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September 21, 2017

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SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 August 21,

By Lexi Krejci THE JACKET

The first total Solar Eclipse to happen in 38 years, occurred on August 21, 2017. Students and teachers at LHS gathered outside to watch this once in a lifetime event . Special glasses that protected everyone’s eyes from the sun, were passed out so everyone could view the Solar Eclipse safely. As the moon crossed the sun, the sky was transformed from mid-day to a beautiful sunset and back to day again. Khyla Turner, 10, said, “ I was kind of astonished by the fact that we got to experience a once in a lifetime event. Seeing the atmosphere and everyone being happy and coming together to enjoy it , was amazing to me.” Ted Anthony, 10, agreed. “ It felt good to be able to watch this amazing event . I would definitely watch it again.” Even though Lebanon only got to experience 98 % totality, most people at LHS were excited and glad they got to watch this astonishing event.

By ShaLeah Borgman THE JACKET

About every 18 months, a total Solar Eclipse occurs. A Solar Eclipse is when the moon slips in front of the sun, blocking the rays from hitting the earth. On Monday, August 21st, 2017, a total Solar Eclipse, know as the “Great American Eclipse”, was visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coasts. If you are not able to make it outdoors for the event, NASA has set up a live-stream of the Eclipse from the 12-4p.m. EST. Senior, Jay brown said that he wanted to see the solar eclipse this 2017 because “it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing”. This was the first total eclipse to swipe around North America since before 1776. 10th graders, Emily Davis and Alexis Woods thought this experience would be different. “I thought it would get a lot more darker outside,” Davis said. According to NASA, “Over the course of 100 minutes, 14 states across the United States will experience more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day. Additionally, a partial eclipse will be viewable across all of North America”. In Lebanon, MO, we only got to see the eclipse at 98% totality. Brown said that “seeing it at 100% totality could’ve made the experience better”. No matter what students made memories.

Photos Provided By: Zach Jamieson, Garrett Nelson, Lexi Kreici, ShaLeah Borgman and Tyra Rogers.

Thoughts On The First Football Game Of The Season By Tyra Rogers THE JACKET

The 2017-2018 Varsity Football team recently battled a hard game against Rolla to win, 34-28. Throughout the game we had a long rain delay, everybody then went to Carr Gym and made their own little dance since the street dance was cancelled. The Yellowjackets put up a good fight Friday night even though they faced a lot adversity, including the rain delay and being down at halftime. Cannon York, 12, said “I will remember the rain delay and the energy in the locker room the most. We knew the way we needed to come out and play the second half and the delay helped us get ready for that.” With this being the Class of 2018s’ last first game their was a lot of different emotions. John Berry, 12, said, “It was sad because I’ll never get to have that first game with my brothers again.” The way the guys played the other night and pushed through it, they’re definitely going to have a good season. Cole Breeden, 12, said “What I’m looking forward to most this season is trying to enjoy our last few games together as a team because time truly does fly by.”

LHS Clubs By Shelby Rothwell, and Melinda Mustard THE JACKET

The Lebanon High School has many interesting clubs to join. There’s is Foreign Language clubs. Also clubs like Math Team, and FFA. Then the Lebanon High School has groups for students who love to be involved in the arts. These clubs include International Thespian Society, Art Club, and Speech and Debate Club. These three clubs are very expressive clubs, that every student should join. Not only because, that everyone in the group is expressive. There are many other reasons too. Thespian Society, also known as theatre, is a great club to join to exit out of your comfort zone. In the club, the actresses, and actors step in front of the class with confidence. The amazing theatre teens perform with all their heart leaving the crowd amazed. Now it may seem that only students who have taken drama, or have studied theatre for years can be in Thespian Society. Lane Hisel, 11, said, “You don’t have to be strictly drama club, you can be anything else.” He tells this to everyone, helping bring new students into the group. The best thing about Thespian Society is not just performing just meeting all the amazing people in the club. Another great club to join is Art Club. Art Club is a great way to put all emotions, and feelings into masterpieces. Most people feel insecure about their drawings, so they do not join Art Club. Katilyn Chatfield, 11, said, “You don’t have to be artistic to be in art club. It’s not just drawing it’s acting, singing, and speech. You don’t even have to be perfect at what you do.” Another great Club in the Arts is speech and debate. Speech and debate helps people get out of their comfort zone and interact with people. It is also a great way for people to speak their mind and talk about what’s going on in the world. Ky’lee Hoy, 12, said, “ The team itself is more than an athletic team it’s more like a family” she would like to encourage others to be a part of this exciting experience.” All of these clubs are great, so if you’re an art person, a theater kid or speech and debate kid. You’re encouraged to try and maybe get out of your comfort zone and see what’s in store in these clubs. So go try!!

