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LISTENING: Growing up rough Have a look at this vocabulary before you listen: grow up, rough, Indian curry, muslim, riots, due to, racism, pretty poor, tough, council estate, government assisted housing, causing mischief, throw at, rocks, lead, chase. Could you understand the interviewer´s questions? Here you are:1. So, where did you grow up in England? 2. Really (Yeah) Oh, no! Is it a rough area? 3. What was it like growing up there, like, what did you do as a kid? 4. How would you cause mischief? 5. What would you do if you had a house now and some kid threw eggs at your house? Answers: 1. It´s famous for both the curry and the riots. 2.People from the working class, 3.He liked to play outside:football, cricket, riding bikes, 4.throwing eggs at people´s windows, 5.he´d get a dog to chase them


3rd type of Condicional IF- CLAUSE Past Perfect (had done)

MAIN CLAUSE Perfect Condicional (would have done)

e.g If I hadn´t been to the party, I wouldn´t have quarrelled with my boyfriend e.g He wouldn´t had missed the bus if he had got up much earlier


Noun suffixes.

Add these suffixes to turn these verbs or adjectives into nouns: ( -er,-or, -ment,-ness, -ion, -ity, Edit ___________ Entertain____________ Discuss _____________ Agree_______________ Dark _______________ Pollute______________ Punish _____________ Blind _______________

inform ____________ happy_____________ punctual____________ invite ______________ run _______________ equip_______________ advertise ____________ judge _______________

present ________________ arrange ________________ organize ________________ improve ________________ sail _________________ write __________________ employ_________________ responsible _____________

Answers: b.natural disaster, c. sickness, d.hunger, e. poverty, f.homelessness, g.war Edition information presenter Entertainment happiness arrangement Discussion punctuality organization Agreement invitation improvement Darkness runner sailor Pollution equipment writer Punishment advertiser / advertisement employer / employment Blindness judgement responsibility

Example: Who made the arrangements for the meeting? ARRANGE DISCUSS


exercises on conditionals, suffixes