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Product Range > Bicycle Lockers ✆1300 780 450 BVL1/2/4


1.6mm GalvabondÂŽ sheet / powder coated in a range of colours


Reinforced door & roof stiffeners, wheel rail Vandal-proof lock, clothes / helmet hooks, 3-way locking, security camera access


Vertical Lockers can be supplied in flat pack form ready for assembly and riveting on site or in 2, 3 or 4 modular units fully assembled around a steel frame Optional spring-loaded T handle provides improved vandal resistance and allows master keying

BVL 1 Single Locker

Optional padlock tabs allows cyclists to use their own U lock or padlock

Clothes / helmet hooks

3-way locking Sloping roof panel to provide a fall for water run-off (stiffener channel under) Door stiffeners

BVL 4 2940 BVL 2 1475

Wheel guide

BVL 1 Front View 770


Rear View 770

Side View 1650


Plan View 752


These sturdy vandal proof lockers incorporate a steel frame clad with Galvabond sheeting and a sloping roof. They can be manufactured as a single unit or in modules of 2 or 4 Lockers. Optional stencil signage

10mm hole for scope camera

Optional security / vandal-resistant lock (not shown)


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