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The Bureau International Jeunesse

The BIJ, an experienced partner The Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) is a service of the French-speaking Community of Belgium created and co-managed since 1995 by the Directorate-General for Culture and by Wallonie-Bruxelles International. The office is a one-stop service for young people who would like to receive support to realize a project abroad. It is also a space for reflexion and consultation on youth policy in the international arena. Its main mission is to give all young people between 13 and 35 years old, living in Wallonia or Brussels, the possibility to gain some experience of mobility, especially those who have fewer opportunities, regardless of cultural, economic or social factors.

Each year, about 3000 young people receive support from the BIJ in order to realize their international projects.


. offering a /framework which encourages autonomy and the implementation of projects for and by young people . contributing towards the training of young people in future-oriented sectors and helping them to increase their chances of access to employment encouraging innovation and experimentation by appealing to the know-how and creativity of young people, in order to encourage better anticipation and a greater ability to take care of the different needs (social, economic, cultural…) within their communities Concretely, these general objectives have been reached thanks to: . the implementation of adapted and flexible programmes which grant young people’s requests in order to ensure a wide range of international experiences . the development of a communication strategy which reaches all young people . the reinforcement of the measures for accompanying young people during the realisation their projects

The role of the BIJ The objectives of the BIJ form part of the general objectives of the youth policy adopted by the French-speaking Community of Belgium and the Walloon Region at an international level, and are as follows: . developing relationships with young people from other countries in order to get to know their respective communities and cultures . developing a critical sense in order to help young people face up to their responsibilities within their own communities


The Bureau International Jeunesse manages these programmes and develops apolicy for accompanying projects and establishing different and reliable transnational partnerships. The BIJ has also been designated as the national agency responsible for the management and implementation of the European “Youth in Action” programme and the Walloon section of the “Eurodyssée” Programme in the French-speaking Community.

The missions of the BIJ Management of international programmes National . Programme of the Office Québec Wallonie Bruxelles pour la Jeunesse (OQWBJ): grants for individual or collective projects in Quebec. In the French-speaking Community, the OQWBJ is part of the BIJ. . Axes Sud” Programme: financial aid for individual or collective projects with young people from French-speaking African countries a priority. . CEEC Programme: exchanges and training for youth workers from Central and Eastern European Countries and the French-speaking Community of Belgium. . Tremplins Jeunes Programme: grants for linguistic or professional immersion abroad. . Bel’J Programme: grants for a voluntary project in another community of Belgium. . Jeunes citoyens du monde Programme: implementation of pilot projects bringing together young people from different continents around different themes: active citizenship, human rights and solidarity. . Call for Projects Citoyens d’Europe: financial aid for short study visits or concrete projects on the theme of the future of Europe. Assembly of European Regions . Eurodyssée Programme (Walloon section): grants to realize an internship in a company in Europe.


The European commission . Youth in Action Programme: financial aid for individual or collective projects in Europe with a list of partner countries. The BIJ is the national agency for the programme in the French-speaking Community of Belgium. . European multilateral cooperation: implementation of innovative pilot projects aimed at developing new networks or meeting specific priorities.

Support for young people and associations The BIJ offers young people and intermediaries in the youth sector specialized support in order to help them set up good quality projects.

Representation The BIJ is responsible for representing youth cooperation in the French-speaking Community of Belgium’ at an international level in the following ways: . in the European Union: participation in the preparation work/preliminary documents for the Youth Council of the European Union . in the Council of Europe: implication in the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ)

. in the Groupe Jeunesse Benelux : youth cooperation projects . in the Grande Région: participation in the Groupe Jeunesse and implementation of projects: seminars, study visits, conferences … . at a bilateral level: implementation of new projects and cooperation for young people

Five priority strategies In order to accomplish its missions, the BIJ has established five priority strategies:

Accessibility Information strategy The BIJ attaches great importance to the accessibility of all young people to programmes and to the diversification of project promoters . Information is a key element to reaching this objective. It is intended for all the young people of the French-speaking Community of Belgium and especially those with fewer opportunities (regardless of economic, social or cultural factors). The BIJ is convinced that youth workers and the other intermediaries in the youth sector play an essential role in reaching out to young people. That is why information and awareness raising campaigns are also developed for young people. In the same way, the BIJ highlights its programmes to different actors within the sector (public services, those responsible at a local level, …) in order to encourage them to promote these possibilities in their own networks. Programmes become accessible to the maximum amount of people thanks to tools and information and promotional campaigns: websites, publications, information sessions, participation in shows intended for young people…


Cooperation with Eurodesk The BIJ is the intermediary in the French-speaking Community of the European network, Eurodesk, which aims to give young people information about the possibilities offered by international mobility projects.

training programme which offers youth workers and young people different methodological tools designed to promote or encourage international relationships within the youth sector. The BIJ team organizes these training courses in collaboration with trainers/coaches specially trained by the BIJ and by trainers/coaches from the European training networks .

It is for this reason that the BIJ has created a space on the ground floor of its premises where young people and intermediaries from the youth sector can find information about mobility. They can also be helped to develop their projects abroad. The BIJ works in collaboration with youth information centres in Wallonia and Brussels which aim to intensify the dissemination of information at a local level, and with Dynamo international which develops special projects for young people with fewer opportunities.

Diversification of partners and regional distribution In order to diversify partners and their regional origins, a local approach has been implemented: information sessions with local partners, participation to local events intended for young people, training courses for youth workers...

Cooperation with the Salto-Youth Participation Resource Centre The Salto-Youth participation Resource Centre is also located on the BIJ’s premises and offers young people and youth workers educational resources and information on youth participation.

The quality of the projects Supporting projects Experienced project officers individually help each youth worker or young person. Training programme In order to ensure the quality of projects and the diversification of promoters, the BIJ organizes an annual


Outcomes of the projects Assessment of projects is continuously realized through a detailed reading of final reports, meetings with promoters, project visits, etc. Here are some of the positive outcomes: . Meetings and exchanges, intercultural discovery . International awareness and capacity to adapt oneself to other realities . Development of a sense of citizenship- Reinforcement of national and European identities . Acquisition of new competences and know-how: communication, management, assessment, negotiation, expression, life group etc . Learning a new language . Personal development: assertion, self-confidence, question things etc . Initiative, entrepreneurship . Development of creativity . Reinforcement of tolerance, good listening skills, the fight against prejudices, the right to be different.

Socio-professional integration Thanks to its different activities, the BIJ is able to reach its objectives: a better quality of projects, integration of young people with fewer opportunities, networking and the fight against any form of discrimination. More and more different people can enjoy programmes thanks to the promotion and implementation of the training and cooperation activities.


Examples of projects supported by the BIJ Quebec . Some young people who are passionate about the environment went to Quebec in order to create a network for energy conservation (the project was called “Passeurs d’Energie” in French) . A young girl studying the history of art participated in the set-up of an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. Axes sud . Young people from Brussels participated in the creation of a youth centre in Senegal Youth in Action . Young people from different countries explored their cultural differences through a play that they created together . A young volunteer from Wallonia organized activities in a centre for children in Portugal . European youth workers organized a training course on youth participation Tremplins Jeunes . A young boy from Namur participated in projects for rural development in Bolivia . A young girl from Ath did an architecture internship in Spain Eurodyssée . A young physiotherapist did an internship in a centre for re-education in France Bel’J . A young boy from Liège participated in the creation of a video with young people from an association from Antwerp

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Présentation du Bureau International Jeunesse en anglais  

tout savoir sur les missions du BIJ.

Présentation du Bureau International Jeunesse en anglais  

tout savoir sur les missions du BIJ.