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Project Options

1) Photo manipulation  Photo manipulation is an interesting topic because it allows us to explore more options other than just photographs of ordinary objects, we have the chance to create something new and unique.  Using artist such as : Kyle Thompson, Lizzy Elle, Steve Otto, fiddle oak, Odessa Sawyer.  / - sue Blackwell website

 / - surreal photo manipulation

Photo manipulation  Manipulating one or more pictures to create something new  Creating a small story using characters and scenery by photographing everyday objects and editing them.  Photoshopping myself onto a mythical creatures (i.e. unicorn)  Book art – cutting into books to create a scenery then adding a picture of a person  Creating surreal images by distorting the ordinary

Distorting the ordinary Examples

Kyle Thompson

Kyles idea of involving nature in his pictures appeals to me in a sense that the normality and serenity combined with the bizarreness of your creation would suit this project well. Something natural united with something unnatural emphasizes the photo manipulation idea

Sue Blackwell Sue Blackwell an English artist who creates sculptures out of books using their pages by cutting them up and creating figures. Her style appeals to me because she creates physical surrealism, which then could have manipulation added to it to create something different I would like to use her technique then manipulate the photo by either creating a scenery or adding a character into the scenery created.


Artist’s work

Photo Manipulation websites ďƒ˛

2) Alzheimer’s Campaign  We chose this assignment because the idea behind the artwork of Gerhard Richter and Baldessari is really fascinating. I like the idea of erasing memories by scratching or destroying photographs that both artists used.  Charity  Artists such as Gerhard Richter, Baldessari  http :// /

Alzheimer’s campaign  Possible title – “forget me not”  manipulate pictures to mimic memories being forgotten to raise awareness of its symptoms  Make a TV advert or trailer for a show about Alzheimer’s awareness  Posters using manipulated images  Editing family/group images (interaction images) so one person is simply an outline or silhouette

Alzheimer's 

Current treatments for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s focus on the symptoms not the underlying cause of the disease. They do little to stop Alzheimer’s from developing or getting worse. Usually these treatments are used for just a short time.

There are 800,000 people with dementia in the UK with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2021. This will soar to 1.7 million by 2050. One in three people over 65 will die with dementia. 80 per cent of people in care homes have with dementia or severe memory problems. There are over 17,000 people under 65 with dementia in the UK. Dementia affects nearly 25,000 people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in the UK.

Signs of Alzheimer's include difficulty remembering certain events, poor judgement, losing track of time, inability to manage a budget, difficulty having a conversation, repetition, misplacing things, changes in mood/behaviour, new problems with written or spoken words.

Vans Shoes  We have many options with creating a poster for Vans by using simple photography and typography or photo manipulation for example changing the size of a person to compare with the shoes.  Artists to look at: David Carson, Jamie Reid, ray gun magazine 

 /

Van shoes  Photograph skate boarders  A poster to advertise how many years vans have been around  Photograph just the clothing so it looks like the vans products are skating  Create a poster using photo manipulation to include the vans product with skateboarding  Someone skating off the vans logo

Project Options  
Project Options