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The unique industrial system to meet the needs of small and medium size industries.

LECHSYS it is the new industrial polyvalent system from which a diversified range of products is derived. It is a complete program that can manage products, technical cycles, services and tools. All the items are available in thousands of colours to satisfy the needs in all the market fields.

Illuminating Engineering Industrial Machines Structural Work and anticorrosion Outdoor Fastenings Furnishing Furniture Urban and extraurban Bicycles Gift & Fancy Goods, Nuts & Bolts Petrol Station Office Machines Household Appliances Glass Industry and Similar Goods Sailing Sport Components Building Truck refinish

Lechsys manages coatings for Industry with a rational mixing machines system composed of basecoats with high pigment concentration and binders with different chemical-physical characteristics. With Lechsys it is possible to obtain: 1K or 2K, mono-component or bi-component Primers, Fillers and Finishes with different chemical nature and different levels of costs and technical performances.

LECHSYS OFFER THE DISTRIBUTOR A complete range of product To reach all the market opportunities.

High technological content Safety in the technological proposal. All the products guarantee a high quality standard complying with international standards and with ISO 9000:2008 Lechler process. They represent a reference point in the market.

A rapid and rational production Lechsys has binders in a pre-dosed system, in which only the base colour has to be added. This allow the distributor: - To spend less time in the realization of the final product. - To Use fewer empty tins (the binder tins are used). - To generate less waste. - A lower stock holding.

Timeliness in the answers to colours requests Practical and complete colour support is now available; furthermore it can be equipped with a spectro-photometer for colour formulations.

Rationality in the product managing A programme for hardeners and thinners which will reduce stock levels and allow better management for the distributor and customer始s warehouse. The risks of errors by the end users can be reduced.

Complete technical documentation Of the product, together with cycles realized with the products of the system and information about quality and resistance. This allows to have exhaustive information about the use of the product and to choose the most appropriate cycle according to the customer始s expectations for what concerns the quality/price.



Is a base system which allows to obtain all the solid colours and some metallic colours

Is the evolution of the System and Allows you to obtain all colours with mica, pearled and metallic effects.

Lechsys is composed of:

Lechsys Effect is composed of:

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Basecoats Additive Binders

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Metallic, pearlescent and mica basecoats Solid colours basecoats Binders

The basecoats are available in 1 and 3,75 lt sizes. The binders are available in different pre-dosing sizes in order to obtain final products with 4 and 16 lt sizes. More than 6000 industrial solid colours which allow you to obtain all the most important colours in the market, included the main international legislations (RAL, British Standard, Afnor, NCS, Industrial Vehicles etc.). They meet the demand of the reference market. The colour proposal is completed by the Master Chroma collection with more than 1400 brilliant colour cards are available in chromatic order. The complete colour offer allows to meet any kind of market reference demand.

Primers, Sealers and Fillers

The base coats are available in 1 and 3,75 lt sizes and the binders are available in pre-dosing sizes in order to obtain 4 lt sizes final products. This allows the distributor to meet all the trading opportunities. The Lechsys Effect offers the possibility to realize colours to choose in the Master Chroma Effect colour fan which is composed of more than 1000 brilliant or matt colours by chromatic order. It is possible to realise different top coats dedicated to plastic and metal in O.E.M. quality with direct adhesion on the different substrates to obtain metallic, pearl and solid colours in: 2K brilliant or matt effect

It is possible to obtain anticorrosion epoxy, epoxyacrylic, synthetic, vinyl, phenol-synthetic, polyurethane, poliacrylic primers.

(available in brilliant, matt, satin or soft touch versions).

1K top-coats

2K matt effect one coat

It is possible to obtain different types of 1K top coats: synthetic, alkyd, nitro, acrylic, epoxy-ester, vinyl, chlorinated rubber and two coats top coats. 2K top-coats It is possible to obtain different types of 2K top coats: MS and UHS polyurethane, MS and UHS acrylic, epoxy, soft-touch and nitro-acrylic top coats.

