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Welcome to this year’s issue of forSight!

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4 New Parents Get New Hope 5 Donation and Transplantation

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Mary Nash — A Passionate Advocate for Donation

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LEBDV Unveils New Website

I vividly remember how excited the surgeons would become when they were offered a cornea for someone patiently waiting to receive the Gift of Sight. Over the past 25 years, the eye banking industry has benefitted from tremendous legislative and medical advancements, and there is no longer a waiting list for cornea recipients — what an incredible improvement! Although there is no longer a wait, we must always remember that cornea transplantation is a gift. Our donors are heroes who define what it means to be truly altruistic. I am constantly humbled by the generosity of our community members who give hope to others, and I feel so privileged to be a part of this Eye Bank, which benefits so many. As I mark my 25-year eye banking anniversary, I would like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to making this year — and every year — so special. Behind every successful transplant we aid are people who work tirelessly. Our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, surgeons, nurses, technicians and countless other donation professionals ensures that every gift results in the best outcome. I hope you enjoy reading the stories of cornea recipients and their journey from impaired vision to renewed sight. As you glance through this issue of forSight, please keep in mind the families who lost a loved one and chose to create a legacy of sight for someone else.

8 Give the Gift of Sight Today

" I am constantly humbled by the generosity of our community members who give hope to others, and I feel so privileged to be part of this Eye Bank, which benefits so many."

In May 1994, I was fresh out of college and full of wonder as I began my career in eye banking. Dr. Robert Abel, the medical director of the Medical Eye Bank of Delaware (which has since merged with Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley) would invite me to the operating room, where he spent hours teaching me about the science behind transplantation.

Jim Quirk President and CEO

LEBDV Medical Advisory Board

9 By the Numbers

LEBDV Board of Trustees

GIVING LIGHT TO THOSE LIVING IN DARKNESS I’m pleased to share with you the latest in our efforts at Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV). One of the first eye banks in our country, LEBDV provides the Gift of Sight through cornea transplantation to more than 1,000 people annually in southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware and around the world.

"As we continue to grow our network through the Gift of Sight, we hope you will join us by becoming an advocate of eye donation and cornea transplantation. You know best the profound impact of this very special gift."


Focusing on the recovery, processing and distribution of high-quality tissue, your Eye Bank remains at the forefront of eye banking excellence. Emerging advances in technology, instrumentation and surgical technique have led to a wider selection of options and greatly improved outcomes for patients. Our surgeons and patients continue to benefit from the most advanced treatment available in the field. LEBDV is one of the few eye banks in the country offering preloaded cornea tissue for Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK). Preloading the graft at the eye bank allows surgeons to give all their attention to their patients without having to worry about preparing corneas in the operating room, where time and resources are limited. Our highly skilled certified eye bank technicians work diligently, always mindful of the significance of each procedure. As we continue to grow our network through the Gift of Sight, we hope you will join us by becoming an advocate of eye donation and cornea transplantation. You know best the profound impact of this very special gift. LEBDV is committed to upholding its longstanding mandate of giving light to those living in darkness. We thank you for your continued support of the Eye Bank and hope you will stay in touch with us throughout the year!


Sadeer B. Hannush, MD Medical Director

ANTHONY’S GIFT LIVES ON On September 29, 2017, Anthony was in a head-on collision while driving to school with his sister. Tragically, the vibrant 17-year-old passed away from his injuries. Anthony, a junior at Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware, had been looking forward to visiting colleges, where he hoped to pursue engineering or science. An athlete, he loved the comradery of being on a team. Anthony was passionate about band, choir and theatre. He was active in his church, St. Joseph on the Brandywine, where he was an altar server, lector, cantor and member of the church choir. Anthony deeply loved his family. His parents, Melanie and Robert, were impressed by his caring nature and ability to connect with anyone. Anthony and his little sister Gabrielle were only 13 months apart and, as they entered high school, they formed a strong bond. “Anthony taught us this life is temporary and what we make of it counts,” says Melanie. “Our family is so thankful for the first responders who revived Anthony so we were able to say goodbye on our terms. We didn’t get the miracle we wanted in having Anthony live, but we were able to find comfort in knowing that others would receive a miracle, which was his gift.”

