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Simple Breeze sustainable window fan


Design Intent To improve an existing product’s sustainability through decreased waste and increased value.

Disassembly I purchased a relatively simple off the shelf window fan to dissect. Though it is advertised as a very plain and simple object, I was surprised by the quantity of parts used in its construction.

1 Simple Breeze

why two totally separate motors/ transformers when blades always blow in the same direaction?

not meant to be disassembled: -cannot clean blades -why use any screws at all?

Initial Thoughts Initial thoughts led me to look at different power sources, simplifying the part count as well as looking towards nature’s methods of cooling.

Simple Breeze 2

Refinement I decided that the best way to improve the sustainability of the window fan was to reduce the part count by switching to a single cross-flow fan setup. I also chose to use sheet aluminum that was either stamped or rolled into shape.

rests on window sill cantilever


cantilever forces keep fan in place

ceramic sponge for evaporative cooling

cantilevers on window sill and frame

3 Simple Breeze


top duct support fins

Construction fan blades/casing

right cap

Simple Breeze is constructed primarily of die stamped and cut aluminum. Sturdy cast aluminum end caps hold most of the components in place.

safety grille

casing cap bottom duct

left cap motor/components/ plug/ rotary switch

speed switch

protrusions serve as feet for vertical positioning top and bottom ducts as well as the grilles are secured by end caps

support fin tabs slide through slots in ducts and are folded over

Simple Breeze 4

Features Simple Breeze’s electrical and moving components are treated as a single unit that can be removed for cleaning, repair and eventual recycling. notches line up with channels in the fan blade assembly, a slight twist locks and unlocks the unit

Simple Breeze’s lasting build quality and stylish design encourages the user to keep the fan for a longer span of time.

When the product finally reaches the end of its life, its simple dissassembly makes recycling much more simple.

Simple Breeze’s three speed control interface is simple, reliable and intuitive.

eze 5 Simple Breeze

molded feet allow Simple Breeze to double as a tower fan for around the house

Simple Breeze straight chillin’ in a window

Simple Breeze 6