Cross Country w

By Zach Jamieson THE JACKET

Food for Thought:

Should Freshmen Be Able To Play Above Seniors


Some freshmen have the potential to play on the varsity teams. Most high schools don’t allow freshmen to play above seniors. Kobe Gunter, 9, said, “I think freshmen should be allowed to play if they are good enough.” Senior Michael Appleberry thinks otherwise. “I don’t think freshmen should, Seniors have put a lot of work and time in while freshmen are just starting to work hard and I’ve done all the right things,” he said. Many people think if the coaches think that the freshmen can compete well with the other players. But, others think that seniors have worked to get to the top and it would be there last year just let them have their sport on the varsity team.

Jenna Glendenning, 10, said, “ I think that if a freshman works hard, and is good enough to play at the varsity level then they should be able to play on varsity. If a freshman played with me I would be happy with it as long as they had a good work ethic and never slacked off.” Ridic Rowe, 11, added. “If they are better than the people on varsity I mean why not, i mean if they played I would be surprised but know they are good because they would have to really work hard to be able to do it.” Coach Garrett Wade, said, “I have always thought the best player should play. There are several factors that go into if a freshman is capable of playing varsity sports. The biggest factor is what the sport is. In football, it is VERY rare for a freshman to even dress

out for a varsity game. It is such a physical sport that most 14 year old players can’t transition their first year in high school. There are other sports that rely on skill, which can level the playing field physically. Golf would be an example. There are really talented golfers that aren’t old enough to drive but can still drive a golf ball and put well. I also think seniors should be rewarded

if they have committed to a program for multiple years. If there were a scenario where a senior and a freshman were really close in ability, I would probably pick the senior. Not only would they deserve it, but the experience in pressure situations would help them.” There are many different opinions on if freshmen should play above varsity seniors.

By Bryson Crowell THE JACKET

Girls Tennis Preview

Ally Gerant THE JACKET

trying to keep a positive mindset during my matches.” The girls weren’t discouraged they looked really positive. They saw it as getting more experience. When asked how they felt about the tournament Aston Author said “I feel like we improved as a team. We tried our hardest and that’s all that matters.” In the end they might have gotten beat, but there are some positives to take from it all. Coach Crowell said “I wish we would have gotten a win, but the girls played hard. That’s all I ever ask.” The girls have many more matches to go. That was just the start.

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The 2016 Lady Jackets tennis season was successful, ending the season with an 13-5 record. The 2017 season is bound to be just as good, if not better. Our first Varsity tournament of this season was in Jeff City against Jeff City, Helias, and Hickman. With a loss of 0-9, 0-9, and 3-6, we went on to dominate and beat Waynesville 8-1 Monday night. Coach Ron Crowell said, “It feels really good about how we’re playing. We have an awesome group of girls and they are super coachable.” Just like any other team, we are supportive of each other. JV has done a superior job at welcoming the new Freshman onto the team and continuing to support them as they learn and improve with every practice. JV player, Carrie Menely, 11, said, “We lost a lot of good seniors this last year, but we have come back strong and are a force to be reckoned with.” Menely added. “As a team we could always use improvement on technical things such as foot placement.” and admits that the hardest thing for her to learn as a tennis player has been her shot placement. Our Varsity girls are excellent when it comes to being a great example for JV and helping them get where they need to be so they can eventually be on Varsity,” she said. #6 Varsity player Ashton Arthur, 10, is very excited to be on Varsity her sophomore year. She agrees that as a good player, she can improve on her swing and follow through. To become better as a team. “ I am very excited to be a step ahead of where I was last year,” Arthur said, “We should work on lifting our girls up and do more to cheer them on.” Arthur goes on to say that as a tennis player, she has learned it is okay to lose. “As a team, we work well together and push each other to be nothing short of the best,” she said. Coach Crowell agrees with this statement and has a similar opinion. He said, “We work well together and care about each other a lot.” The 2017 tennis season is going to be nothing but great and we cannot wait to see what it has in store!


