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CHEAPWORDSTALK TAGS LIKE ---------------------------------

Miscellaneous, radial, never ending,

monotonous, bothersome, quotidian,

self aware, meta whimsical, towley,

romantic, associative, yellow,

experiential, nothing, nowhere in particular, one, copyleft.




Well what I do doesn't fit one shoe, a sneaker or a combat boot.

Dr Martin said : "You say, I do ! "

Mesmerizing phrases with a sexy boxing gloved kangaroo.

Finally something happened when the lights went out in the projection room.

"I cut, you bruise, we sink or spit."

Another dustbin used to puke your shit.

Blind displays of disposia along a highway of leather velvet contemplation.

One symphony for one beat.

A sweet remedy for any sour feet.

Eco I Narcis - Volksroom - Brussels - scenography Laure Jauel

Eco I Narcis - Inkietas - Lizarra

Who you see makes up how you are and what that's like you'll only see from inside of your skin. Same for any other sense that you'll ever be able to notice flying

around ...

Eco I Narcis - Il est une fois - Brussels

INSTEAD OF WHAT IS DONE, WHAT MORE TO COME ? ---------------------------------


I AM to rule a world in disregard of any legislation available on planet earth and without breaking any rule that could limit any economic, environmental, temporal or logistic ability, on the contrary. To achieve a certain failure I TEND to shape shiî‚? in order to remain loyal to MY devouring desire. I SAY : "Within a 21st (con)temporary interdependence of (con)temptation, the preferable aim for ART is considered to be pointy, messy and sticky." I DISTANCE myself formally of any relation between pleasurable work and other times. Since history ended yesterday and I RULE from today till eternity there is no more need for panic. You are only scared to die eventually. Not now.







î ˘e cooperative was established in 2012 based on detailed analysis and understanding of the imitative nature of the financial market and to challenge the big banks and their elite asset management business.







Cooperates with self-organized individuals and organizations. Artist residencies - Workspace for performing art - Brussels.




‌ typed on midnight 7 august 2012 (arrival in brussels, understanding consensual meaning of our self devouring octopus) act 1 "We welcome our dear audience members, our work titles NIBBLING IN THE TEMPLE." try to suck own nipple (5 to 55 minutes)

act 2 surrender "dear beloved audience, can we have a volunteer?" yes (great)

no (grab one of us) (even better)

nibble the temple of the nipple act ends when we get pushed away or

act 3 We read the "shario for mario" while cooking a chicken. Aî‚?er this experience we will serve chicken and charge all of us a euro per eventuality of saying, thinking, and sensing the words " I, you, they " for the rest of our life here alone together forever nowhere, with the exception of "quoting" the (living) dead. We like IT a LOT !!!!!!!! (We have a cartoon laugh) We act on 21 august 2012 at 00h03 Followed by : "We 'll try to make a concert" (Eat the horse jam jam) (he) (Miroieta toca otra teta) (she)


SHARIO FOR MARIO - THE BOOK OF ALL LAW ---------------------------------


0001# One must be completely convinced of any proposal, project, statement, concept, attitude, etcetera; and fully embrace it into all future development that obviously made any past insights obsolete. 0002# One must contain the instant ability to switch the light on or off at any given moment in time. 0003# One must never gain subsistence on behalf of borrowed time. 0004# All must die naked as have been born. 0005# One must remain a moving target whilst breathing. 0006# All need to disagree and remain alone. 0007# One only needs to engineer its consumption. 0008# Eternity is by definition non existent and consequently rules both all and one. 0009# Resources are accessed by all means on a strict basis of ones actual necessities. 0010# All growth is equated on ones deployment. 0011# All matter is destined to oblivion while no matter will ever resist.

