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September 7, 2017

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As the sophomores, juniors and seniors sit in the stands. Cheerleaders get ready for the stepping up assembly, for the Juniors are stepping up into the senior section for the school 8th graders congratulating them for becoming freshman. year.

Introducing the staff of Lebanon High School!

STRONG Day 2017

English II Journalism Students showcase our annual Jacket Strong Day Assembly!

STRONG Day starts LHS like no other By Shelby Rothwell THE JACKET

Around the nation, there are many schools. Some are like others, while others have a unique twist about them. A few schools have an amazing learning system. While other schools have a special loving bond with one another. Only one beautiful school has one the outstanding principal, Mr. Lowery, that says one quote all the time... “@KevinGLowery” Well he does mention his Twitter account almost everyday but, he also says the truthful words. “We are the Greatest High school in America”. The Greatest High school in America does not do classroom rules on the first day, or assigned seats. Lebanon High School goes crazy with an upbeat, out of your seat pep assembly. At this assembly the freshman get a round of applause welcome. While the sophomores, juniors, and seniors step up. They step up taking a new chapter in life with responsibility. During the special first day, not only is their a wild assembly that gets everyone jumping but, a warm-hearted speaker. The speaker talked to every young adult in the room. He put everyone in a loving mood with a warm heart. After he was done speaking, he did a dance. He had the whole room clapping, screaming, laughing, just enjoying to see his dancing skills. The moment he started dancing, all of the teenagers grabbed their phone out, and began filming him. The pep assembly was a great way to start off a brand new school year. It’s a great way to put every Lebanon High School student in a good mood, especially on their first day at the “Greatest High school in America”.

STRONG Perceptions By Bryson Crowell THE JACKET

The Jacket Strong day has many different parts going together. The step up part is very important to the teachers and the students. It shows that you are growing up and taking another step toward your goal. The speaker Eddie was really good. The kids really liked him. He kept us into his speech by making us do stuff. The dance he did really made every laugh and they had a good time. After the assembly we went to stations and got to hangout with our grade. It was a good way to start the new school year.

Eddie Slowikowski, An inspiration to LHS and a great start to the school year! By Taylor Michael THE JACKET

The first day of the 2017-2018 school year at Lebanon High School was quite exhilarating. The day was full of activities for the students and staff. My favorite part of the day was when the guest speaker spoke to the student body as a whole. I found his speech to be very moving and inspiring, so I t was an interest of mine to know what others thought of this same speech. I questioned a few of LHS’ student and staff with the following question; What did you think about the guest speaker Eddie Slowikowski and the subjects he spoke about? “His speech was insightful and moving.” -Andrea Merritt, 10th “I thought he was very motivating and good at his job. He spoke on about subjects that were prevalent and intriguing.” -Adrienne Kremer, 10th “I thought his story was inspiring.” - Amy Kimmis, 10th “I thought the guest speaker was good at his job and a fairly decent dancer. Eddie played on your emotions by making you laugh then telling a story close to him. Ultimately he talked from the heart, which is what you want to do if you want to inspire someone.” - Henry Albright, 10th “I liked the topics he talked about. You could tell that people were getting tears when we wear visualizing the people. You could tell that he touched hearts.” - Melinda Mustard, 10th “I thought he was very engaging and he did a great job of keeping everyone’s attention. His dancing was amazing, and his message of spreading love and making a change in the world couldn’t have come at a better time.” - Michelle Michael, Staff

“I thought that he touched on good positive subjects! He was able to keep everyone’s attention with his words! Eddie was a great motivational speaker that I feel he reached a lot of people today! The students were really listening to him!” - Kim Michael, Staff

Photos Provided By: Braeden Slavens, Dakotah Evans, Adam Walters, Shelby Rothwell, Melinda Mustard, Zora Rowe, Alexis Krejci, Tyler Paul,Tyra Rogers and Zach Jamieson

Guest Speaker:

Eddie Slowikowski By Ethan Christal THE JACKET

The first day of school was very eventful. All of the students at Lebanon High School gathered in Boswell Auditorium for the First Day of School assembly. We got to do a lot of fun things at the assembly. They had students and teachers participate in a game, and there was a excellent guest speaker. Eddie Slowikowski was the guest speaker for this event. He danced and had a very inspirational message for all to hear. Slowikowski met a Sandy Hook Elementary Father. One of his kids was shot and killed when the shooting happened. Now Eddie goes out for a week in September or October and talks at a lot of school, like what he did here in Lebanon.


