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Dual Bifold Gate November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

MESSAGE FROM THE MANAGING DIRECTOR     LEDA SECURITY PRODUCTS                                      Welcome to our Newsletter 34 which will be our last for this year. In January 2014 only a few months away Leda will be 19 years old. Starting from very humble origins Leda had just a single product when we commenced operations in January 1995 “a patented locking and removable bollard” named “Securapost”. In the years that followed we have grown the Securapost bollard range to over 500 models. In 2000 we started “Securabike”, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of bicycle parking products. Saveral years later in 2004 we purchased “Vannaclip Australia Pty Ltd” a leading Victorian industrial gate manufacturer and have subsequently built the “Securagate” division into Australia’s largest manufacturer of Industrial gates. Finally just 2 years ago we started our fourth division “Securadoor” which specialises in large and high speed security doors and loading docks. Along the way Leda was involved (post September 11) in developing Australia’s largest range of physical high security bollards and barriers that today protect many of the countries most important sites and icons. In this short space of less than 20 years we have managed to build our various industry product groups to where we are today recognised as the undisputable market leaders in bollards, bicycle parking and industrial gates. These achievements would not have been possible without many dedicated Leda loyal staff and of course our customers, consultants and specifiers. Once again as this year draws to a close we thank you for your support.

Leda Security Products Pty Ltd ABN 23 067 258 235 Telephone 1300 780 450 Email NSW 8/185 Briens Road Northmead NSW 2152 Phone (02) 8413 3410 Fax (02) 8677 7119

VIC 2/89 Enterprise Way Sunshine West VIC 3020 Phone (03) 8399 8150 Fax (03) 9315 1085

QLD 2/387 Lytton Road Morningside QLD 4170 Phone (07) 3613 8270 Fax (07) 3399 5688

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34

SA 1/5 Tooronga Ave Edwardstown SA 5039 Phone (08) 8374 3266 Fax (08) 8374 3299

WA 1/3 Finance Place Malaga WA 6090 Phone (08) 6430 1670 Fax (08) 9209 2860


Leda Security Products



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8 Gates DIY Gates, Gate Drive Motors, Dual Bifold Gate, Defender Boom Gate

10 DOCKS AND DOORS Loading Dock Flexibility

11 New products Jersey Kerbs, New Bollard Lifter

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»»p.9 November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34

Gate Options Beam Arrays, Stainless Steel Metal Protection

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Leda Security Products

BIKE PAR KIN G                                    Coin Operated Bicycle Lockers

The Australian Catholic University recently installed a number of Leda’s bicycle lockers which were modified to allow coin operation. Cyclists using the lockers are supplied with a plastic token that when inserted into the door mounted receiver allows the door to be locked and the key removed. This method of operation is a great way to cater for casual bicycle parking. Additionally, regular commuters can use the system without issue. It has a broader user base than traditional bicycle locker systems where a key may be issued to one particular cyclist. It also has the advantage of potentially greater locker usage. Leda has also developed additional electronic systems linked to pay systems that are also available as an option. See details at our website Cockburn Council Cockburn Council in Perth recently installed a large number of Leda’s bike rails at a various parks and recreational locations throughout the council. Our BR1600 which is a steel profile of a bicycle were installed at each site together with our BR85B hoop rails to cater for the growing number of recreational cyclists using the facilities.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

BICYCL E E NCL O S U R E S                                    Office and apartment buildings are having to gear up for a growing cycling community which means installing infrastructure for both the parking and security of bicycles. Leda has been at the forefront in catering for this market and provides design assistance as well as manufacturing and installing the enclosures. While we have a number of off-the-shelf designs, existing buildings often require a bespoke design. This may be due to the sheer size of the requirements or that a particular layout needs to be catered for within the building. One of the most important factors in considering the layout and how many bikes you’ll fit into an area is the aisle widths. It is normally a balance of aisle widths and the space available. In considering aisle widths, a minimum of 1200mm is required so cyclists can safely manouver their bicycles within the enclosure or compound. Other issues to consider when designing bicycle enclosures include lighting and amenities. By amenities we mean such equipment as clothing lockers, shower and change room facilities. Rubber floor matting is also a common requirement for areas where the cyclists aren’t pushing their bikes but are walking around on their cycling shoes which can be slippery. Ventilation and air conditioning are also important considerations as many car park areas can get quite hot.

