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July 6, 2017

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LHS Choir Goes to CHICAGO By Alyssa Wright THE JACKET


raveling and seeing different parts of the country is a great experience for those who enjoy exploring new things. The Choir Department had the opportunity to take a trip to the big city of Chicago. The students got to pick whether they wanted to attend and then pay for the trip. Fundraising had a big part for those who wanted to attend. “We had three days that were full of learning opportunities for the students. The LHS choir members left the last week of school and headed to Chicago for a week,” said Ian Tapson, Lebanon High School Choir director. When the students arrived in Chicago they were excited to go explore the city and see new things. Our first day was mostly spent traveling and getting settled in our hotel. The students were treated to a must-have Chicago staple, deepdish pizza. The next few days were spent touring the Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium, the Harris Theater, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Our students also explored the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park and the Navy Pier and enjoyed a dinner cruise as well as a night at Medieval Times where we cheered on our Red Knight! We even got to see the Blue Man Group perform. The first stop they made in Chicago was the Willis Tower Observation Deck. Going all the way up to the 103rd floor, you can see across the city on the Skydeck Ledge. It was a rainy and cloudy day, so when standing on the ledge, you’re pretty much in the clouds. The next stop was the Field Museum, it’s home to many exciting permanent exhibitions. The choir performed at the museum after taking a tour. “Our trip was not just about taking in the sights and sounds of Chicago but also to perform. The LHS Choir performed at the Field Museum and also had a wonderful clinic at the VanderCook College of Music with Dr. Robert Sinclair as well as some impromptu performances in the Lyric Opera House and in the Pritzker Pavilion,” said Tapson. Principal Kevin Lowery, who attended the tour with the students, agrees. He said, “It was a great Chicago concert venue for the choir.” After the long day, they boarded the Odyssey cruise ship for dinner and to see Chicago city views at night. The next day they visited the VanderCook College of Music. Dr. Sinclair, a professor, hosted a clinic to learn useful information as being a part of a Choir or Chorus. “My former high-school drama teacher currently works at the Harris Theater as the general manager and oversees all of the performing artists and events in the theater. As our guide for the Harris, she was able to speak with our students about opportunities such as these. Musically, our students worked with an amazing professor, Dr Robert Sinclair, and they were able to work on some concepts that they can bring home to our program this school year,” said Tapson. The students also attended a backstage tour at the Lyric Opera House and also performed in the lobby. The next big stop was Millennium Park in the downtown of Chicago along with going to the Art Institute of Chicago. Many historic places were visited on the trip, and gaining more knowledge was a big part of the trip. However, all agree that the memories will always to be the best part. Tapson said, “As the director, I felt that my students expanded their horizons and had some amazing experiences that they would not have otherwise experienced. Many students may not leave Lebanon or even Missouri and we had the opportunity to explore a city that is overflowing with performing and visual arts. I believe our trip opened some doors for students who would love to continue working in theater or music but not necessarily on stage. I’m so glad we had this opportunity and I know my students are too.”

Lebanon High School “Home of the Yellowjackets”

Rick Talbott Assistant Principal After 15 years of distinguished service, Mr. Talbott leaves his office for the very last time. We will miss him at summer school and in the hallways, especially in the English department.

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Ian Tapson

Breken Johnson:

Teen Racer By Noah Blackwell THE JACKET

Breken Johnson started racing at the age of 15. She is now 16 so has been racing for a year now. Johnson won her first race June 17th 2017 at I-44 speedway. Johnson races on an asphalt track with her family, which includes her dad Chris Johnson, her uncle Tony, and her cousin Mikey. Her dad Chris

Johnson started racing at the age of 14, then later on her uncle Tony started at the age of 23, and her cousin Mikey started at the age of 20. “If you ain’t first, you’re last,” said Johnson. Johnson challenges herself and sets high goals. She pushes herself harder to become a better racer. She is not afraid to lose. “There is no dishonor in losing the race, there is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose,” she said. Johnson races a 5 cylinder chevy cavalier with a 2.2 liter engine, and a manual transmission. Her car goes about 75 mph. The class she races in is chargers. It’s right under the street stock class. Her car is white with orange, and blue numbers. The car’s number is 00. She said, “My racing days are long from over.”

Tennis Recap

Jacket Season Wrap Up

By Bryson Crowell THE JACKET

Starting off the season with a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida during Spring Break was something all the boys looked forward to. With all the fundraising they were eligible to make the trip to play baseball along with enjoying time together as a team on and off the field. When returning they went on to play Conference games, and host the annual Woodbat Tournament. The Varsity team finished the season with a record of 13--9, after falling to Hillcrest in the semi-finals of Districts.


