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BOOKS 1) All these words come from the Listening: awful lot of devour browsing strangely enough obssessed

non fiction tend to go through a stage genre nose in(to) a book

2) Complete these sentences with those expressions: 1. He´s _______________ by computers. He´s always reading about them or using them. 2. When I was a child I went________________ of liking horses, I´m not interested at all now. 3. I spent ages in the shop__________________ but I didn´t see anything I liked. 4. What _______________ of film do you like best? Sci-fi things like Star Wars. 5. Women _______________ live longer than men. 6. I´m going to the dentist today but _________________ I don´t feel nervous. 7. That´s a great car, I bet it cost an _________________ money. 8. Gardening books are in the ___________________ section of the library. 9. My son loves reading, he´s always got his his ___________________ 10.I´m going to ________________ all the books I got for my birthday over the holiday. 3) Listen and choose the best option: 1. Richard________________ a) read a lot when he was younger b) didn´t read very much as a child c) didn´t read at all when he was a child 2. He gets books from ____________ a) the internet b) bookshops c) his friends 3. Richard ____________ a) likes different kinds of authors b) likes one author a lot more than any other c) doesn´t have any favourite authors 4. He reads ___________ a) at the weekend b) only on holiday c) at night 4. Listen again and put a tick (√ ) in the correct column

True April 23th isUN World Book Day Richard doesn’t have the time to read so much now He read comics when he was young Richard spent a lot of money on books in the UK Most of the books he bought were fiction Some of the books he bought were for Jackie

Not False Given

Richard has bought a new digital camera Richard has some books which he hasn’t read Richard only likes American authors Minette Walters is American Crime fiction isn’t popular in the UK Both Jackie and Richard are reading crime novels now Richard doesn’t know why crime writing is popular He reads in bed for about 30 minutes Answer Key: E.2) 1.obssessed,2.went through a stage of,3.browsing,4.genre,5.tend to, 6. strangely enough, 7.awful lot of, 8. non-fiction,9.nose in a book, 10.devour E.3) 1a,2b,3a,4c E.4) 1T,2NG,3T,4NG,5F,6T,7T,8T,9F,10NG,11F,12T,13F,14T

Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing Stating an opinion

• • • • • •

In my opinion... The way I see it... If you want my honest opinion.... According to Lisa... As far as I'm concerned... If you ask me...

Asking for an opinon

• • • • • • •

What's your idea? What are your thoughts on all of this? How do you feel about that? Do you have anything to say about this? What do you think? Do you agree? Wouldn't you say?

Expressing agreement

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I agree with you 100 percent. I couldn't agree with you more. That's so true. That's for sure. (slang) Tell me about it! You're absolutely right. Absolutely. That's exactly how I feel. Exactly. I'm afraid I agree with James. I have to side with Dad on this one. No doubt about it. (agree with negative statement) Me neither. (weak) I suppose so./I guess so. You have a point there.

I was just going to say that.

Expressing disagreement

• • • • • • • • • •

I don't think so. (strong) No way. I'm afraid I disagree. (strong) I totally disagree. I beg to differ. (strong) I'd say the exact opposite. Not necessarily. That's not always true. That's not always the case. No, I'm not so sure about that.


• • • • • •

Can I add something here? Is it okay if I jump in for a second? If I might add something... Can I throw my two cents in? Sorry to interrupt, but... (after accidentally interrupting someone) Sorry, go ahead. OR Sorry, you were saying... (after being interrupted) You didn't let me finish.

Settling an argument

• • • •

Let's just move on, shall we? Let's drop it. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. (sarcastic) Whatever you say./If you say so.

AGREEING / DISAGREEING Example 1: Sean is Irish. Michael is Irish too. >>> Example 2 : Tom doesn't like sailing. I don't like sailing either. >>>

Example 1: Sean is Irish. So is Michael. Example 2 : Tom doesn't like sailing. Neither do I

1) My sister loves chocolate. I love chocolate too.


2) Peter has been late. Mary has been late too.


3) They can't speak Chinese. We can't speak Chinese either.


4) Coffee will keep you awake. Tea will keep 4) you awake too.

5) Sarah didn´t like coffee. Jane didn´t like coffee either.


6) David's job wasn´t well paid. My job wasn´t well paid either.


7) My parents would love to live by the sea. I 7) would love to live by the sea too.

8) Tom wouldn't like to lose his job. Peter wouldn't like to lose his job either.


9) Julie is interested in art. I'm interested in art too.


10) Bill didn't understand the joke. His wife didn't understand the joke either.



Key: tasting/tastes, thinking /thinks,3.doesn´t look /is looking, weighing/weighs

Key: is thinking,2.weighs,3.don´t think,4.smells, seeing,6.don´t believe

Key: am looking/don´t see, 2.are waiting/want,3.believes/is lying, you realise/is starting,5.don´t think/is having,6.go/am staying,7.don´t believe/is wearing,8.uses/are thinking

Key: 1.think,2.are you thinking,3.Are you having,4.have,5.are being, * --------* 1. He´s having, you think,3.she´s thinking,4.has, need,6.don´t know,7.prefer,8.don´t understand. *_-------------* 2.are you thinking,3.are you having,4.have,5.are seeing,6.see

Key: 1) 1c,2a,3b 2) 1. the high cost of weddings, advertising, 3. sales representatives to attend the wedding, 4. they managed to find sponsors to pay for most of their wedding expenses. 3) 1. don´t find them in good taste, 2. had approached hundreds of companies, only a few agreed to sponsor them 4) 1. rising, 2.for free, 3.handed out, 4.worked out, 5. catch on

Key: 1F (scientists are still studying) 2T, 3F It´s also an expert at reading body language, 4.T 1. social intelligence, 2. they agree that dogs are one of nature´s most intelligent animals, 3. going to school.


reading comprehension

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