Donor Registration Enhances the Lives of Many When Anthony received his driver’s license, he didn’t think twice about registering as an eye, organ and tissue donor. “The transplant coordinator asked if our family had any restrictions on what we wanted to give. Our answer was absolutely not—help as many people as you can,” says Melanie. “We wanted to maximize Anthony’s gifts and make sure that our loss was going to make a difference to as many people as possible.” Anthony and his family’s decision to donate saved and enhanced many lives.

“I wanted them to know who Anthony was, his character and his specialness. I wanted them to know we were joyous he could help.”

Providing the Gift of Sight Anthony’s selfless donation provided the Gift of Sight for two people in need of a cornea transplant — an 8-month-old boy from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, and a woman facing hardship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Knowing that his donation saved the sight of two people would have meant so much to my son,” says Melanie. “I try to put his passing in the context of a mosaic that Anthony is part of. And while I may not like it, it brings goodness and beauty to others.” LEBDV facilitates correspondence between donor families and recipients, and Melanie found comfort in writing letters to Anthony’s cornea transplant recipients. “I wanted them to know who Anthony was, his character and his specialness,” she says. “I wanted them to know we were joyous he could help.” “I know Anthony’s impact has reached so many — and that’s his gift to the world,” says Melanie.

A POWERFUL COMMUNITY CONNECTION It has been a distinct privilege to serve my first term as Chair of the Board of Trustees for Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV). Our mission—restoring people’s sight—has a profound impact that is truly inspirational, and we could not do it without the generous support of people like you. Your support, combined with the efforts of our talented staff who work 365 days a year and our committed Trustees, has helped us facilitate more than 45,000 sight-restoring surgeries in the Delaware Valley! Under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Quirk, LEBDV has remained at the forefront of eye bank technology, providing the highest-quality tissue to meet the needs in our community.

"The connection between the transplantation and donation communities is powerful. We hope you will join LEBDV and help us continue creating miracles of sight for the Delaware Valley."

As you flip through the pages of forSight, think about the massive impact eye donation has had on tens of thousands of lives in your community. Think about the personal connection you have to this cause. I encourage you to join the Eye Bank and advocate for the continued success of cornea transplantation. We host multiple events throughout the year and would love to meet you and learn your story. Find out more ways to become involved by turning to the back, following us on social media or visiting our website at Each life-enhancing transplant journey is unique and meaningful. Sharing these stories inspires members of your community to register as eye, organ and tissue donors. It also helps donor families feel positive about their decision to donate and leave a legacy of sight for others. The connection between the transplantation and donation communities is powerful. We hope you will join LEBDV and help us continue creating miracles of sight for the Delaware Valley. PCT Ann E. Reiver Chair of the Board of Trustees

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forSight forSight




Welcoming Baby Mila Megan and Luke had a lot to be excited about. In anticipation of the arrival of their first baby, they decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia and move to Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Their new house quickly became a home as the young couple settled in and awaited the big day. Megan had a textbook pregnancy. On June 9, 2018, she gave birth to her precious daughter, Mila. When Mila opened her eyes for the first time, however, her parents realized something was not quite right. At just 3 days old, Mila was formally diagnosed with Peters’ Anomaly, a rare congenital eye condition. Megan and Luke were told Mila would likely never see anything more than shadows in her right eye and that her left eye had no hope of gaining sight. “We were devastated and we had so many concerns,” recalls Megan. “We have no family history of eye conditions, and there was no pre-indication of health risks.” Because Peters’ Anomaly is so rare, Megan and Luke struggled to find resources and guidance during Mila’s first days of life. Unwilling to accept her fate, Megan and Luke joined a support group for families dealing with Peters’ Anomaly. Through the group, the new parents were soon connected with Wills Eye Hospital.

