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Jan. 11, 2018

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LHS opens its doors to foreign exchange students The foreign exchange students teach just as much as they learn


For years, Lebanon High School has opened its doors to students from different countries. This idea has helped foreign exchange students find out more about the United States. Not only does this have a good effect on exchange students, but everyone in the school. “I like Lebanon High School, because it’s different than France,” Maeva Rivoal, senior, said. Maeva came to America from France. She can speak French, Russian, English and Spanish. In Lebanon, it’s an option to learn another language, but it’s a requirement to know at least three in France. Maeva also plays tennis. Sadly, she cannot join the tennis team here, due to already graduating from high school in France. Maeva has put a big impact on many students in the school, for example her other fellow foreign exchange student friends. “Lebanon has really changed my life,” Zulfiya Abdurasulova, senior, said. Zulfiya, also known as Z, enjoys dancing and

singing in her free time. Z’s favorite sport to play with friends is indoor soccer. Unfortunately, she can not join the soccer team here. This is due to her already graduating from her hometown. “I like my friend and teachers,” Karoline Andersen, junior, said. Karoline came to America from Denmark. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and singing fun songs. Karoline is currently taking choir, which has expanded her musical experience. One of her favorite traditions she experienced at home, was a game involving rice pudding and almonds. The point of the game is to eat rice pudding, and the player who finds an almond in their pudding is the winner. The winner of the game receives a gift, which is the reason this game is played during the holidays. Lebanon High School has always been a school that stands out, and the new students coming in just makes the school shine brighter. The foreign exchange student program The Jacket photo has always put the school, students and even teachers LHS students Zulfiya Abdurasulova, senior; Karoline Andersen, junior; and Shelby Rothwell, sophomore, enjoy their night at the Snowball dance. in a better place.


Is the code too strict, too lenient or just right? TAYLOR MICHAEL THE JACKET

Many people have differing opinions about the dress code at Lebanon Senior High School. Some people believe that it is way too strict, while in other ’s opinions the code is far too lenient. In my opinion, the school’s dress code is actually pleasant. I think that it limits what we wear just to the appropriate extent. To further explain myself, I believe that the code gives each student the opportunity to wear apparel that they are not only comfortable with, but in which they can express themselves with as well. I asked students and staff these five questions to get their opinion on the school’s dress code: “Do you think that the school’s dress code should be more or less enforced,” “What is your opinion on the school’s dress code,” “What should be the consequence/discipline of being dress-coded,” “Should the dress code be enforced during dances and/or other school events,’ and “Should our school switch to uniforms?” Question #1: “Do you think that the school’s dress code should be more or less enforced?” n “I think they enforce the dress code good

enough. Sometimes they should lay back a little.” - Shelby Rothwell, sophomore n “It’s hard to enforce the dress code any more than it already is because it is not enforced fairly for all.” - Michelle Michael, LHS paraprofessional n “I think that there’s certain parts that should be more enforced and other parts that should be less enforced.” - Rikki Gromowsky, sophomore n “The school dress code should be less enforced.” - Mansi Patel, sophomore n “Less enforced.” Amy Kimmis, sophomore Question #2: “What is your opinion on the school’s dress code?” n “I don’t like being dress-coded when I’m wearing leggings, but sometimes I feel it’s needed.” - Shelby Rothwell, sophomore n “I believe the dress code looks good on paper, but it’s hard to enforce it on hundreds of students.” - Michelle Michael, LHS paraprofessional n “I think the school’s dress code is really good, and it gives us the free range to pick our own clothes without showing too much skin, and gives us a way to express ourselves.” - Rikki Gromowsky, sophomore n “The school

dress code is already unenforced.” - Mansi Patel, sophomore Question #3: “What should be the consequence/Discipline of being dress-coded?” n “I think you should have them change.” - Shelby Rothwell n “If a student is in violation of the dress code they can be sent to the nurse to change, or you can call their parents to have them bring clothes.” Michelle Michael, LHS paraprofessional n “The consequence for being school dress-coded should be having to change out of your clothes and into new ones. Then they should call home and have their parents get them.” - Mansi Patel, sophomore Question #4: “Should the dress code be en-

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forced during dances and/or other school events?” n “I think that it shouldn’t be enforced during dances, because the dress or suit that you got is probably special to you and they shouldn’t take that away.” - Shelby Rothwell, sophomore n “Dances are on school grounds, so yes the dress code should be enforced.” - Michelle Michael, LHS paraprofessional n “No, dances

shouldn’t be dress coded.” - Mansi Patel, sophomore Question #5: “Should our school switch to uniforms” n “No, no,no,no. I think we should be able to wear whatever we want because it expresses who we are.” - Shelby Rothwell, sophomore n “Un ifor ms would be a great way to avoid inappropriate attire. Uniforms would also remove the stress of having the newest

clothes, name brands, and feeling like you need a new wardrobe at the start of every school year. I think uniforms would be good.” Michelle Michael, LHS paraprofessional n “The school should not switch to uniforms.” - Mansi Patel, sophomore n “We should not have uniforms. I think we are old enough to decide what we wear and don’t wear.” - Hanna Albright, sophomore

Yellow Jacket January 11, 2018  
Yellow Jacket January 11, 2018  

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