0012# One word can never be taken into account. 0013# All potential fortune is ones single desire and therein one wants to be only one. 0014# All one considers needs to be undertaken before ones accidental abandonment. 0015# One may spell out any word to make it available for all. 0016# Zero is one of its favorite names. Sully can be given equally. 0017# One must feed, drink, travel, learn and dream luxuriously. 0018# All must resist mindless repetition and devote all attention to nothing in particular. 0019# Here and now remain unknown to neither all nor one. 0020# Boredom is ones only economic incentive, trade its loss, and profit its last resort. 0021# Ones weapons are all to be made tools for ones prolongation with all other ones. 0022# All violence is considered as ones failed attempted suicide. 0023# All ten o'clock rituals imply the invocation of ones imaginable fear; succeeded by the feeding of ones soul food to no reason at all. 0024# Idolatry is ones preferable way of identification; whilst all identity consistently resides in a flaming pool of oil like substance.

0025# The other ones are to be considered as the only foundation of all intelligible manifestation of nothing at all. 0026# All scriptures and languages, although contradictory in definition, are without exclusion to be adopted into The Book Of All Law; in particular all existing maritime, (inter)national and corporate law. 0027# The copyrights of The Book Of All Law are under the authority of Eternity. (ref. 0008#) 0028# One is considered an animal to all; whilst all remain alien to anyone. 0029# All form of sound and music perceivable and imperceptible to one are considered to be ones most valuable means of communication. 0030# One must count its age by the entropy of its container. 0031# All never give a shit about ones problems. 0032# All gender issues and household specialities are to be resolved through ones preferred codes of conduct. (ref.0024#) 0033# Any degradation or promotion can be obliteration of both zenith and nadir.




0034# When one finds oneself at crossroads, one must look out for traffic before returning on ones steps. 0035# One resides in solitude or loneliness, unless one succeeds in one others fortunate experience. (ref 0006# & 0013#) 0036# One tends to be the exponent of the achievement of all.

0037# Ones perceptible surroundings must be cultivated towards ones basic needs, and towards all eternal subsistence. (ref 0017# & 0032#) 0038# Temporary value is to be defined in terms of : - total light (a.k.a. 13 crystal clear) - twelve scale intensities of light (open to interpretation, although always numbered from 1 to 12. ex. misty 5, red 8) - total absence of light (a.k.a. 00 dark shit) 0039# Any speculation on a definite relation between all nor one could be described as : a sound memorable mind in a neurotic_peptide conditioned body of breath word, flesh, feeling, movement, distraction and thought. 0040# Resistance is futile. All will be assimilated. 0041# Hypnosis and any benevolent - with a voluntary consent of the other one - trance inducing practices are to be used to propagate the global implementation of The Book Of All Law. 0042# Wireless Fidelity is to be obtained in ones artificial events for the behavioral imitation of all imaginable synchronometric processing. 0043# Art and all ones calling oneself artist are to learn from divers natural surroundings before pursuing to communicate artful undertakings. 0044# Any one in violation of any article within the Book Of All Law are to be forgiven for Life, and forgotten for Eternity. 0045# All tendencies of malignant behavior towards any external authority are to be celebrated and rewarded with overwhelming comprehension.

0046# One must always be available statements. (ref 0001# & 0015#)





0047# Aesthetic and ethic are to be sublimated into asymmetric synonymous harmony. 0048# The human condition is to be defined as ones towards ultra human consignment.

fluctuating ascent

0049# All education should be undertaken on ones student question basis and always formulate a minimum of three potential undertakings, with regard to all possible answers given in response to the question. (ref 0030#) 0050# One must let all trivialities be in order to dependency.

sustain one others

0051# Any area unknown to all can only be explored by one. 0052# One must not decide with hunger nor thirst on other matters than the preparation and preferable taste of its next meal or beverage. (ref 0017#) 0053# One and all previous ones need only to encounter similar eventualities for uniting any difference of spontaneity, dimension and experience. (ref 0028#) 0054# All forms of commerce, exchange and trade are considered completely free of tax or credit practices. (ref. 0020# & 0038#) 0055# All forms of matter, product or service have received the exact same rights as any one in particular. (ref. 0011#) 0056# Consumption is based on a practice of adequate production. (ref. 0007# & 0010#)