ANGIE HEMPHILL WRIGHT 107 N. Madison, Lebanon 417-533-7872

Coming off of a good 2016 cross country season the Yellowjackets will look to grow on their success from last season. The Yellowjackets have a very young team only with a couple seniors. To recap last season the girls team made it to sectionals including sophomores, Nevaeh Page and Carrie Coffman, and junior Abby O’Connor. The boys had an up and down season, but look to be even better this year. Coach Joshua Smith said, “I think we have some top level individual talent. We have good numbers out, but they are mostly young or new runners. We plan to have 3-4 individual state qualifiers and possibly make a run to sectionals and state as a team.” He went on to say. “Zach, Brayden, Cael, Nevaeh and Abby are our top runners and have put a ton of work in over the summer. The upcoming season is looking bright with all the hard work each runner has put in this summer. Both teams this year will have several new runners that will need to fill big roles. Cael Schmitz, freshman, will be a big part of this years team.” Schmitz said, “I have prepared very well for the upcoming season by working really hard during the offseason.” Senior Brayden Simpson has put in a ton of work this season and looks to be running in November. He said, “ What I am looking to get out of this season is friendships that last a lifetime and using running as a path to college.” The Yellowjackets will look to build experience and make a big jump this year. Their first meet is September 2nd at Bolivar. They will look to turn heads all season long.

Athletic Seniors

Capital City Season Kickoff Invitational The girls tennis team was looking to get a good weekend of matches. They were ready to go. Coach Crowell has been working them hard. The girls were nervous because for most of them they hadn’t played any varsity. Then we played some of the best team on our schedule. We had two players that played varsity last year Hannah Lowery and Zephanie White. The rest are all new to varsity. So they were scared. Coach Crowell said, “The girls are working very hard at practice. They listen and have been very coachable and I try to put them in scrimmage situations where they will be in as many situations that they will see on the court as possible.” Coach Crowell didn’t really know what to expect when we got there. We had to play Helias first. We got beat, but the girls played very hard. The next day we had to play Jeff City and Hickman. We lost to both of them. Hannah Lowery said, “Going into the tournament on Saturday I was trying to stay focused so I wouldn’t make any silly mistakes and just hold my own against very good players. Coach Crowell told me the longer I could keep the point going the better my chances of winning the game were. I was also