Mila Receives the Gift of Sight When Mila was 24 days old, the family met with Christopher Rapuano, MD, Director of the Wills Eye Cornea Service. “We went from feeling completely hopeless to having a more optimistic idea of what the future held for our daughter,” says Luke. Dr. Rapuano offered reassurance and the corrective plan the family hoped for. He prescribed a cornea transplant for Mila’s left eye—the same eye they were told had no chance of gaining vision—and performed a cornea transplant and cataract surgery when Mila was four months old. “Eye and vision issues at an early age can lead to delays in childhood development,” explains Dr. Rapuano. “It is very important to correct problems fairly early to ensure babies develop the visual abilities they need to learn and grow.” Luckily for Mila, her transplant was a success. She now has vision in her left eye with the help of correctional glasses. “We thought Mila would never see our faces,” recalls Megan. “Now she smiles at us and laughs at our funny faces! It was absolutely amazing to see her vision improve following her cornea transplant—it gave our family so much hope!” Luke adds, “Only six weeks or so after Mila’s transplant, her progress was remarkable. When we fed her, she held the spoon and tried to feed herself. I watched her pick the puffs from her highchair—it was just incredible.”

These days, Mila is reaching for her toys and beginning to army crawl. Without the transplant, she may have been less likely to crawl because her impaired eyesight would discourage her from reaching for things. “We didn’t think any of this would have been possible the first week we brought Mila home,” says Megan. The happy parents still have to do a lot of work to keep Mila’s eye healthy. Megan and Luke administer several different eye drop medications all day long and visit Mila’s doctors weekly. Although she is mostly cooperative with people being invasive with her eyes, it is still a learning process for the new parents.

Acknowledging the Gift of Sight Megan and Luke learned about Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV) when Dr. Rapuano handed them a Cornea Recipient Kit. Inside, they learned more about the gift of eye donation and the opportunity to write to the family of Mila’s cornea donor. “It was important for us to acknowledge the loss their family suffered, but also the hope they gave Mila,” says Megan. “We wanted to write quickly because we were just so thankful for the opportunity provided to our daughter.” Mila’s journey has inspired a ripple effect of family, friends and community members registering as eye, organ and tissue donors. “Our child has a long road ahead but we are just so grateful for her progress,” says Megan. “Without Mila’s selfless cornea donor, the team at LEBDV and our talented surgeon, Mila’s fate would have been completely different. LEBDV’s mission to help people in our community like my daughter truly changes lives.”



DONATION & TRANSPLANTATION SUPPORTERS UNITE AT THE TRANSPLANT GAMES OF AMERICA Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley volunteer Vicki Piccotti joined nearly 10,000 people from across the country in Salt Lake City, Utah, from August 2 to 7, 2018, for the Transplant Games of America (TGA). Transplant recipients, living donors, donor families and supporters celebrated the success of eye, organ and tissue donation and transplantation. LEBDV proudly supports Gift of Life Donor Program’s Team Philadelphia, consistently the largest traveling team to participate in the TGA. Vicki participated as Team Philadelphia’s only cornea transplant recipient. She and her husband Albert, who received a tissue graft in his shoulder, signed up for Ballroom Dancing. “For quite some time we’ve talked about taking dance lessons. This was our opportunity!” says Vicki. “We sought out an instructor and started weekly lessons. We thought ‘Circle of Life’ was an appropriate song to use for our solo dance.” The Piccottis learned that they didn’t have to be particularly athletic to compete. “There’s something for everyone,” says Vicki. “Games range from trivia, darts and Texas Hold ’em to more competitive sports.” The couple came home with six Gold and two Silver Medals in Ballroom Dancing and two Silver and Bronze Medals in Cornhole! “The TGA was an incredible experience,” says Vicki. “The best part about attending the Games was making new friends from across the country and around the world! Someone asked me what transplant I had, and I replied that I received only a cornea transplant. She said to me, ‘Don’t ever say only to a donor family! Maybe that was the only gift they were able to give. It’s just as important as any other transplant.'" Vicki and Albert encourage others to join Team Philadelphia and become more involved with LEBDV.

If you are interested in joining Team Philadelphia as a cornea transplant recipient, contact the Eye Bank for more information. The next TGA will be held in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, from July 17 to 22, 2020.

