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Fall 2013

A Visit with Chef Chuck Hughes the art of baking Giving Thanks DIsh it up in style! My Perfect Meal The essentials

PALETTE by le creuset

Since 1925, Le Creuset has led the way in innovative design and unrivalled performance. Today, that rich legacy continues with the inaugural issue of Palette. Showcasing the very best of Le Creuset, our fall edition includes recipes for Chef Chuck Hughes’ perfect meal. We also feature Le Creuset products in classic colours such as Flame and our newest shades, including Soleil and Truffle. Welcome to Palette – inspiration for the kitchen and the table.

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Moroccan Tagine 1.9 L $250.00


Oval French Oven 4.7 L $345.00


Colour your World

Espresso Cup and Saucer (Set of 2) .06 L $40.00


Garlic Keeper $40.00

• CARIBBEAN Demi Kettle


1.2 L $85.00

Covered Square Casserole 2.8 L $110.00


Saucier Pan

2.1 L $240.00


Flower Casserole 1.9 L $225.00

Le Creuset Fall 2013 3

The Art of Baking The Quintessential French tools for preparing a classic Pie

Le Creuset has assembled all the tools you’ll need to create the perfect pie. Learn how to make our delicious version of Tarte Aux Pêche by visiting

Heritage Pie dish & Pie bird A Limited-Time Offer of Only $49.99 With classic scalloped edging, the Pie Dish is ideal for forming a flaky crust on pies, tarts and quiche, and it conveniently acts as both a baking and serving dish.

Our playful Pie Bird vents steam from the filling as it cooks, preventing the contents from boiling over, and its arched base redirects excess moisture.

Reg.: $60.00

Reg.: $8.00

Pie Dish & Pie Bird colours:


French Rolling Pin A staple in French kitchens, Le Creuset’s Rolling Pin is crafted without handles and tapered in the middle for better control and pressure when rolling out uniform circles of dough. 51 cm x 3.8 cm $30.00

French Trivet

Revolution® Balloon Whisk

The Silicone French Trivet features designs inspired by the wrought iron structures and buildings of the Belle Époque.

The Balloon Whisk’s flared end and grip rings allow for extra control when whipping, beating and folding ingredients. 29 cm $40.00

20 cm $15.00 Colours:


Revolution® Apple Corer

Oven Mitt

The ergonomic design makes coring apples and pears easy. The stainless steel shaft twists cleanly into the fruit and then releases cores with ease.

Designed to protect wrists from “baker’s burn” with its long sleeve, this durable mitt reaches to the forearm when worn, and features an embedded magnet for easy storage on nearby appliances.

25 cm $20.00 Colour:

$25.00 Colours:


Pastry Brush The Pastry Brush is designed with fine bristles that offer precise control for brushing and evenly distributing egg washes, glazes and sauces. 17 cm $14.00 Colours:

••••• Le Creuset Fall 2013 5

Pumpkin Casserole A Limited-Time Offer of Only $149.99 Perfect for Thanksgiving and other festive holidays, this 2.1 L oven adds a touch of seasonal colour and organic flavour to the table as a decorative centrepiece. 2.1 L Reg.: $225.00 Special Price: $149.99 Colours:


Seeded Sorghum Dinner Rolls in a Pumpkin Casserole An autumn favourite, Seeded Sorghum Dinner Rolls are best served hot in our Pumpkin Casserole. Visit to get the delicious recipe for this soft and sweet side dish.

Giving thanks

Whether cooking memorable dishes or serving delicious food at the table, Le Creuset has been an integral part of Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations for generations. Now you can start your own tradition with our Cookware and Accessories.

Rectangular Roaster A Limited-Time Offer Starting at $99.99 Certain to be passed down from generation to generation, the versatile Enamelled Cast Iron Rectangular Roaster is ideal for oven-roasted poultry, casseroles and roasted vegetables.

Perfect Roast turkey in an ENAMELLED cast iron roaster 2.4 L Reg.: $180.00 Special Price: $99.99 5 L Reg.: $285.00 Special Price: $149.99 Colours:


Two Thanksgiving staples – Le Creuset’s Cast Iron Roaster and Perfect Roast Turkey. Visit to get this holiday recipe.


6 3

2 5

Flawless Tools for a Holiday Feast









Rectangular CASSEROLE

Revolution® Potato Masher

stainless Saucepan


Gravy Boat

One of our most versatile pieces of bakeware, the Covered Rectangular Casserole is deep enough for recipes with generous fillings or with a layer of vegetables beneath.

The stylish Potato Masher complements any kitchen. Featuring high-quality stainless steel construction and an innovative design, the blade is slightly curved to mash with back-and-forth and up-and-down motions.

Essential for home cooks and chefs alike, Le Creuset’s durable Stainless Steel Saucepan is available in a variety of sizes and is designed with an oversized assist handle for easy lifting when full.

Whether serving appetizers to guests or bringing main courses to the table, the Serving Platter features a spacious surface area and built-in handles at each end for easy lifting.

For those who enjoy gravy on turkey and other meats, the Gravy Boat’s carefully shaped pouring rim prevents drips while its comfortable handle ensures a steady grip.