1K matt effect one coat


29100 1K FAST PRIMER (Anticorrosive wash primer). 29101 SYNTOPRIMER ZINC (Anticorrosive phenol-synthetic primer with high anti-rust power). 29102 EPOBUILD PRIMER 2K (Epoxy-primer sealer with high covering power). 29103 SYNTOPRIMER (Fast synthetic anti-rust). 29107 EPOXYPRIMER (Anticorrosive zinc phosphate epoxy primer/filler). 29108 EPOPRIMER 1K (Epoxy-ester primer, fast drying). 29130 TECNOGRIP (Anticorrosive vinyl Primer/Top-Coat). 29175 EPOFAN PRIMER R-EC (Epoxy primer-filler with very high performances, with zinc phosphate). 29920 MULTI PLAST PRIMER (2K insulating filler for wet-on-wet cycles. It can be overcoated).


Epoxy Epoxy-acrylic Polyurethane Poliacrylic

29204 IS FILLER HBF (Polyurethan filler dry-on-dry cycles). 29105 HI-BUILD FILLER (HS Poliacrylic filler with high covering power). 29106 ISOSEALER B/B (Polyurethane sealer for wet-on-wet cycles). 29107 EPOXYPRIMER (Anticorrosive zinc phosphate epoxy primer/filler). 29109 ACRIPUR PRIMER (Epoxy-acrylic zinc phosphate primer). 29175 EPOFAN PRIMER R-EC (Epoxy primer-filler with very high performances, with zinc phosphate). 29920 MULTI PLAST PRIMER (2K insulating filler for wet-on-wet cycles. It can be overcoated).

Synthetic Alkyd Nitro Acrylic Epoxy-Ester Vinyl Chlorinated-rabber Two Coats

29111 SYNTOLACK METAL (Micaceous iron oxide synthetic enamel). 29112 SYNTOLACK OPACO (High quality matt alkyd enamel). 29114 SYNTOLACK RAPID (Very fast alkyd enamel). 29116 SYNTOLACK (Industrial fast drying alkyd enamel). 29117 SYNTOLACK PENN (High quality gloss alkyd enamel, brush application). 29118 SYNTOLACK PENN OPACO (High quality matt alkyd enamel, brush application). 29119 MONOSYNT (Semi-gloss alkyl industrial enamel). 29125 ISORUBBER (Chlorinated rubber glossy enamel). 29130 TECNOGRIP (Anticorrosive vinyl primer/enamel). 29131 TECNOGRIP METAL (Micaceous iron oxide anticorrosive vinyl enamel). 29132 TECNOGRIP GLOSS (Glossy vinyl top-coat). 29150 ISOLACK 1K (1K polyurethane enamel). 29151 1K POLYLACK SLW (1K polyurethane enamel for big surfaces). 29157 ACRYL 1K (Glossy acrylic enamel, with direct adhesion on PVC, ABS, rigid polystyrene). 29158 ACRYL 1K MATT (Matt acrylic enamel with direct adhesion on PVC, ABS, rigid polystyrene). 29171 EPOTOP 1K (Glossy epoxy-ester enamel). 29180 NITRON (Glossy nitro industrial enamel). 29182 NITRON OPACO (Matt nitro industrial enamel). 29184 NITRON HIGH (High quality nitro enamel). 29186 NITRON HAMMER (Hammer effect nitro enamel). 29190 BASECOAT (Matt base for two coats top-coat). 29903 1K MATT BASE Matt basecoat for plastics and primed metals. 29946 1K METALGRIP Topcoat with direct adhesion on metal substrates with anodization effect (liquid anodization).



