorants and gulls, that feed in the surrounding waters.* Source: Parks Victoria

Coles-Myer Distribution Centre South Australia Supplying and installing access control and security to Coles-Myer New South Australian Distribution centre was achieved with a combination of Leda-Vannaclip products. Swing and Boom Gates provided vehicular control with four pedestrian Turnstiles being installed for staff access.

L-V Surging ahead with NEW Barrier Material Technology As the recognised leader in the Australian Perimeter Security Market, Leda-Vannaclip invests heavily in Research and Development of new perimeter security products. One of our latest products included the development of new barrier material technology which is used in tandem with the existing bollard range to slow down thieves and attacks from cutting tools, vehicle impact, oxy acetylene or a combination of all three methods. This development is currently done in close collaboration with the banking and shopping centre industries in response to the marked increase in Ram Raiding and bollard cutting activities when attacking ATMs. Our new Bollards have also attracted attention from parties interested in seeing the same technology applied towards protecting assets from the anti-terrorist segment as well. “We are increasingly moving towards the convergence of two types of security technologies – Perimeter Security and Barrier Material technology. By drawing on the best features each sector can offer, we have successfully developed a range of products which will now meet key customer demands at a reasonable price”, says Heng Jiang Cheng, Leda-Vannaclip’s Product Development Manager. The new barrier material technology is a closely guarded secret but it will contribute towards slowing down such attacks substantially, as thieves will now need to find alternative methods to attack ATMs. “The new materials will allow us to pursue the key aims of providing a truly holistic solution to perimeter security – one which looks at the threat from a collective viewpoint as appose to merely developing a solution which address merely one need. As an example, lighter barrier materials mean that we can now incorporate ATM type bollards into an automated retractable bollard formation, making the task of securing remote warehousing areas far more cost effective”, says Michael Rutherford, Leda-Vannaclip’s National Business Development Manager.

Project Management An area that Leda-Vannaclip is taking the industry lead in, is Project Management. Over the years, the necessity to properly manage high security installations arose as perimeter security projects increased in size and complexity. The process provides both our company and clients the assurance that jobs will be brought in on time and budget. Leda-Vannaclip has three full time project managers, John Dare in NSW, Stuart Bryant in Qld and Chris Bedford in VIC. Chris is also the company’s National Installation and Service Manager. In addition to our staff resources, the company has installed and implemented an ERP system over the last 2 years that provides a strong platform on which to provide industry best project management. With the range of products and services Leda-Vannaclip offer, it is a critical component of our resources and available for our clients to take advantage of.

John Dare, NSW Project Manager

Message from the Chairman

David R. Matthews, Chairman

March marks the first Anniversary of the purchase of Vannaclip Australia P/L by the Leda group. In that time a great deal has been done by our Sales & Marketing teams to integrate both companies products into a single “Perimeter Security Solutions package provider’. It has been a tremendously successful merger for both companies turnover doubling in the last two years. It also became apparent very early after the takeover that the gate manufacturing operation of Vannaclip’s in Williamstown (VIC) would benefit from Leda’s enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software systems.

As a result it was decided to merge both companies into a single entity Leda-Vannaclip Pty Ltd which commenced operations under this format from the 1st of February 2007. Our new team are focused and committed in continuing to provide the highest level of quality products and services to our customers. NSW 3/43-51 College St Gladesville NSW 2111 Phone (02) 9817 4799 Fax (02) 9817 8560

Email VIC 18-20 Macaulay St Williamstown VIC 3016 Phone (03) 9397 3233 Fax (03) 9397 3244

QLD 2/387 Lytton Rd Morningside QLD 4170 Phone (07) 3399 5633 Fax (07) 3399 5688

Leda-Vannaclip Pty Ltd 23 067 258 235 - Australasian distributors and resellers in Western Australia, Northern Territory, north Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand. International distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America

Toll free 1300 780 450 SA 10 Bennet Avenue Melrose Park SA 5039 Phone (08) 8374 3266 Fax (08) 8374 3299

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