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In a world brimming with opportunities, Lake Erie senior chooses Italy by Katie Staats ’09, MBA ’11

New friends, new cuisine, new times. For most people, studying abroad is more about having fun than a new learning experience. But for Lake Erie College senior Kaitlyne Perrill, becoming immersed in Italian culture was one of her most valuable and life changing experiences to date. While on vacation, Perrill fell in love with Rome and knew this was something she wanted to continue to explore. She ran with her intuition and, with the help of Jonathan Klein, Lake Erie’s coordinator of international studies, she was able to find the perfect American school in Rome, John Cabot University. After sending a letter of recommendation and her transcripts, Perrill was accepted into the school and left for Italy on May 17, 2011 for a six-week trip. From swimming in underwater caves in the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy to diving off 45-foot cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea, Perrill truly learned the meaning of conquering your fears. Terrified of heights, she never thought she would even consider cliff diving. Nevertheless, with a final prayer and a scream, she swallowed her fears and plunged into the sea, a metaphor that can be applied to her entire experience studying abroad. “I’ve never been the type of person who would jump into a sea of water filled with sharks, giant fish and unknown areas,” said Perrill. “Experiences like this needed to be taken advantage of even if it meant feeling uncomfortable.” Perrill lived in an apartment in Trastevere, Rome with four other girls from Ukraine, New Jersey, Boston and Connecticut. Learning how different people live allowed her to apply the lessons she learned to her own life. School was difficult at times, but her experience in Italian studies allowed Perrill to communicate with her professor and classmates. Continued on page 46 LAKE ERIE

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