Epoxiprimer Wash Primers Syntetics Vinyl Synthetic-Phenolic

Polyurethane MS Polyurethane UHS Acrylic MS Acrylic UHS Epoxy Soft-touch Nitro

29139 SOFT (Soft touch top coat). 29140 ISOLACK HIGH (Polyurethane enamel with high resistance). 29141 ISOLACK PUR OPACO (Matt industrial polyurethane enamel). 29142 ISOLACK OPACO (High quality matt polyurethane enamel). 29143 ACRYL 2K (2K Acrylic enamel with direct adhesion). 29144 ISOLACK (Very good appearance polyurethane enamel). 29145 ISOLACK PUR (Industrial polyurethane enamel). 29146 ISOLACK EFB (Orange peel polyurethane enamel). 29147 ISOLACK PENN (High quality brushing glossy polyurethane enamel). 29149 ISOLACK TEXTUR (Polyurethane enamel with a textured effect). 29152 ACRYL 2K OPACO (2K matt acrylic enamel, 20 gloss, direct adhesion). 29153 ACRYL 2K OPACO 7 GLOSS (One coat acrylic matt enamel 7째 gloss). 29154 ISOLACK ULTRA HS (UHS polyurethane enamel V.O.C. < 420 gr/l). 29155 ACRITOP (High quality 2K top-coat enamel). 29156 ACRYL 2K EFB (One coat orange peel acrylic enamel). 29170 EPODUR (2K glossy epoxy enamel) 29172 EPODUR OPACO (2K matt epoxy enamel) 29176 EPODUR EFB (HS structured epoxy vinyl enamel) 29179 EPOXYLACK EFFECKT (Structured epoxy enamel) 29185 NITRON 2K (One coat enamel with direct adhesion on bare steel). 29195 ACRITOP ULTRA HS (Acrylic UHS V.O.C. < 420 g/l). 29282 FRAMECOAT PVC (Acrylic semi-matt for PVC with direct adhesion). 29299 ISOLACK HIGH EFB (Orange peel high resistant polyurethane). 29902 2K PC HIGH MATT BASE (Matt basecoat with direct adhesion on plastics and primed metals). 29945 2K GRIP BASE Matt basecoat with direct adhesion on non-ferrous metals, PA (polyamid), alluminium and its alloys. 29947 2K PLASTICGRIP Topcoat with direct adhesion on plastics with anodization effect (liquid anodization).

A COMPLETE TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION Cycle sheets and information concerning cycle and product quality and resistance. An exhaustive information concerning the product utilisation allows to choose the most suitable cycle (quality/price) according the Customers demands.

Lechler Explorer速 Software for the management of colour, prices, technical and safety data sheets, labels, equipments, dosing. It is directly updated via the internet.

Master Chroma and Master Chroma Effect In two easy to use suitcases that cointain more than 1400 and 1000 references for glossy colours on cards sprayed with 2K enamels and put in a chromatic order for a fast and precise identification of the LECHSYS colours.

Products & Effects Brochure of the product effects which can be obtained with the LECHSYS, LECHSYS EFFECT and LECHSYS HYDRO Systems.

Lechsys Metal Map Colour card containing 24 metallic colour references that can be obtained with the vinyl topcoat Tecnogrip Metal 29131 and with the mica topcoat Syntolack Metal 29111.

Color Index Lechsys It is a book which is annually updated and which contains all information about the colours of the system subdivided according to the product types.

LECHLER puts at the disposal of their Customers LECHSYS a series of services and supports to help the Customers business development, for a better high professional product, cycles and colorimetric knowledge.

Training Centre Through The Centre for Excellence LECHLER offers the customers a professional range of support and service aimed at introducing the characteristics of the products, the cycles and of the colours.

Color call centre Professional operators and immediate assistance to meet Customers needs Formulations through a professional and fast “on line” service.

Technical assistance To work with the distributor and end user to solve any technical problems, to choose the products and to identify better cycles through a phone assistance or with an “field based” operation.

Instrument Assistance software and hardware Offering a professional service to drive the end-user through the installation of the SW or in the management of the tintometric and spectrophotometric equipment.

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Lechsys and Lechsys Effect brochure  

Lechsys is a base system which allows to obtain all the solid colours and some metallic colours. Lechsys Effect Is the evolution of the Lech...

Lechsys and Lechsys Effect brochure  

Lechsys is a base system which allows to obtain all the solid colours and some metallic colours. Lechsys Effect Is the evolution of the Lech...