Crowell Brothers to Sectionals By Bryson Crowell THE JACKET

Coach Crowell knew he had a tough task ahead. For many of the players this year, it was their first year playing varsity. Aaron Crowell and Sawyer Nichols were the only two returning varsity players. So with a team of all new varsity players, Coach Crowell was ready. The team had to have some kids step into big roles. Cade Winfrey had to step into the number three position on the team, but Coach Crowell wasn’t worried. Moses Farr, at only his second year of playing tennis, had to step up and play number four. Coach Crowell always saw potential in Moses and he proved it this year. Kyle Moore had to play number six and really shocked a lot of people. Aaron Crowell had to play number two, a position he was used to as he played in that spot last year. Aaron is the son to Coach Crowell so Coach Crowell knew what to expect from him. Sawyer Nichols was also in the same spot that he was last year. One thing Coach Crowell really liked about Sawyer was that every match he had a really good feeling that Sawyer would win. Bryson Crowell coming in as a freshman had a really big role on the team. He had to play number one. He had been waiting for this his whole life. It was his dream to play number one as a freshman. Coach Crowell, his dad, had been preparing him for this year. Bryson knew it was going to be a learning experience. One of the teams high points was beating Camdenton in the first round of districts on their senior night. They also won some matches in the conference tournament. Some personal accomplishments for the players include, Cade Winfrey having a very important win against Camdenton, Mosses Farr had to leave the conference tournament to go to the Magnet Assembly, where he was named Mr. Magnet, then arrived back just in time to help the team beat Hilcrest. Kyle Moore had very good wins this year and Sawyer Nichols had a very good singles record that culminated in a third place finish at Districts. That made him an all district player. Aaron Crowell was named All-Conference and All-District and Bryson Crowell was one of the only number one freshman if not the only one in school history. He had a very good doubles record and, like his brother, was named All-Conference and All-District. Bryson and Aaron advanced to the sectionals tournament. Where they met Rock Bridge. Bryson became the youngest Lebanon tennis player to be named All-Conference and All-District, and also to advance to sectionals.

Summer Media Must-List By Meghan Boyce THE JACKET

Boys Golf to State By Jadin Herrera THE JACKET

If there was ever a time to be a proud Yellow Jacket this would be the year. The Lebanon Golf team have made their way through districts with a victory, and continue to push for the wins. Congratulations on a great season. There are four essential aspects to the game: The swing, the ball, the club, and the attitude. All of the players had well equipped use of all of these key points. However, attitude soon became the main point of focus, and all of the guys were able to maintain a positive outlook on all of the matches they participated in. This only made it possible for wins to occur.


It’s a start of the 2017 summer, and most people are going out on vacation; yet, unfortunately, some must stay for work or summer school. Those who stay, must have some form of entertainment, luckily, there are several forms of entertainment to fit all kinds of people. Listening to music is one form of entertainment that allows people to escape from reality in the summer time. Music allows people to multitask; people can listen to music when they’re working, when they’re eating, when they’re cleaning, and whenever they don’t know what else to do. Some good music choices are:

Shape of You ~ Ed Sheeran

It’s an upbeat song, that will make you want to sing and dance along. Galway Girl ~ Ed Sheeran The battle for the win was Grabbing a title was one of place finish at Sectionals. It’s a song that will make you smile, the lyrics use words of something out of the movies. the proudest achievements This was the first time the imagery, with Sheeran’s voice; it’s a good song, that’s hard to The intensity of the course of this year. boys golf team has advanced dislike. was felt by all that were To cap off one of their to state since Closer ~ The Chainsmokers featuring Hayley there, and the team score was best seasons in years, the 1997. The boys This song is a love song, and I know most people don’t like love one that secured us a spot boys advanced to the state brought home a songs; but it has catchy lyrics and a good beat. in the state championships. tournament after a second 6th place finish. Broken ~ Seether featuring Amy Lee This song sounds a little sad, but the song itself tells a story. With Seether’s voice combined with Amy Lee’s, the song sounds phenomenal. Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Queen Bringing back a classic, almost everyone should have heard the song by now, but if someone hasn’t, it’s amazing. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked ~ Cage The Elephant This song allows people to stop and think about the lyrics. It tells a few stories and lets people see how others have to live dayto-day. All Time Low ~ Jon Bellion This song makes people think of a break-up, but with Jon Bellion’s voice and the catchy lyrics; it’s a good song. What It’s Like ~ Everlast This song has minimal cuss words, but it has powerful lyrics. Everlast is trying to get people to try to understand a person before people judge them; because, under their appearance, is a story to be told. The Sound Of Silence ~ Disturbed (Cover of the song by Simon and Garfunkel) Disturbed took Simon and Garfunkel’s song and gave it a new sound. It sounds calm, and it usually leaves listeners content. Seven Nation Army ~ The White Stripes This song starts out with a heavy bass thump that’s hard to forget. This song may have weird lyrics, but with the rhythm, the song is amazing. LAW OFFICE OF Stairway to Heaven ~ Led Zeppelin Again, back to the classics. Anyone who hasn’t heard this song, should listen to it. It’s one of Led Zeppelin’s most famous songs, and it’s hard not to sing along. 107 North Madison • Lebanon, MO • 417-533-7872

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