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multi purpose studio work desk

Design Intent To design a piece of furniture for the new Cleveland Institute of Art building using reclaimed materials.

What is A Piece of Cleveland? A Piece of Cleveland (or APOC) is a local startup company that reclaims wood and other materials from homes and buildings that would otherwise be demolished. In addition to material reclamation, APOC has been designing and producing its own furniture designs using this material. APOC provided materials for this project.

used wood is as good as new

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brainstorming sharing research

Research Initial research consisted of breaking the new building into four categories: Public (galleries, cafes), Staff (offices), Smart Classrooms (tech-enabled lecture rooms) and Clean Studios.

Once these categories were established, my peers and I were split into teams to survey and interview the individuals working within these spaces to define their specific needs.

multi-level storage

desktop clutter

Adapt 2

Initial Thoughts

pack-flat podium

A common issue within these four areas was a lack of both working and storage space. Many of my initial concepts tried to tackle this through multi-purpose design or designs that packed flat when not in use.

seat reused from broken stool

gallery seating releases from floor

3 Adapt

privacy curtains

desk/chair combo staggers

secondary surface

Adapt 4

Refinement Once I knew my functional direction, I focused on creating a form that was simple, dynamic and steadfast.

how much force is placed on the desktop?

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desks stagger and nest for storage

Adapt 6

Construction Blueprints were developed from the refined design. Based on these plans, materials were purchased from APOC and construction began.

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APOC wood after jointing and planing

i’d like to give a thumbs-up to the guys at SawStop

clamps and clamps and clamps and clamps and clamps

mmm, tenons

one final mock-up before gluing

assembly without work surfaces

Adapt 8

Adapt Adapt gets its name from its multifunctional nature, its ability to easily conform to the user’s needs.

Primary Mode Adapt’s primary form provides a shelf for accessible storage, leaving ample space for active work.

9 Adapt

shelf and desktop surfaces can be swapped for any desired 1/8� thick material

Privacy Mode When the studio gets a little too distracting, the user simply has to rotate the lightweight shelf to create a privacy barrier.

Adapt 10

showing off polar-bear sketches

Display & Storage Mode When meetings arise, Adapt’s primary work surface transforms into a vertical space in which work can be hung or projected. This vertical orientation also allows for multiple desks to nestle for storage.

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Featured in: Cleveland Furniture + Millwork Fair 1.0. Finalist Design Emphasis 2010 International Woodworking Fair ‘man, this guy should marry my daughter’

adapted to show stopping mode

photo courtesy Rob Muller

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