MARY NASH –  A PASSIONATE ADVOCATE FOR DONATION “The more I learn about the Eye Bank, the more I am inspired to help,” says Mary, proud donor mother, Lion and advocate for LEBDV. Mary (bottom row, center) is surrounded by Lion Sandy Jones (bottom, left), PCT Helen Friend (bottom, right), PDG Jim Minnich (top row, left), President and CEO Jim Quirk (top, center) and PDG David Jones (top, right)

Her twinkling eyes and engaging smile immediately draw you in and make you wonder, “Who is this spunky lady who speaks so passionately about sight restoration?” Well, wonder no more—she is 84-year-old Lion Mary Nash. Mary was born in Ireland. She moved to the United States with her husband Peter and their two children, Finola and Peter Jr., in 1982. In 1995, Mary’s 29-year-old daughter Finola was in a fatal car accident. Mary became a donor mother. Mary describes her daughter as her traveling companion and an animal lover. As a donor, Finola enhanced the lives of more than 40 people—two of whom were able to have their sight restored through cornea transplantation. At the time, Mary didn’t know that her decision to donate would lead her to become a Lion and an advocate for donation in support of Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV).

In 1999, Mary’s family moved to New Castle, Delaware. As a new resident, she wanted to become more involved in her community and volunteered in the Easter Parade sponsored by the New Castle Hundred Lions Club. She enjoyed the fellowship of the Club and became a member in 2004. Through her Lions Club, Mary learned of LEBDV’s extraordinary work and its mission to restore sight. “I began to tell my family and friends about LEBDV, and I asked them for donations,” says Mary. “The checks just started coming in, especially from the grandchildren of my 92-year-old inspiration, friend and former employer, Mrs. Joy Valentine.” In recognition of her outstanding commitment and support, LEBDV awarded Mary with its highest award, the “Crystal Visionary Award,” in 2017.

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MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 2019 Golfing Event — Tee Off 10:30 a.m. Registration & Lunch 12 p.m. Tee Off

Post-Golfing Ev

Cost: $149 per Golfer


Begins at 5 p .m


Dinner Buffet Awards & Au ctio


Cost: $39 per


Woodcrest Country Club 300 East Evesham Road • Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

SEEKING 2019 SPONSORS! Please contact LEBDV at | (215) 563-1679 to make a tax-deductible donation. Sponsorship levels include: Visionary—$3,000

Flag —$1,000

Giveaway Bag— $750


Club —$250

Dinner Buffet—$1,500


Putting Contest —$500

Ad/Back Cover —$350


Proceeds benefit the Gratis Tissue Program for those unable to afford a cornea transplant.


Gift of Life Donor Program Flag Sponsors

Connell, Carey & Associates G & M Sales GelTech Solutions PDG George Bonadio Jim & Michelle Quirk Friedman LLP Winslow Twp. Lions Club— IMO Thomas J. Eckardt Wills Eye Hospital Contest & Named Sponsors

Delaware Eye Surgeons Dr. S. G. Smith—Dinner Buffet Dickson Furniture Mfg.— Dinner Buffet Lion Norman & Sandy Imaoka—Putting Contest & 6

Giveaways—IMO Thomas J. Eckardt Vantage Eye Care & its Cornea Specialists— Outside Back Cover Tipton Communications— Hospitality Waldwick Lions Club— Hole-In-One Contest Club Sponsors

Firstrust Bank Sadeer Hannush, MD Southland Medical, LLC The Rice Family Weidner Financial Group, Inc. Hole Sponsors

Anju Realty Avalon Limousine Beringer Technology Group Clearwater Pool


Custom Travel Services, Inc. Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants Doylestown Lions Club Faulkner Buick GMC West Chester Gordon O’Brien Haddonfield Lions Club IMO James Fogle, Sr. & Tiffany Shepard-Fogle Intellitec Solutions, LLC. Jerilyn & Nick Giardina Lamp & Shade Works Laurel Lions Club— District 22D Lion Art Pecht Office Basic Supplies Ora L. Wooster Paoli Berwyn Malvern Lions Club PCC Joseph & Dottie Bocklage

PDG Jim & Lion Pat Davis PDG Jim Minnich PDG Phil Shober PID Robert “Bob” Moore PID Ted & PCT Ann Reiver Pottstown Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Rayles Sales Spring Garden Wash & Lube Target Stores—Exton, PA T.J. Eckardt Associates, Inc. The Rock Team The Title Company of Jersey Tom Calhoun Toms River Lions Club Trustee Bob & Carmen Perez Vantage Eye Care Ventnor Margate Lions Club

