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Architectural & Security Bollards

B i c y c l e Pa r k i n g & E n d - o f - J o u r n e y F a c i l i t i e s

I n d u s t r i a l G a t e s & Pe r i m e t e r S e c u r i t y

Doors & Loading Dock Products

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About Leda Security

Leda is Australia’s leading specialist in perimeter security and vehicular traffic control systems, and offers an array of innovative products for commercial and government buildings and utilities, and critical infrastructure sites.


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Designer Bollards High Security Bollards Industrial Bollards

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Rails and Racks Lockers and Cages End-of-Journey Facilities

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Industrial Gates Bi-fold Gates Boom Gates Security Barriers Turnstiles Pedestrian Gates Fencing

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Large Industrial Doors Loading Docks Dock Levellers Scissor Lifts

Leda commenced operations in 1994 and has its main manufacturing plant located at Tuggerah NSW, about 90 kilometres north of Sydney. In early 2012 Leda opened its own factory and offices in Ningbo China, to service sales in that country as well as catering for the North America and European markets.

Comprehensive brochures and technical literature on the complete range of Leda’s architectural and security products are available on request or visit the websites: www.securabike


The Leda Advantage

TPhreoRdauncgte s ✆1300 780 450

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Innovative products Stylish contemporary designs High vandal resistance Reliable and low maintenance Cost efficient Superior installation methods Unparalleled technical advice Independently-tested, crash-rated barriers

Service Every Leda client is guaranteed unrivalled service, advice and technical support. Products are distributed and supported through branch offices or distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Quality As part of its policy of ongoing improvement, Leda works continually to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of all its products. Leda can also advise on the suitability of your product selection for the proposed application.

All Leda products carry a full comprehensive 12 month warranty, with optional warranty extensions also available.

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Bollards > Designer

The comprehensive range of over 500 models includes traditional and stylish contemporary designs manufactured in a range of materials and styles and falls into four categories: • Designer • Security • Retractable • Industrial Materials

Stainless Steel

Available in • Locking & Removable • Fixed Insitu • Baseplate • Retractable • Lighting Models (Stainless Steel / Aluminium / Timber)



Pre-Cast Concrete


Aluminium Steel


B o l l a r d s > S e c u r i t y / PA S C e r t i f i e d

Securapost ✆1300 780 450

Features • Impact tested and rated • High impact and anti-cutting models • Provide protection from ram raids to vehicular-borne terrorist attacks Available in • Locking & Removable • Fixed Insitu

Ram Raid Protection

Heavy Duty

ATM Protection Pre-cast Concrete

PAS 68 Static

Shallow Mount Technology


Bollards > Retractable

Applications • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Act as a security barrier to forced access by unauthorised, illegal or hostile vehicles. • Vehicular Access Control (VAC) Restrict unauthorised vehicular access to defined areas.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Operation Options • Manual • Semi-automatic (gas strut / power drill assisted • Automatic (pneumatic).

HVM Telescopic PAS 68 Tested

Vehicular Access Control


HVM PAS 68 Tested


Bollards > Industrial

✆1300 780 450

Industrial bollards are diverse in application and cater for light industrial to extra heavy duty installations for the mining industry and other remote industrial applications.

Round & Square Bollards

• • • •

Locking and removable, fixed and baseplate bollards Power distribution bollards Card reader bollards Other industrial products

Power Distribution Bollards, Cabinets & Pull-ups

Single & Double Card Readers

Smokers Bollards

Signage Bollards


Bicycle > Racks, Rails, Repair Stations

Leda’s extensive range of bicycle security products and end-of-journey facilities are designed to cater for virtually every type of application. Product Range • Hitching Rails • Racks • Shelters • Cages • Lockers • End-of-Journey Facilities • Domestic Racks • Skateboard & Scooter Racks • Repair Stations & Tools

Hitching Rails

Domestic Racks

Horizontal Racks

Vertical Racks

Skateboard & Scooter Racks 8

Repair Stations & Tools

Bicycle > Cages, Lockers & Shelters

Securabike ✆1300 780 450

Bicycle Lockers

Individual Cages



Signage Clothes Lockers

End-of-Journey Modular Units


G a t e s > C a n t i l e v e r, T r a c k , S w i n g & B i - f o l d G a t e s

Leda gates are manufactured from strong RHS steel sections and supplied with heavy duty drive motors and gear boxes. Infill and ‘top’ options are available for most gates. Product Range • Track Sliding Gates • Cantilever Gates • Swing Gates • Bi-fold Gates • Boom Gates Vertical, Swing, Sliding Duty Levels • Light / Medium • Industrial • Security • High Security • Anti-terrorist

