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20NB Pipe Leaning Rail



125 x 75 Frame

Leda’s double height bicycle racks provide the maximum utilisation of allocated storage and parking areas, and are easy to use. Simply pull out the sliding base rail and when it reaches it pivot point it folds down to allow easy positioning of your bicycle. A leaning rail provides stability and a secure point for locking.


Supplied in knock-down kit form for easy assembly on site. Fully welded units are also available, but prove more difficult to freight.

Check with your Leda office for Bicycle Racks that can be used underneath. CBR4B illustrated here, Top View Also available in a double storey locker.

End View 2075 NOM

Front View 1600

Minium Ceiling Height

400 Typical


2540 NOM 1840 NOM

Recommended Clear Area 4000

Material Specifications (General) Frame 125 x 75 x 3mm RHS / Hot dipped galvanised / Powder coated in a range of colours Extensions 65 x 65 x 3mm Track / 75 x 40 x 4mm Channel / 20NB (26.9) x 2.3mm Pipe / Hot dipped galvanised


w w w. s e c u r a b i k e . c o m . a u


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