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What to look for in a gate

Designed, manufactured & installed by Leda-Vannaclip Strong, durable, corrosion-protected steel Control cabinets to AS standards, variable speed drive motors Engineer-designed footings for real security Occupational Health & Safety compliance

What to look for in a gate

Leda-Vannaclip is Australia’s largest manufacturer of perimeter security and access control products.


Our range of automatic gates are tailored to suit a range of widths and heights and are designed to meet all relevant OH&S requirements.

Shop drawings & design All jobs require signed shop drawings prior to the commencement of manufacturing. Drawings are completed in 3D and recorded for future spare parts.

Not all gates available in Australia are created equal and it is essential that you arm yourself with relevant information to compare gate quotations. Leda-Vannaclip considers its product to be ‘best practice’ and this brochure illustrates some important features that you should look for in a gate.

Materials Leda-Vannaclip use high quality Australian steel to AS standards. We recommend that strong, durable steel be used for all perimeter security in commercial applications.

Runner enclo An OH&S optio enclosure aroun retracts. Inexpe the risk of accid

Corrosion protection & finishing Ask about our 15 year corrosion protection wet spray paints. Leda-Vannaclip also offer powder coated finish. Hot dipped galvanising is available – galvanising equivalents are available for colour finishes.

Gate stops Standard on all Leda-Vannaclip gates. Important for synchronisation, safety and trouble-free operation.

Operation Do-It-Yourself Modular Option Did you know Leda-Vannaclip supply Light Duty Modular Industrial Cantilever Gates you can install yourself? Ask about our safe 12V DC motors that are perfect for lower duty cycle requirements.

Electric cabinet Our cabinets are C-ticked certified and meet all relevant AS safety standards for electrical cabinets. Automation Leda-Vannaclip will match your gate motor to power requirements – a combination of gate size and/or weight and operations per peak hour required.


Operating speeds Recommended speed is standard at 400mm/sec opening and closing. Faster (up to 800mm/sec) or slower speeds are available.

Packed in crate

2.1m high Opening 3.0m / 4.5m / 6.0m


Safety OH&S procedures Some gates weigh more than 1000kg so Leda-Vannaclip take our staff and our clients’ safety extremely seriously. Independent safety audit reports are available on request.

sure on we highly recommend is an nd the recess where the gate ensive chain wire fence will minimize dental injury. Safety guard On each gate a mesh guard is permanently attached to the gate to ensure any person including our own service staff do not have a limb through a gate at the wrong time. Photo electric (PE) beams Leda-Vannaclip beams are receiving-beams – the transmitter and receiver are hard-wired to each other. (These are superior to mirror beams.) Bump strips Minimizes the chance of injury by stopping the gate when contacting an object in its path.

Master Security License holder Structurally designed footings Australian Standards compliance Footings Materials Electrical Safety options available Service program in place Automation to meet duty cycle requirements Public and product liability coverage Shop drawings supplied Current site work method statements 1 year warranty [See Terms & Conditions] National business with 15 years experience Australian Construction Code Compliance Project Management



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Look Out! Poor quality industrial gates fabricated with light duty materials, fitted with CHEAP, underpowered drive motors are being quoted in the market. Too often we see gate selection based on price that requires an expensive retrofit 12-24 months later. Leda is often called out to repair, replace or service inappropriate product recommended by inexperienced suppliers. Take the time to carefully evaluate your gate choice with the information in this brochure as it will save you $. You should deal with Leda-Vannaclip to ensure you are supplied ‘the highest quality and most reliable gates in Australia’ backed by our service team.


Installation Structural footings Leda-Vannaclip footings are designed by our civil engineers to ensure they meet the required structural and Australian standards. This often makes our footings larger than many inexperienced suppliers and marginally more costly, but for good reason.

Flashing lights Audible signals Traffic lights Intrinsically safe options Available for hazardous and hostile environments like the chemical and petroleum industries. Infills – Top Sections / Fencing Column Beams

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Design Ongoing research and development provides the products and technical advice needed for real security solutions. Products are 3D modelled, and drawn for installation when required. Shop drawings are submitted for approval prior to manufacturing.

Specification At the early stages of any project, Leda-Vannaclip can provide advice and engineering documentation.

Service Service is a critical component to the long-term operations of all Leda-Vannaclip equipment. Preventative maintenance programs are available to ensure all products continue to perform reliably and efficiently.

Installation The construction industry is learning the benefit of suppliers able to project manage as it is more critical than price. Incompetent sub contractors will end up requiring more management which wipes out any perceived price advantage. Having Leda-Vannaclip install ensures that there are no excuses for poor commissioning.

Manufacturing Leda-Vannaclip has extensive manufacturing facilities in both NSW and Victoria, using Manufacturing Resource Planning – an effective QA system. Leda-Vannaclip manufactures what is sold – unique in the security industry for many products.

For further information on Leda-Vannaclip products refer to the specific publication or visit NSW 3 / 43-51 College Street Gladesville NSW 2111 Phone +61 2 9817 4799 Fax +61 2 9817 8560

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