Auction Sponsors

Board Chair Ann & PID Ted Reiver Bristol Riverside Theatre Bucks County Baseball Cards—JP Lutz Carl Alan Floral Designs Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Eastlyn Golf Course Greate Bay Country Club Harry’s Hospitality Group Jack’s Firehouse Restaurant Jerilyn & Nick Giardina Jim & Michelle Quirk Lion Bruce & Patricia Pollock Lion Mark & Nancy Green Lion Norman & Sandy Imaoka Loews Philadelphia Hotel Longwood Gardens

Lore’s Chocolates Meadia Heights Golf Club Memorabilia for Charities National Museum of American Jewish History Paul’s Custom Awards & Trophies PDG David & Sandy Jones PDG Jim & Patricia Davis PDG Richard Zimmermann PDG William & Carol Sauser Philadelphia Phillies Seven Stars Inn Stone Harbor Country Club The Battleship New Jersey The Palm Philadelphia Vicki & Al Piccotti Woodcrest Country Club



Imagine the terror of losing your sight. For millions of people across the globe, that terror is an everyday reality. Although cornea surgery is considered routine in the United States, the operation is widely unavailable in many countries around the world. A shortage of qualified ophthalmologists and cornea graft tissue prevents impoverished patients from receiving life-altering transplants. In support of these patients, Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV) provides local ophthalmologist partners with safe, quality cornea tissue for mission trips. This tissue is generously provided by the Eye Bank’s Gratis Tissue Program. Herbert J. Ingraham, MD, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology and Director of Geisinger Eye Institute, is passionate about giving back to impoverished people suffering high rates of blindness. Dr. Ingraham particularly enjoys traveling to Guayaquil, the most populated city in Ecuador. Many families in Guayaquil, especially those in the outskirts of the city, live in poverty, lack basic services such as drinking water, and do not have access to sanitation facilities, schools and hospitals. Why is Guayaquil so special to Dr. Ingraham? One big reason is his partnership with Eddie Icaza, MD, Medical Director of FUNCRISA, the Fundación Cristiana para la Salud,


Dr. Ingraham (left) with Dr. Icaza.

or Christian Foundation for Health. FUNCRISA is a general clinic for the residents of Guayaquil. Dr. Ingraham taught Dr. Icaza how to perform cornea transplant surgery and, as a result, Dr. Icaza is able to restore sight to patients when Dr. Ingraham is unavailable.

“The number of surgeries I perform is limited only by the number of corneas I can bring from the U.S.,” says Dr. Ingraham. “I have been profoundly grateful to LEBDV for both the number and quality of corneas the Eye Bank has provided.” He adds, “This work is personally and professionally satisfying since I see the patient’s reaction to having improved vision just one day post-op. I know this impact well, having received my own cornea transplant at age 16.” “There are few things in life more satisfying than restoring someone’s sight, especially someone who has been told that there is no hope for them,” says Dr. Ingraham. “And teaching another physician to be able to continue that work when I’m back home — that is even more satisfying.”


LEBDV Unveils New Website Visit today!

This spring, LEBDV unveiled a new website designed to improve the user experience and match the eye bank’s updated branding. The site is the Delaware Valley’s source for information on the medical technology that is changing lives, the inspiring stories of people who make such change possible and the expression of thanks from grateful benefactors.

LEBDV encourages correspondence between donor families and cornea recipients. Consider getting in touch with your donor’s family or the recipient of your loved one’s cornea with a personal letter. For more information, please call the Eye Bank at (215) 563-1679.

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Consider Making a Gift in Your Will to Restore Sight. After providing for your loved ones, consider making a lasting difference by making a gift to Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley in your will. Simply name Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley as a beneficiary when writing your will or, if you already have a will, add a codicil amending it to include us.

For your convenience, we’ve provided language you may use in your estate plan: I give, devise and bequeath to Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization located at 401 North 3rd Street, Suite 305, Philadelphia, PA 19123, EIN 23-1513699, [insert here the sum or percentage] for its unrestricted general use and purposes.

Give the Gift of Sight Today

Consult your attorney, tax advisor or financial advisor before making a bequest.

