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Professional development Lake Erie College was one of the few higher education institutions invited to participate this summer at Harvard University with professional development courses for science teachers. The class, Lake Erie in My Life, was taught through Lake MetroParks, and two courses, Amazing Plants: Life Cycles, Reproduction and Heredity in the Green World and Bio-Blitz for Teachers: How to Immerse Your Students in Nature, were taught at Holden Arboretum. The opportunity was given as a part of a National Institute of Health-funded project entitled Assessment of Life Science Intermediate School Educators (ALSISE). ALSISE seeks to survey professional development opportunities for middle school life science teachers nationally.

Triathlon Assistant Professor of Sport Management Dale Sheptak’s Sports Facility Planning, Operations and Management (SA 205) class hosted the College’s first-ever intramural triathlon.

Medieval celebration Students of Renaissance Literature (EN223) hosted a Medieval Faire, which was celebrated through a universal and theological perspective.

Black Student Union fashion show Lake Erie College’s Black Student Union (BSU) “City of Dreams” showcased custom pieces from local designers a nd trendy styles donated by neighborhood vendors.

Student-designed book kit Michael Kurtz , a Lake Erie College student, and his sister, Nicole, a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, have created a pizza box kit as a learning tool for elementary students. The kit, which looks like a pizza box, is an interactive tool for students in kindergarten through second grade. The box itself is designed to hold a book so the teacher’s hands are free to manipulate the pieces, which look like pepperoni, onions and other pizza toppings. The kit also contains a delightfully illustrated book containing alliterative phrases like, “Millions of munchy maggots march over the monster’s mush.” Through their interaction with the kit’s pieces, students can learn such important concepts as time, languages, sequence and fractions. Kurtz worked with his advisor, Dr. Linda Siegel, assistant professor of middle childhood education, on developing the kit. The book was published by Lulu. com and is available for purchase. He made a presentation about the pizza box kit to the Lake Erie College Board of Directors on May 14. “Everything in the kit is designed for student learning, to get the student engaged,” Kurtz said.


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Fall 2011 Magazine  

Lake Erie College Magazine, Fall 2011 issue

Fall 2011 Magazine  

Lake Erie College Magazine, Fall 2011 issue