parking designs in both DXL and DWG file formats and have recently added Revit formats to our web site. Our Securabike “bicycle parking handbook” is also freely available to help answer most questions in relation to bicycle parking. For further information and details visit our “bicycle cages” section on our website

Leda staff typically work with specifiers to design not only the enclosure but also the layout of the aisles and cycle parking within the enclosure. We do this typically working in either CAD or DWG. We also offer all of our bicycle November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

BIKE PAR KIN G                                    Leda’s Brisbane office recently provided an interesting option to a Queensland university who were wishing for a different approach to bike parking. The client specified our “cadillac” rack in bright yellow powder coated finish. The rack has only been installed for a couple of weeks, and cyclists are using it to its full capacity. As you can see in the picture picture on the right 15 bicycles have been parked in the space normally occupied by 1 car.

The Cadillac bike rack was initially designed to provide local government authorities with an alternative to clogging footpaths with parked bicycles. It simply involves converting a car space to bike parking.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

B OLLAR D S                                    Adelaide Airport If you are fortunate to be flying domestically or internationally from many of Australia’s major airports you will invariably need to transit past Leda’s Bollards. Our high security PAS68 certified bollards have been installed at airports around the country, normally providing physical protection to terminal buildings. In most instances stainless steel has been the choice of material using either heavy duty pipe sections or stainless sleeves that fit over galvanised mild steel bollards.

Stainless Steel Bollards A new dealership in inner northern suburbs of Melbourne has just been built. Leda’s Melbourne branch supplied and installed our stainless steel “SST” bollards which had been selected. The end result provided security as well as aesthetically clean lines while complementing the surrounding vehicles for this well known dealership.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

GATES                                      DIY Gates

Leda’s modular DIY gates are growing in popularity particularly through the efforts of our Western Australia sales team.

Two galvanised DIY gates in bi parting configuration

As these two installations depict our DIY gates are just at home in an attractive setting for a leading Australian motor vehicle manufacturer as they are on a remote mining site in the Pilbara.

DIY gate with black powdercoated finish

The gates are supplied from our factory in knock down kit form making them easy and more economical to transport. Once on site they can be quickly assembled and commissioned. While normally supplied in galvanised they can also be wet spray painted or powder coated to a range of colours.

Gate Drive Motors “Getting it Right”

Many of our national clients with multiple gate installations are standardising this gate design as it allows them replace a damaged gate within 24 hours.

Determining the correct drive motors for swing gates is always a tricky affair and sometimes it may require upgrading to more powerful robust units. Such was the case with these two “Monsters” which we installed for Bovis Lend Lease at the Melbourne market re-development site. Initially two sets of swing gates were supplied by Leda however the wind loading on the two gates illustrated were such that modifications requiring the fitting of solenoid drop bolts and GSD8D drive motors (the largest and strongest available in Australia). November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

GATES                                      Dual Bifold Gate It is extremely important to Leda’s engineers that every piece of automated product we manufacture is equipped to work effectively and reliably once installed. As far as we know Leda currently is the only manufacturer in Australia with the technology and experience to manufacture these hi-tech gates. This picture shows a Leda dual bifold gate undergoing cycle testing after manufacture, before it goes to painting. This dual gate destined for an Integral Energy site in Sydney provides separate 4mt wide entrance and exit vehicle access control.

Defender Boom Gates Leda’s NSW installation team recently installed and commissioned another PAS68 certified “Defender boom gate” at a high security site. The defender series feature world-leading fibre strap technology that is incorporated into the Boom Arms to provide high impact resistance and security. There are 3 models each tested and certified to provide different levels of security: - D941 3.5 tonne @48km/hr - D942 7.5 tonne @48km/hr November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34

- D943 7.5 tonne @ 64km/hr


Leda Security Products

LOAD ING DOCKS                                      Loading Dock Flexibility Leda’s dock drawbridges are increasing in popularity as they offer improved flexibility for loading dock area’s. On sites where a number of different vehicles arrive each day our loading docks can cater for a variety of vehicle heights. The dock drawbridge is sprung for assisted lift, making it safe and easy to operate. Additionally it is available on a rail and can slide back and forth along the dock area. This is again an advantage for positioning with new or inexperienced drivers. Please contact your closest Leda sales office for further information and details. Units are available in aluminium or steel, with sliding, movable and wheeled loading dock options. This range of options is unique to Leda which is one of the prime reasons for its growing interest and sales.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

