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Senior Infant Booklist 2012 - 2013 Subject


Name of Book

Price €


Veritas Publications

Alive - O 2 (Book Rental)




Sunny Street Scheme 1. The Please and Thank You Stories 2. The Tooth and Twinkle Stories 3. Ready Steady Go Stories Just Write B1 Sunny Street Please and Thank You Stories Skills Book Treasury Senior Infants Spellbound Senior Infants Look Listen and Learn Various Titles including Jolly Readers, Songbirds Phonics, Fireflies, PM Readers, Traditional Tales, Oxford Reading Tree and Soundprints. (Book Rental) Bun Go Barr Bunchéim A


EdCo EdCo Folens CJ Fallon CJ Fallon Supplementary Readers


CJ Fallon



Social Environmental & Scientific Education

5.30 4.85 7.80 5.40 6.70 n/a*

11.95 11.00

CJ Fallon

Planet Maths Senior Infants textbook and number Practice Book (NOT Satellite Activity Book) Figure it Out Senior Infants


Window on the World B



* Please note that these books will be purchased by the school and you are only required to pay for the rental of them. *Book rental Total: € 15 - € 30 maximum per family (Payable to school in September 2012) If books on book rental were to be purchased individually the cost would be in excess of € 100. Other Costs Involved- (Payable to school in September) Homework Journal Other Items Needed


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2 x Pencils (hand huggers) 2 x Erasers 1 x Sharpener 2 x 20mm sum copy (Big Squares) 5 x 15A copies 1 Hardback Notebook (Small A6) 5 x Plastic Button Wallets (A4 size – some children preferred expanding wallet files/folders this year, this is also an option for storing school made books in schoolbag) 4 x Project copies (Blank Pages) 1 x Tracing Paper Copy 1 x Box Crayons / Twistables (or similar) 2 x A4 Mesh Type Handy Pouch with ZIP close (Nice Price, Wine St or Eason, O’Connell St. Sligo these seem to sell out very quickly) (€3.05)

Sample of Mesh Zip Bag, these will last the full year if they are not over filled, zip often breaks from use during year, mesh protects school readers

Note: All items of clothing, copes, books and individual colours must be clearly marked. All items lost or used up need to be replaced during the year. Pencil pots are provided on each table and so children may leave school pencils/erasers in these pots to avoid fuss with pencil cases etc. Names on books and copies must be CLEARLY marked on outside to speed up handing out during class. Please cover copies and books where possible, copies can get very worn throughout the year. This booklist will be dropped into Keaney’s Bookshop and Eason in Sligo. It will also appear on our school website There is an offer running in Eason up until July 15th to get 10% off all orders over €10

Senior Infants Booklist 2012  

Leckaun NS

Senior Infants Booklist 2012  

Leckaun NS