42 cm x 29 cm $80.00

.35 L $30.00

1.4 L $130.00 1.9 L $160.00 2.8 L $190.00 3.8 L $220.00



A UNique TWist

Trusted by wine aficionados for its effortless functionality and ergonomic design, this corkscrew features Activ-Ball technology that effortlessly ejects the cork after removal. $50.00


3 L $135.00 Colours:

•••• •••


27 cm $50.00


PILE ON THE stuffing

•••• •••


•••• •••

Le Creuset Fall 2013 7

Dish it up

in Style!

high-quality DINNERWARE WITH long-lasting performance Crafted from premium stoneware, Le Creuset Dinnerware is oven, broiler, microwave and dishwasher safe. These versatile products are chip resistant and come in a wide range of colours.

Mug From hot chocolate and coffee to single servings of soup and even desserts, the Stoneware Mug features a versatile, sturdy design for everyday use.

Rimmed Soup Bowl This perfectly sized Soup Bowl is crafted in the traditional shape for cream-based soups and bisques. 25 cm $20.00

.35 L $15.00

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Simple and functional, the matching Salt & Pepper Shakers look great on any table. 110 grams each $30.00 (Set of 2)

Napkin Ring Featuring Le Creuset’s unmistakably vibrant glaze, this decorative

Dinner Plate

Le Creuset’s classic Dinner Plate features a generous area to hold meat and vegetables, and a recessed base to contain liquids.

accessory completes any table setting and is available in a wide array of colours to complement any collection.

30 cm $30.00


Pasta Bowl

Cereal Bowl The Cereal Bowl is the ideal shape and size for cereal, oatmeal, grapefruit halves or soup.

With a de sign that is deep enough to conta in sauces yet shallow enough for individ ures ual service, t his Pasta Bowl feat ample s pace for classic spaghetti, creamy fettucc 0.00 ine Alfre do or seafood ravioli. 25 cm $3

20 cm $20.00

Le Creuset’s Dinnerware is available in the following colours:


Le Creuset Fall 2013 9

My Perfect Meal Featuring Chef

Chuck HugHes A sumptuous Meal: STEP BY STEP When it comes to creating the perfect meal for family and friends, I don’t take any chances - I only use the best: fresh vegetables, great cuts of meat and, of course, Le Creuset’s Cookware and Accessories. On the opposite page, you’ll find some of my favourite recipes. I hope you enjoy them. Bon appétit!

“Le Creuset’s iconic products are essentials in my kitchen. Classic tools and timeless design are the perfect fit for me.” Chuck Hughes

Braiser The Braiser is the perfect choice for searing meat and vegetables at high temperatures and then covering them with a lid (not shown) to seal in moisture for tender and flavourful dishes. 3.2 L $295.00



The Menu

e to spend When I really want to do something nice andshawhveoletimor large pieces with the people I love, I’ll always lean toward days of fall, nothing of fresh fish or local meat. During the early Top this off with is more fitting than a stuffed leg of lamb. a feast fit for your your favourite root vegetables and you have friends and family! On the Menu: 1. Chicken Liver Mousse with Oyster Mushroom Aspic 2. Tomato and Cauli flower Seafood Soup 3. Stuffed Leg of Lamb 4. Pecan Pie Get the detailed recipes at

The Drinks

The Setting

The Music

There’s nothing better than bubbles in the fall! Whether iconic champagnes, obscure cavas or proseccos, white or rosé, you can’t go wrong. These wines can have great depth of flavour but are also refreshing and great palate cleansers. For me, grape-based, non-alcoholic bubbles are the best fit: refreshing, with plenty of fruit and crisp acidity.

These days I find myself travelling extensively. So when I’m home, I want to be at my restaurants as much as possible. The natural setting for a perfect day is either at Garde Manger or, in the warmer months, the private courtyard terrace at Le Bremner, where there’s a small herb garden. There’s nothing better than late afternoon oysters with friends and family!

• Anything from Led Zeppelin II • Black Uhuru – Botanical Roots • Sloan – The Other Man • Junior Reid – Palaving Street • Stephen Marley – Inna Di Red • Queens of the Stone Age – I Sat by the Ocean • A Tribe Called Quest – The Chase, Part II • Steel Pulse – Handsworth Revolution

Le Creuset and Community Food Centres Canada Le Creuset is a proud supporter of Community Food Centres Canada. As the official cookware supplier of this organization, we are using the proceeds from this limited-edition Mini Cocotte Gift Set to help outfit centres across Canada. With your purchase, you receive a free cooking app loaded with Chuck Hughes’ secrets and tips of the trade. Reg.: $120.00 Special Price: $79.99

Le Creuset Fall 2013 11

The Essentials Forged Hard-Anodized 26 cm Deep Fry Pan

A Limited-Time Offer of Only $99.99 No kitchen is complete without a hard-working nonstick pan. Designed for unsurpassed performance, Le Creuset’s nonstick pans are forged and anodized to prevent warping and to ensure durability. Dishwasher safe with a lifetime warranty, each pan has a seamless reinforced coating that will never peel or flake during use. Reg.: $170.00 Special Price: $99.99 LIFETIME Warranty



Using only the finest materials (without PFOA), Le Creuset’s Forged Hard-Anodized Cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty.

A healthier way to cook, Le Creuset’s Forged Hard-Anodized Cookware, with its triple-coated nonstick surface, needs minimal amounts of butter or oil.

Le Creuset’s Forged Hard-Anodized pans are optimized for all stovetops, including induction – plus they are dishwasher and oven safe.

Palette – Fall 2013  
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