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Product Range > Bicycle Rails ✆1300 780 450 BR 1600


10mm Mild Steel Plate Galv / Powder coated in a range of colours

Stainless Steel 10mm Stainless Steel Plate / Linished

Multiple Hitching Refer this page for universal Base Rails HRB Bicycle Rail Units 2 3 4 5 Bicycle Capacity 4 6 8 10

New Release 2010

Fixed Baseplate BR1685B Galvanised / Powder Coated SBR1685B Stainless Steel 1600 Powder coated illustrated

Baseplate 120





100 x 8mm Flat Bar, Galv / Powder coated in a range of colours

Base Rails Leda’s Hitching Rails are supplied as individual units that can be bolted to Base Rails to accommodate 2, 3, 4 or 5 Hitching Rails. The system eliminates the need to provide multiple concrete footings and is ideal for use over paved or bitumen surfaces. Typical Installation Example BR1585 illustrated

Avoid expensive individual footings 5150 HRB5 Suit 5 Hitching Rails 10 Bicycle Capacity 3950 HRB4 Suit 4 Hitching Rails 8 Bicycle Capacity 2750 HRB3 Suit 3 Hitching Rails 6 Bicycle Capacity

Masonry anchors M16 countersunk head socket screws 1550 HRB2 Suit 2 Hitching Rails 4 Bicycle Capacity


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