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Swift The optional values for subscripts can be accessed by referring their subscript values. It can be accessed as subscript[0], subscript[1] etc. The default subscript values for 'radius' are first assigned as [35, 45, 78, 101] and for 'Circle' [90, 45, 56]]. Then the subscript values are changed as Radius[0] to 78 and Circle[1] to 45.

Linking Multiple Levels of Chaining Multiple sub classes can also be linked with its super class methods, properties and subscripts by optional chaining. Multiple chaining of optional can be linked: If retrieving type is not optional, optional chaining will return an optional value. For example if String through optional chaining it will return String? Value class rectangle { var print: circle? }

class circle { var area = [radius]() var cprint: Int { return area.count } subscript(i: Int) -> radius { get { return area[i] } set { area[i] = newValue } } func circleprint() { println("The number of rooms is \(cprint)") } var rectarea: circumference? }

class radius { let radiusname: String init(radiusname: String) { self.radiusname = radiusname } 175

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