Gratis Tissue Program Who benefits from the Gratis Tissue Program? When a local doctor calls the Eye Bank because his or her patient needs a cornea transplant but doesn’t have the resources to pay, the Eye Bank provides gratis tissue for transplant. The Eye Bank believes ability to pay should never be a barrier to a person’s ability to see. Requests for gratis tissue continue to increase, and the Eye Bank needs financial support to provide quality tissue for those in need.

Please help us help others by making a donation today. Born blind, Kacey from Laurel Springs, New Jersey, is one of almost 200 local recipients who benefitted from the Gratis Tissue Program.

Donate Online

Mail a Check


401 North 3rd Street Suite 305 Philadelphia, PA 19123


Click on "Give now"

Donate with a credit card.

Make payable to Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley

LEBDV Medical Advisory Board Behind every life-changing procedure Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley helps coordinate stands an unparalleled team of cornea surgeons who serve as members of the Eye Bank’s Medical Advisory Board.


Sadeer B. Hannush, MD Medical Director

Brandon D. Ayres, MD

Stephen E. Orlin, MD

Robert Abel, MD

Kristin Hammersmith, MD

Irving M. Raber, MD


Christopher Rapuano, MD

By the Numbers Here’s a look at Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley’s financials for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018.

Eye Bank Support at Work


Since 1957, Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley has coordinated more than 45,000 cornea transplant surgeries at the request of donor families and their loved ones.

July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018:




Contributions 6% Investment Income

C ornea Tissue Donors

1,090 403

Tissue Distribution


Program 87%


Management 8% Fundraising 5%

C ornea Tissue Gifted for Transplant Surgery

C ornea Tissue Gifted for Education, Training & Research


LEBDV Board of Trustees Executive Officers

LEBDV Board of Trustees

Privileged Board Members

PCT Ann E. Reiver Chair of the Board of Trustees

PDG John E. Allen

PDG Robert L. Elsner

PID Melvyn K. Bray

PDG Herbert T. Gerhart

Lion Joseph Cutolo, Jr.

PDDG William G. Hansen

PDG Earl Groendyke Vice Chairman

PDG Fred Frisch

PDG Barry L. Hinkle

PCS Marion S. Goldberg

PDG Walter L. Labs

PDG Philip E. Shober Secretary/Treasurer

Lion Mark M. Green

PID Robert W. Moore

PDG David E. Jones

Lion Bruce D. Pollock

Trustee Legal Advisor

PDG James J. Minnich

PDG David L. Smith

PCC Albert Olizi, Esq.

Lion Nelson Moeller

PDG Richard H. Wilson

PDG William J. Sauser, Jr. Immediate Past Chairman

PCC Mary Devon O’Brien Lion Arthur Pecht

Honorary Board Members PCC Joseph T. Bocklage

Angel Perez

PDG James Davis

PZC Christopher Smith

Lion Herbert E. McMahon

PDG Keith L. Thompson

Lion Robert Perry

PDG Richard W. Zimmermann, Jr.

Lion John J. Reese

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Nonprofit Org

401 North 3rd Street, Suite 305

U.S. Postage PAID

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Southeastern, PA Permit No. 38

2019 UPCOMING EVENTS Knights of the Blind Recognition Ceremony

Gift of Sight Awareness Day at the Phillies

October 19, 2019 Battleship New Jersey Camden, NJ

TBD—Follow us on social media to learn more!

Gift of Sight Charity Golf Classic August 12, 2019 Woodcrest Country Club, Cherry Hill, NJ

62nd Annual Business Meeting June 22, 2019 Harry’s Savoy Grill, DE

PID Gene Polgar Fellowship Brunch TBD—Be on the lookout for your invitation! Harry’s Savoy Grill, DE

5th Annual Cornea Transplant Recipient Luncheon

National Eye Donation Month November 2019 Follow us on social media to get involved!

Join the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley community! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the LEBDV website:



March 21, 2020

Transplant Games of America July 17–22, 2020 Meadowlands, NJ Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley 401 North 3rd Street, Suite 305 Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215) 563-1679 The 2019 forSight newsletter was edited by Jerilyn Giardina.