Swearing In Officers By Alyssa DeLong THE JACKET

At the first day of school assembly, the student council head got sworn in by Principal, Kevin G. Lowery. He made them pledge. The 3 people who got sworn in was the President, Executive Vice President, and the Secretary. 2 females and one male. They raised their right hand and repeated after Mr. Lowery. This was important to the school because student council runs most events or helps plan them. It was a good moment to watch in Boswell Gym.

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Youth Trap Shooting



o you like the outdoors? Do you like being on a team sport? Are you interested in shooting guns? Well, this sport has all three of these components. The Wyota Youth Trap Shooting Team is sponsored by the local Wyota Quail Forever Chapter and the Scholastic Clay Trap Program. The coaches that will provide instructions to the youth trap shooters are Kenny Anderson and Warren Valenti. Kenny Anderson is a NRA Certified shotgun instructor, and Warren Valenti is a certified shotgun instructor with the Missouri Conservation Department. Trap shooting is distinguished from skeet shooting in that targets in trap shooting are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter. Skeet shooting targets, on the other hand, are launched from two “houses” in a somewhat sideways pattern that intersect in front of the shooter. Trap shooting is known around the world and includes international varieties such as Olympic trap also known as International Trap. Trap shooting began as a way to enhance bird hunting, that’s what is has the name clay pigeons, and still serves that purpose to some extent here in the midwest. Someone will call the five teenagers to go to their marks. As the clay thrower deals up the targets, the shooters rotate between five stations every 25 rounds until each team member has shot five clays from each mark. Between rotations, the shooters converse and work out problems they are having with certain shots. To join trap shooting you should know how to handle guns and should be in about 4th grade to 12th grade.

Homecoming Special

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My Summer Missions Trips By Zora Rowe THE JACKET


uring the missions trip we learned that the little things matter. as we made our way to Atlanta Georgia we had many bumps in the road. Not even halfway into the trip we blew a tire, but we found a place to fix it that wasn’t that far. Our first stop was Tennessee, we went water rafting. The next day we left for Atlanta. We finally arrived to Atlanta and made it to the Salvation Army. That night Life Point and the other church and our leaders for the week talked to us about what was going to be like and what we were going to do. During the week of serving we painted apartments, went to boys and girls clubs, visited nursing homes, and everyday we would go to an apartment complex and

had a kids crusade. During the kids crusade we played games, made crafts, and did a devotion. A few weeks later some kids went to a camp called Camp Sharon. At Camp Sharon we learned that we are all VIPS. During the week we would wake up and we would meet by the lake to wake our body’s up and to say a prayer before breakfast. At breakfast we would sit with our friends and talk for a little while and discuss what are cabin theme would be. After breakfast we went up to our cabins a did cabin clean up. Cabin clean up is where you clean your cabin and you decorate it to go with the theme. One day Raven’s Nest put a live turtle in their cabin! We would meet up in the worship hall and talk a little about the devotion of the day. Then it was game time. For game time you would get into

your teams and you would go against the other teams. After game time we have a little free time before lunch, during lunch we found you which cabin won cabin clean up. After lunch we had time before evening worship. During that free time you could hangout with friends, play games, or swim in the lake. At evening worship we sang songs had the devotion

and got together with our cabin groups and talked about what we learned. Then we would wait till late night at the lake. Late night at the lake was a place where we played games with our team mostly involving gross foods like sardines and baby food. During the week at camp we learned that we are all God’s VIPS and nobody’s perfect.

Yellow Jacket Paper 9-7-17  

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