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30. Swift – Extensions


Functionality of an existing class, structure or enumeration type can be added with the help of extensions. Type functionality can be added with extensions but overriding the functionality is not possible with extensions.

Swift Extension Functionalities: 

Adding computed properties and computed type properties

Defining instance and type methods

Providing new initializers

Defining subscripts

Defining and using new nested types

Making an existing type conform to a protocol

Extensions are declared with the keyword 'extension'

Syntax extension SomeType { // new functionality can be added here } Existing type can also be added with extensions to make it as a protocol standard and its syntax is similar to that of classes or structures. extension SomeType: SomeProtocol, AnotherProtocol { // protocol requirements is described here }

Computed Properties Computed 'instance' and 'type' properties can also be extended with the help of extensions. extension Int { var add: Int {return self + 100 } var sub: Int { return self - 10 } var mul: Int { return self * 10 } 192

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