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Nov. 2, 2017

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Flight Time or Jacket Time? Thursdays have changed for Lebanon High School students


Thursdays at LHS have changed with Jacket Time going away in exchange for Flight Time and early outs. At LHS on Thursdays, it would normally be the ordinary Thursday. Students would have their third, fourth and seventh classes along with Jacket Time, where at the end of the day the students could either go to Boswell Gym and watch a movie, or they could go to various teachers for club meeting or to get extra help. Now, the students have Flight Time and early outs. Where for the rest of their high school years, they will now meet with the same group of kids and the same teacher as well as getting out at 2:30 p.m. instead of 3:10 p.m. on Thursdays.

“I like Flight Time more because it gives the kids a better opportunity to work on their work and to study,” said LHS Spanish teacher Mrs. Gann. Jacket Time at LHS used to be a time for the students to watch a movie, go to club meetings, or get extra help. There also were two parts of Jacket Time. The first part of Jack Time is where the student stays with their seventh hour teacher to work. During the second half of Jacket Time, a student could not leave their chosen spot until Jacket Time was over. For example, if a student wanted to go to Boswell Gym to watch the movie, they would not be able to leave even if they decided to go to a teacher. If a child wanted to go to a teacher for Jacket Time, they would have to first get permission from that teacher before

Jacket Time. This would give the student an opportunity to finish a project, or retake a test. It would also give the student more one on one time with teacher they need help with. The Jacket Time would last from about 2:30 p.m., and would go until about 3:00 p.m. The last 10 minutes of the day, the students would go back to their seventh hour class and wait for the bell to ring. The reason it was changed, was because Flight Time is supposed to help the students get help from their Flight teachers on assignments, or work on any other assignment that was given to the student. “I prefer Jacket Time over Flight Time because we get to hang out with friends that we don’t have classes with and it let’s us have the chance to be

more social.” Said LHS student Alexis Krejci, 10th grade. Flight Time is like an eighth class added onto students’ schedules for Thursdays. Students will go to their third, fourth and seventh hour classes, and then they will go to Flight Time also. After seventh hour ends at 1:30 p.m., students will go to their Flight Time class, which lasts until the dismissal bell at 2:30. With this change, students’ Thursdays are third block, fourth block, seventh block and the new eighth block. “I felt that Jacket Time allowed better resource time to go get help from teachers and there were also quite work environments that allowed students to utilized during school,” said LHS student Grant Weaver, tenth grade.


LHS students Students show their school pride during Spirit Week name Starbucks the best coffee ◆ in Lebanon

Students dress up as tourists during Spirit Week at Lebanon High School.



The week of Sept. 25 to 29 was a very exciting week for the students at LHS. Each day of the week there were different activities held that students could participate in to express their school spirit. Each day of the week had different themes. The five themes for the week included District Color Day, Tribute Tuesday, Capitol Tour Day, Mockingjay Day and Tracker Jacket Day. “Capitol Tour Day was the most creative day of spirit week I feel like. Everyone was wearing col-

The Jacket photo

orful and foreign clothes and it was just really eye catching,” said Dawson Bradley, junior. Students loved Spirit Week. “ It was very exciting to see everyone come together and support LHS,” said Corbin Knight, freshman. Many just like how it makes them feel about their high school. “It made me feel very prideful. Seeing how involved everyone got for a week made me realize just how amazing and involved Lebanon High School’s students are,” said Khyla Turner, junior.

P7 is a new afterschool Bible study club DAKOTAH EVANS

THE JACKET Harvest Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church has taken a stand to teach youth about the Bible through an after school club called P7. There are three leaders that have taken the P7 program and launched off with it. One of these leaders is Christopher Thornton, a junior at Lebanon High School. The other two leaders of this program are sophomores Brook-

lynn Fries and Kali Gardner. “ My goal for this club is to spread the word, and reach threw out our school and speak truth and salvation to our fellow classmates,” Thornton said. He added that 25 to 30 students attend the club each week. According to Thornton, Youth Pastor Randal Lee has been helpful in getting the program going. “He gives me goals I need to reach and gives me great advise for each

lesson,” Thornton said. According to the group, bringing the P7 program to LHS helps Christians interact with other Christians. Members also say that P7 is a great way to bring a Bible club to the school and let the next generation interact with people that has the same mindset as them. “I hope this program helps someone with their relationship with God,” Thornton said.

LEXI KREJCI ◆ THE JACKET While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for most, a morning coffee is just as important. LHS students were asked about what they thought the best coffee in Lebanon was and this is what they had to say. Many said that Starbucks has a nice set up and many options when it comes to coffee. The building is organized and friendly community for people of all ages. “ Starbucks is the best place to get coffee in Lebanon because the coffee has lots of flavor and they keep the building organized and clean,” said Damiean Taylor, sophomore. Students also like that the chain takes special orders and will customize the customers coffee how they want. “ It is the only place in Lebanon that will customize my coffee how I like,” said Khyla Turner, sophomore. Most LHS students agree that Starbucks is the best place to get coffee in Lebanon. “The barista is nice and the employees there are very friendly,” said Destiny Marcum, tenth grade.



Head Start Awareness Month Submitted photo

Tri-County Head Start in Richland celebrated Head Start Awareness Month during October. The celebrations included visits from several local community helpers including Tri-County Fire Protection District, Pulaski County Ambulance, City of Richland utility workers, a bike show (with the help of some local Masons and Shriners) and more. The celebrations with a balloon launch. Mayor Eldon Haun presented a proclamation from the city of Richland proclaiming it Head Start Awareness month. Representative Steve Lynch presented a House Resolution, and also counted and sang with the children. Then they released balloons in hopes of spreading awareness for Head Start.


Maples He said one of the most important things he learned about was the space available in the Allen Building in downtown Lebanon. “It’s pretty phenomenal and has a lot of potential and a lot

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of opportunity,� Maples said. He said talks are still in the preliminary stage as far as working together. “I look forward to having some continued discussions here,� Maples said.

Trout “All the fish for next year are already grown. We work about a year and a half out, so I’m already preparing for the 2019 season.� He said the 2018 fish are looking good.

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from page 1 “They’re growing well, we’re going to have good size just like we did for most of this year, they’re really healthy,� he said. Havens thanked the community, conservation, park staff and local businesses for their

support during the season. “A lot of times people focus solely on the hatchery and what we do, but there are a lot of other actors that do a lot to promote our area,� Havens said.

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