NEW PR OD U CTS                                      Jersey Kerbs While the product is not new the application of these Jersey Kerbs may be. Leda’s Sydney branch recently supplied and installed these precast concrete jersey kerbs for Canterbury Council at a railway underpass. The installation is designed to provide separation and protection for pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic. Leda also manufactured the galvanised steel balustrading elements which are fixed to top edge of the concrete barriers.

New Leda Bollard Lifter Many of Leda’s high security bollards are manufactured from large and heavy pipe sections and when installed in applications that require bollard removal are too heavy to be manhandled. The new LT120 bollard lifter is an interim model designed to accommodate bollards with diameters up to 150NB and weighing up to 120kg. Leda also have a LT300 capable of handling bollards up to 300NB diameter and 300kg.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

SIG 2013                                      “Security in Government” Leda has been a proud supporter of the “Security in Government” (SIG) since its inception many years ago. Once again Leda was involved in exhibiting at this years August conference and exhibition in Canberra. Our stand was once again manned by Leda staff from three branches. Heng Cheng (NSW) Tom Rosza (VIC) Donna Turner (QLD) Our dedicated staff reported they were kept busy handling enquiries and questions from many of the visitors that attended our stand.

Heng Cheng (NSW) and Donna Turner (QLD)

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

T E C HNI C AL I N F O R M ATI O N                                      Gate Options Beam Arrays LEDA installs and maintains thousands of pieces of automated equipment nationally. Automated equipment such as boom gates, gates, turnstiles and high-security equipment are often in need of safety equipment such as photoelectric beams or the common name “PE beams”. There are a myriad of choices when considering your options for photoelectric beams. The most basic PE beam is what we term as a “mirror beam”. A mirror PE beam functions by the transmitter sending a light beam to a mirror which

then reflects that light beam back to the sending transmitter. Mirror beams are extremely cost effective and for the most part very functional and the type of PE beam that Leda mainly install. The second type is a “receiving PE beam”. It requires cabling to both sides of a driveway so it is more expensive to install. The smart system sends a light beam from the transmitting section to the receiving section and then disseminates that it is received as opposed to having to reflect the photoelectric beam back to the transmitting post. It is also a very reliable system in that it is a lot harder to fool than a mirror system.

The third option is a “PE beam array”. This array basically means that there are multiple PE beams all working together. It has the advantage of being able to detect more obstructions across a driveway and can make pedestrian transition a lot safer. The benefit of the array is that you are detecting across multiple heights which has the advantage of being able to detect more vehicle types. The ultimate in PE beam technology is what we call a light grid. This is effectively a curtain usually 1 meter in height Obviously vehicle detection is further enhanced as well but at this level of safety we are really trying to detect limbs and smaller things. The “light grid” is often used in industrial applications such as factories and can be used on most of our automated equipment. November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34


Leda Security Products

T EC HNI C AL I N F O R M ATI O N                                      Stainless Steel Metal Protection In our last newsletter we included an article on a new “spray on metal protector” that Leda is offering as an option on all our stainless steel bollards. Our Tuggerah production staff have been conducting weather testing on our stainless steel bollards to test effectiveness of this remarkable product. Two identical 80NB slimline bollards were installed externally at out plant. The bollard in picture 1 was treated (by spraying) while the bollard in picture 2 did not. Neither bollard have since received any cleaning or maintenance and there was no change in appearance or tea staining until after 4 months.

Pic 1 Treated

While the tea staining on bollard 2 can be cleaned off stainless steel should be cleaned regularly to keep the product in pristine condition and minimising the potential for tea staining developing. We know from experience that this seldom occurs in the field so the best insurance is to specify our MCOC01 – Metal Protector on your next project requiring bollards.

Note - Our metal protector is not limited to stainless steel. It can be applied to any metal surface to provide protection.

November 2013 Newsletter |Issue 34

Pic 2 Non Treated


Leda newsletter nov 2013  

Leda Security Products Nov 2013 Newsletter

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