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By Braden Mount THE JACKET

In 2011 more than 7.6 million students played sports. Most of those are varsity seniors. In the previous years that number of high school athletes experienced exponential growth, by about 40,000 more students. These are nationwide numbers, according to Jason Koebler at High School Sports Participation. Lebanon High School is a victim to these numbers growing also. It is obvious that the number of athletes are growing, in 2011 the percentage of athletes in high schools across the country was just over half, at 55.5%; and that number continues to grow with every season that approaches. With the number of athletes growing, this means the students are enjoying the sports, embracing the grind, and also spreading the word about these athletics. When I asked Korbin Smith, senior at Lebanon, What he thinks about new and upcoming players on his teams, he replied with, “All the teams I have ever played with needed new, old or younger players to be good. I think the differences in age doesn’t make anything harder but makes it easier to come together and grow as a team.” Lebanon Athletics and Lebanon’s seniors display this greatly. Just by myself I have seen many new players on the football team and also basically all other teams Lebanon has to offer. This increase of new players can be very crucial for us. Another example is Korbin Smith, who is very encouraging toward his new teammates in football. Smith states, “Being a starter last year I got to play with some pretty good players, but this year we had to replace them and they are working hard and might even be better than the people I played with last year. It’s fun working with (new players) knowing that they have the potential of being great.” This is only one of the thousands, maybe millions of athletic seniors who encourage and need new players to join them on their athletic journey. Despite the two football examples, the great other sports such as cheerleading, and also track and field also have experienced growth at Lebanon High School. I talked to an All-American cheerleader here at LHS, Kamber Dallas, she did not have anything negative to say about learning to know her new teammates and her new friends that joined their squad last summer. In fact Dallas, also a senior, was thrilled when she found out a large group of about nine freshman would be joining her in her last cheerleading season too hopefully make it the best one yet with the great encouragements and even greater accomplishments for Dallas and the whole team. It is obvious as I learned more and more about senior athletics here at our high school, our standout seniors in most sports would be more than happy to invite and accept underclassmen on their journey to finish out their final season(s) as a student at Lebanon High School. I asked Dallas what is the hardest thing about working with new girls, and a few boys this season, and what she is also most excited about. She replied very thoroughly with,”I have always loved cheer, it has been apart of me for so long, but I do not want to be seen as a cheerleader, I want to be Kamber, who cheers. I was once a freshman joining the varsity squad for their final season. So I understand what they are going through right now, I never thought about it until I’m in the position. With my final season here, I am not going to have anything other than a great time with these girls, the coaches have already planned team games, dinners and other stuff like that, so we are all very excited.” Dallas continued the question by saying, “I have been looking forward to this cheer season ever since cheer camp this summer, which we accomplished so much that we did not think we could do, and i am so happy for that. I am most excited for the Friday night lights and the fans in the stands screaming with every play.” All these athletes have their own views and their own perspectives and their roles on the gamedays. Their last first game days of the season. Most athletes play because they love the game, others because they are pressured into it by their peers, family members, or by the coaches. I would say all athletes have thought about a career after High school with their sport or involvement, epically seniors. With that career after high school of the athlete running out of time they have to make a choice with their next step in life, hopefully for most it would be to go to college and play or compete, such as Kamber Dallas continuing her cheer career. Most seniors have to work toward scholarships, applying, and going on visits. With only about 2% of high school athletes across the nation winning scholarships to play or continue their athleticism to a NCAA school, that means the other 98% have to work and work hard to move on. For some they are competing with someone else for a scholarship, maybe others just don’t have what it takes to be the next big thing for that university, all seniors have to work toward their NCAA goals and also keep up with weekly projects, practices, tutoring, and home time. With the rise of athletes growing every season, for any and all seasons, the demand, need and willingness to further their athletics is becoming greater, more seniors have last season’s, about the same number of seniors getting recruited, more seniors have to have a backup plan and know what’s next, if they are a senior and they fully rely on getting to be a part of that two percent, best of luck to them! It most likely will not happen. With my great friends, Smith and Dallas, they know the way things go, both amazing athletes understand the grind, the literal blood sweat and tears it takes to finally graduate and be very successful with your name on leader boards. When I asked Kamber Dallas a few more questions about graduating, future goals, jobs, college, and being that two percent, she had a few things to say in response, “I want to go to Missouri State University, have good leadership skills throughout my career there and also life, work as a team with my group, never individuals. Lastly with cheer I want to improve my tumbling skills.” It is obvious for Kamber, but hopefully all athletic seniors are as hungry, process driven and ready for the next step in life for college student athletes after their school year. There are millions of athletic seniors across the globe, the life of those student athletes are very restricted and tough, depending on who you ask. Being a statistic of the athletic system, I can easily say athletics have changed my life. I have a few more years until I’m at that point of graduation, but I’m excited as ever. With all the athletes and students depending on their coaching and teachers, some will continue their educational career, and that’s a huge step for seniors to chase their dreams.

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