Track Sliding Gates Single / Bi-parting & Bi-sliding Options

Half Height Track Sliding Gates Single / Bi-parting Options

Cantilever Gates Single / Bi-parting Options

Swing Gates Single / Dual

Bi-fold Gates Single / Dual Option


G a t e s > Ve r t i c a l , S w i n g & S l i d i n g B o o m G a t e s

Securagate ✆1300 780 450

Industrial Boom Gate

Portable Boom Gate

Defender Security Vertical Gate

Industrial Swing Gate

Manual Swing Gate

Automatic Swing Boom

Industrial Sliding Boom

Security Sliding Boom


Pe r i m e t e r S e c u r i t y > Ve h i c l e B a r r i e r s

Leda’s vehicle barriers and road blockers offer varying degrees of security and impact protection, ranging from low to very high security and impact resistance. They can be installed as single independent units in tandem or in a combination with other products such as gates to achieve a vehicle checkpoint. The range includes above ground, surface mount, shallow mount or with conventional concrete footings. Product Range • Vehicle Barriers • Road Blockers • Retractable Gates • Tyre Spikes • Pre-cast Concrete Barriers

Vehicle Barriers

Road Blockers

Tyre Spikes

Pre-cast Concrete Barriers


Pe r i m e t e r S e c u r i t y > F e n c e s & Pe d e s t r i a n G a t e s

Securagate ✆1300 780 450

Leda regards fencing, and the integration of other perimeter security equipment like pedestrian gates and turnstiles, as an important component of any perimeter security installation. Fencing, gates and turnstiles are manufactured from a broad range of materials suitable for use in varying applications across different security levels. Fencing Retractable Fencing & Gates

High Security Fencing

Product Range • Perimeter Fencing • High Security Fencing • Retractable Fencing & Gates • Full-height Turnstiles • Half-height Turnstiles • Access Swing Gates • Security Doors A range of locking options designed to allow integration with all common access control systems is available for all gates and turnstiles.

Full-height & Half-height Turnstiles

Pedestrian Gates & Security Doors


Industrial Doors

Leda industrial doors are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of applications and weather conditions for any large building opening. Utilising either steel or aluminium frames for various working conditions and extra wind loading requirements, Leda can design a solution to fit the most demanding locations. Doors are available in a number of styles and materials in sizes up to 60m wide and 40m high. Product Range • Fabric Doors • Large Steel Doors • Panel Lift Doors • High Speed Doors • PVC Flap & Strip Doors

Large Fabric Doors

High Speed Doors

Large Steel Bi-fold Doors


Loading Dock Products

Securadoor ✆1300 780 450 Loading docks are a critical piece of the supply chain by securely linking your warehouse to trucking fleet. Leda understands that the requirement for tested, heavy duty, reliable and safe to operate equipment is paramount to a successful loading dock. Product Range • Dock Brain • Dock Levellers • Dock Drawbridges • Dock Ramps • Dock Shelters • Scissor Lifts

Dock Brain

Manual and Automatic Dock Levellers

Scissor Lifts

Loading Docks


w w w. l e d a s e c u r i t y. c o m . a u Leda Security Products Pty Ltd ABN 23 067 258 235

Te l e p h o n e 1 3 0 0 7 8 0 4 5 0 E m a i l s a l e s @ l e d a s e c u r i t y. c o m . a u NSW Sales

VIC Sales

QLD Sales

SA Sales

WA Sales

Head Office

Unit 8 / 185 Briens Rd

Unit 2 / 89 Enterprise Way

Unit 2 / 387 Lytton Rd

Unit 1 / 5 Tooronga Ave

Unit 1 / 3 Finance Place

& Manufacturing

Northmead NSW 2152

Sunshine West VIC 3020

Morningside QLD 4170

Edwardstown SA 5039

Malaga WA 6090

18 Reliance Drive

PO Box 128

PO Box 1091

PO Box 186

Phone: 08 8374 3266

Phone: 08 6430 1670

Tuggerah NSW 2259

Morningside QLD 4170

Fax: 08 8374 3299

Fax: 08 9209 2860

PO Box 5196

Wentworthville NSW 2145 Sunshine West VIC 3020 Phone: 02 8413 3410

Phone: 03 8399 8150

Phone: 07 3613 8270

Chittaway Bay NSW 2261

Fax: 02 8677 7119

Fax: 03 9315 1085

Fax: 07 3399 5688

Australia Phone: +61 2 8413 3430

Australasian distributors and resellers in Northern Territory, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Fax: +61 2 4353 2255

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Where no standard exists, Leda Product Handbooks are normally considered industry standard. The Handbooks not only display the updated and expanded range of products but are also informative reference guides for any security library.

Architectural & Security Bollards Handbook

Bicycle Parking & Security Handbook

Industrial Gates + Perimeter Security Handbook

Doors & Loading Dock Products Handbook

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