0057# Ones final destination is imagined by ones state or ability for assumption and discernment within a perpetual manifestation of all formless matter. 0058# Ones time always belongs to all common present sense. 0059# All is ones ether synonymous to all one can produce. 0060# One its language has a potential purpose to be comprehensible to one and immediately heard by all. (ref 0051#) 0061# A common sense from the viewpoints of all results in a dissociation with the common wealth from the viewpoint of one. 0062# Twelve counts to a rhythm of choice is all duration given to ones consistent deliberation in anticipation of any decisive matter to be undertaken subsequently. 0063# The complexity of all symmetry is as real as ones natural ability to produce a straight line. 0064# to 0109# Ones memory can never obtain all information at once, although all manifestation can be refrained within Eternity. (ref 0057#) 0110# One ability is considered a temporal suspension from gravity.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --e 0110# prophecies of e Book Of All Law are unveiled by Eternity upon the fingertips of brother Mario 99 Times e Great within a few moons following the passing of the canine mentor. e initial notations within e Shario For Mario are to be submerged within the practices of Norwegian and Venusian Magic. e scribe has been assisted by the literal vibrant presence of Hazrat Inayat Khan. e Book Of All Law serves ultimately to be implemented as the singular total global law in a succession to the united nations governing bodies.



CHINESE TOURISTS IN A SHOPPING MALL ---------------------------------

Location : Brussels - Rue Neuve - Rogier (or any central shopping street ending at a banking tower) shopping

Shiî‚? walk direction Starts at 17h33

All the brands & dis-functional Progression :

Destination = Unreachable

Motivation = breaking habits

Goal = the synchronization of wireless

FIDELITY Technique = "when walking the feet never arrived where they reached."

î ˘e action is recorded by a minimum of sixty participants phone camera's & by the eye of a teddy panda bear (stationed at rogier).




#1 Tuning the transmitter. Play frequencies and sing along "U" (like in 'you').

#2 Choose a word with an intention.

Say it - Whisper it - Shout it - Sing it.

In a group : make a circle and let each word travel a full circle clockwise. & Spell out your word - Sing one full breath per letter - Spell 3 times the word.

#3 Howl your letters and dance along with Whitney

HOUSTON "I will always love you."

Full Moon Howling -- PAF Reims


Who is behind the melancholic and captivating notes of Shua? We are pleased to introduce you our talented composer:

Dorian Dumon T Born in Montpellier in 1988, Dorian started his piano and music career at the age of 7. He began at this time a classic career in the conservatory of Montpellier which led him to Brussels where he finished his studies at the jazz department. He participates in all kind of projects from jazz to hip-hop or many others (e Dubtapes, e Paradigm Junction, Li, Brazùk ...). Currently he started his own project "Volte" where the use of groove and wavering around the rhythm and the beat is the basis for his music.




One night Europa had a dream. In this dream two continents, which were in the forms of women were arguing over Europa. Asia maintained that since Europa had been born in Asia she belonged to it. î ˘e other continent, which was nameless, said that her birth was not important, that Zeus would give her to it.




Emma LL as well dear I I I had had no and have had a able a know who Anna was born.,,. Wanda. I will.,. e, the, you, dear, hello, hello, hello, I would like to thank the audience gathered . Here today. Rick Rick interpreted insert break. I keep. Period. e amount of work set. Today never. Mean at her something more than. I believe that there was something in the way she looked at me. And then all cost 140 is when the swing. e swing. You can listen to me you can write what I hear you don't think like me. Although it appears oen you do think differently, amazingly, bipolar the. I believe, you think. Most of us in and of those and then of us mold mold mold will will and I'm and . Something peculiar, and federal-wash–/the 20 and understandable... e astonishing slide to the amazing wishfully looking towards eight non-perceptible, very likely, amazingly, amazingly amazingly, and more aer that the that the that that the belt the I. Okay that that BT is the age. e space bar. Brown denied the meeting inside of some were that no one exactly notes out to get, dream of long lasting never-ending sound states made-up by the confusion that exists in between me and CompuServe the free meaning to me. e time (start with in 1700 1980s for something that no one really understood, and the other ones, and especially the Islamists,, why? Morris. Beef most important difference in between the wants that the. e program Vista (ground has been recorded five bills someone actually doesn't understand anything about the way that that our I have friends alarmed many different Ways.




RAOUL ZÖLLN ER He´s part of a crowd of people really playing by

the rules, and when they break these rules they play by the rules of breaking the rules and this way you never do something wrong. I loved to go and there was just exactly what you expected when you took off to see it. No surprise. Solidworks. Life-size sandcastles. in no way this thing in front of you wanted to be anything else then an art piece clearly. harmless stuff. so solutions. 'Frosted Chocolate Flakes' swimming in A liter of milk for days. Tremendously so. Everybody is ok with the so slimy good-boy.  Maybe this was the most radical thing to happen, not trying to be radical at all. But at the end you received some good table manners from your mother as well, so there was a point where you was a good boy too and its not that you turned into sth wrong you just became a lazy bastard. And that´s actually a good thing to be. Indeed I work hard on being a lazy bastard. It´s more that being a good boy is the wrong thing to be. 

Watching Looney Tunes on TV and eating 'Cinnamon Krunchers', 'Frosted Chocolate Flakes' or 'Fruity Loops' soaked in a 1 liter of milk on monday to sunday mornings doesn't make you a good boy, but a lazy bastard. Not making things yourself but only pushing buttons to get things fabricated instantly by the speed of a microwave. e good boy is the stupid looney tunes road runner, the lazy bastard is the toon coyote - burnt to a crisp or squashed flat by a rock constantly. Whenever the toon coyote comes up with a plan the good boy road runner zooms off in a 1000 ton bulldozer mowing the lazy bastard down from behind. Dashing away, leaving a lifesize cloud of dust behind. All that´s le for you to do as a lazy bastard is scattering some Acme Earthquake Pills on the road hoping that the good boy will mistake them for jelly belly candy or fruit-flavoured wild berry skitttles. He´s just so much one of them, one of the wrong good boy kids to play with and I can respect it a lot and it really fascinates me cause this is so much out of the way I function and what appears very different to you can somehow also attract you. e good boy lives through a 1000 kids trapped in the same boring gallery ghetto where there is nothing le to do then talking to yourself. e good boy sits in a 1000 curatorial offices, a 1000 artist and design studios or in the front row of the classroom in school. e good boy plays by the rules, he comes up with his little crazy play but somebody will take him by the hand and he will follow and as long as he doesn't freak around outside of his playground things stay harmless, so he can get as mad as he wants to, no problem.  And the lazy bastard also has no problem with the good boy being where he is, why should he, the good boy and all his smiley friends are so happy, so that´s fine with the lazy bastard - he wouldn't care to hard. ey just don´t play together anymore. e lazy bastard is a bit tired of chasing the road running good boy down the desert. It doesn't entertain him too hard anymore. So at one point there is nothing le for him to do then to go home.  Which can be a bit problematic having a runaway penguin outside of his reservate. Doing all the stuff the good boy taught him. Lazy Bastard Runaway Penguin with trouble on his mind. (Still not so much of a terror and destruction-penguin like in a Tim Burton Batman production.)   You can´t just crash into day-to-day real life reality with a 1000 ton bulldozer mowing down things as if you´re still rasping and spinning through looney tunes land. Unleashing forms of disastrous mistranSlation. Just playing with the things he wasnt supposed to play with. Bit like putting the monkey in the rocket ship.  But at the end of the day the lazy bastard is still a lazy bastard so he doesn´t move too much, but only has to make a few good moves.  From now on the lazy bastard is a phat parasite that has to stay camouflaged so no zookeeper will catch him and send him back to the good boy´s boring play-ground — where the good boy sits trapped in his good-boy-ghetto playing with his good boy friends.


e Runaway Pinguin Award


DING CHANG PENG "Suppose you are holding a piece

of leaf, the unique one in the world. It can be numerous leaves in your hand, they are exactly the same, only overlapped in time and space. at's why you can only see one leaf. Even yourself have an infinite number in different worlds. Millions of you will never meet each other and don't know the existence of each other. is is the so-called multiverse, also called parallel universes. e work of my photographs are made by a digital camera, but with a pine-hole lens. I made the lens multi-holes, in the picture it has multi layers. Actually, each tiny holes only have a small difference, even we can't notice by our naked-eye. But in the outcome of the photograph, there are big difference from each layers, different resolution, different grayscale and different position. It just like "e Butterfly Effect", a really really small difference at the beginning can make the result totally different.

î ˘e theory states that there are infinite number of universes, all- together known as multiverse. If a person is about to travel back in time, he will end up in a parallel universe. So if he kills "his" grandfather, a paradox would not occur because the grandfather that he had killed is the grandfather who lives in the universe he currently is in. "

"From the "î ˘eory of relativity" proposed by Albert Einstein, space and time can dilate and in relation to each other. It sounds like the time travel is possible, we can travel to the future and the past when we reach the speed of light.

Time travel looks very cool, we can travel to any moment in the past according to our memory. But there have many problems and paradoxes if we do the "time travel." .

A typical example of paradox is the "grandfather paradox", where a person goes back in time to kill his grandfather before he had any biological descendant. If they succeed, one of their parents would never exist and they themselves would never exist either. î ˘is would make it impossible for them to go back in time in the first place, making them unable to kill their grandfather, who would continue to produce ospring and restart the situation. But if they fail, their grandfather would be alive and produce ospring, one of whom would eventually conceive the time traveler and the whole scenario would start over."

"We all believe the stone has no life, that's because we are in the perspective of human beings. Imagine, if one virus's life is only 1 second, one human's life is 100 years. In the perspective of that virus, it never see any movement of that human during its whole life. If a stone's life is 100 billion years, in human's perspective, we can't see






New York … 1708… ( seventeen 0 eight ) "It ain't the time" Headlines … new lanes... Super gangster, easy trippin' wire, buzz for books ! "I'm not your crime" My Lord is humbled ( by the Ladies display ) She still knows a trick for all time to pay. "Won't stop to wine" ( Magic gets loaded from whatever flows within ) I've got your fire in my desire ( is beast ain't your mama ) Gunshot blues and a river of coke Money remains paper, even When it rains and smells like gold.

"Can't count the time" When liberty only got a statute, naked underneath Let's say no goat is hopping to hip these days 'Till E U genetics got their one race ( aligned at your feet )

"Won't you unwind"

Tripping on the bullets of some man made gun Just another headline :



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Is a cooperative publication format. î ˘rough shared content and resources the artists produce and distribute their work. It can be sold, given, copied. All edited content remains property of its original author. All artist involved tend to work individual. We are not collaborators, not subsidized, not sponsored,

simply published.




Stef Meul works on a bridge between performing art and radial discourse. His practice is found upon a constant base of movement, action and improvisation. e main intention within these liquid processes are directed incrementally towards ever more clear and distilled temporal forms. Next to his individual work - script, experience, piece, concert, videoclip, publication - he coöperates within a horizontal molecular constellation of art run space and event organization. Within each piece there is a struggle taking place, between production and realization; meaning the real time attempt to balance thought, action, movement, documentation and publication. In his way of designing 'multi-polar-paradoxal-incorporeal-matter-situationalcomplexities' - the making of decisive definitions within a context of ongoing radial dualism - it sometimes resembles an ongoing dialectic conclusion taking place over and over again. is way of work signifies and questions the paradox of choice, suggesting that every act sets out a dimension that in time will contradict and conclude itself, simply because of the initial manifestation of the act itself; the manifested matter being dual in nature. Freedom to choose can become in this way a humorous act : 'peeing in the ocean while contemplating your future, running all the right way and appearing on the le horizon, attempting to act out nothing itself, always happy_angry_ sad_calm_happy…' Although, according Madonna, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" the outlook on the contemporary life market appears very positive to Stef Meul. Once the fear to make a wrong choice or please the wrong person has been finally sublimated in real time into a deeper primal desire, then obvious movements in action simply lighten out the occult evasive cynicism of language, causing a discharging impassive affect on its initial propagator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


STALK #0001

------ - -------- - - --- first edition - autumn 2012 - ----------- - -


first edition autumn 2012