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April 20, 2017

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By Patrick Rielly THE JACKET


uring Spring break the student took a lot of trips, However the thing that caught our eye was the four students who climbed the tallest point in Missouri, Tom Sauk Mountain. Seniors Seth Fullerton, Stan Pulley, Shane Cobleigh, And Brock Reeves spent around 7 hours hiking up and back down the mountain and also visiting Johnson Shut Ins. They took a wrong direction and ended up hiking 17 miles climbing down perilous cliffs, and crossing through freezing water all while having a GPS with 1% Battery. When asked about his experience Seth Fullerton stated “We straight up almost died yo” but we also asked him if it was worth it in the end, in which he replied with “Even though it was dangerous, it was well worth it when we got to the top and took in the view”. Along the trail they found a waterfall that was a refreshing break from the long tiring journey. This trip made their last spring break of their high school career the most memorable and rewarding of all the previous ones.

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March 20-24, 2017

LHS Choirs By Christian Watson THE JACKET

Every year Lebanon Choirs sends around 25 students to compete in the biggest solo and ensembles competition in the state. And every year there are plenty of talented kids who get to move on to the state level. On Saturday, March 18 these students participated in the MSHSAA District Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Lebanon High School. The following students earned a 1 (exemplary) rating, and will be eligible to participate in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival; Makayla Campbell, Tyler Capps, Alex Clearbrook, Brett Dudenhoeffer, Billy Dudley, Kailyn Hazelwood, Lane Hisel, Sarah Morgan, CJ Ranfeld, Tamra Rodgers, Maddie Wade, Mark Webster, Tanner Wittrock.

Unexpected Friendships By Domminic Davis THE JACKET

Mrs. Gann and I became very unexpected friends. I had her as a teacher my freshman year and also again and a senior. We started out not really knowing each other and me finding it awkward to talk to her because when I was a freshman I had the mind set to ignore my teachers and avoid talking to them unless I get in trouble. Mrs. Gann can attest to the fact that we have a grown a relationship that will most likely stay with us for the rest of our lives. She is a great mentor of mine and a friend. Now a few words from the famous Tamara Gann. “In the course of four years, I’ve learned more from my Unexpected Friendship with Domminic than he’ll probably ever know. Things like how to look over the nonsense of life and concentrate on the better parts; about how a 17 year old person can have a lot of wisdom and perseverance from being one of the few minorities attending school in a 98% white, rural Bible Belt community; and that there are kids who are good as gold even though they have been handed setbacks under which of all sorts of people three times their age would have crumbled. I will miss Dom next year (a lot) and I hope he knows how much I admire him. But under his loud, prickly and sometimes crazy behavior lies a young man who will overcome any challenge that he will put his mind to. I consider it an honor and privilege to have gotten to know Domminic and hope I get to keep track of all, or most, of his future adventures. “Mrs. Gann said. So… yes we became friends because I was going through some stuff in my life and I just had the thought to go to someone who I normally don’t go and talk to. Well it worked out in my benefit and also hers to be friends because we can say thing to each other now and only we would know what we’re talking about. I hope after I leave high school we can be on a first name basis.

Swim Meet By Cameron Sheriff THE JACKET

The Pat Jones swim meet in Jefferson City, Missouri was hosted by a YMCA swim team. These girls fought and trained vigorously to prepare for this very important meet. The girls travelled to the capitol one day before the inauguration to see the newly decorated capitol building. The girls team said they really enjoyed this visit and said that it was one of the best meets they had all season. “I’m just so proud of all my ensembles. We came back from State with 1 ratings from all 4 choirs!! Great singing, great memories, great students and great judges!!! Needless to say, my students were psyched,” Mr. Ian Tapson Choir director stated.

When asked how he felt about the numbers he’d be bring to state this year, Mr. Tapson replied, “I am very excited with the number of students we are taking to state. It shows all of the talent and hard work that these individuals put in during class, and outside of class as well. The numbers prove that music is still alive and well in Lebanon and that our students are prepared to compete at high levels”. Senior, Sarah Morgan is returning to state for the fourth time. I asked her how she felt about returning, and how she feels she will do. “I feel extremely humbled to be doing this for the fourth time and seeing how my hardwork has paid off. Its truly an honor to represent Lebanon at the state level for my solo and two ensembles. I feel that I will do an extraordinary job! The choir also had eight small ensembles qualify for state. These ensembles consist of anywhere from three to eight students in one group. The State Festival will be held on Saturday, April 29. From Lebanon to these outstanding vocalist, Congratulations on your great application of your hardwork and talent.


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ICYMI In Case You Missed It Stories taken for Principal Kevin Lowery’s Twitter feed. Follow him at: @KevinGLowery

Good friends making more memories at Jazz and Desserts Dance!

Congratulations to the Crowell brothers, Aaron, left and Bryson, right, on a 8-0 doubles win against Richland!

Congrats to the varsity Yellowjackets on their 2nd place finish in the Waynesville Tournament!

The Boswell floor is packed for 14th Annual Jazz Dance!

Yellowjacket Student of the Week, junior Alyssa Long!

Band director, Aaron Stewart and Assistant Band Director, Nick Balla, are ready for an evening of fancy jazz and tasty desserts.

More than 200 Yellowjackets earned the privilege of watching Fantastic Beasts at the Ritz 8!

Last Thursday during Jacket Time students got to watch the Lady Yellowjackets Soccer play Crocker.

Congratulations to senior Aaron Crowell on his 8-0 victory on the home court! Bryson Crowell defeated his opponent from Richland 8-3 in the #1 spot!

Below: These Lady Yellowjackets combined for 8 goals in their 8-0 home win against Crocker!

Congratulations to Cade Winfrey on his 8-3 home victory against Richland!

Thanks Jason Riggs, police officer and School Board president, for generously giving your time to teach self-defense tactics to our girls in PE!

Congrats to senior Moses Farr on his 8-1 singles victory against Richland!

Small Town Values By Gina Poe THE JACKET

Congrats to Farr and Nichols on winning their doubles match 8-1 against Richland!

Every city tends to trap itself in the mindset and beliefs of its inhabitants. When extravagant award ceremonies are displayed on television, producers like to believe the award recipients represent the likeness of all Americans, but it seems awards represent only what Hollywood values. At the reveal of the biggest Oscar Award, Best Picture of the year, there was a mix-up between the actual winner and the runner up. While Moonlight was the actual winner, La La Land, the runner up, was announced the winner causing controversy as to why it wasn’t chosen as the true winner. Having watched La La Land, it’s pretty clear why Hollywood would stick up for a movie with the storyline of La La Land April 10th started National Library Week. We are thankful that we have Aimee Hays and Lisa Anthony as librarians and literacy - it’s pretty much the story of Hollywood. After polling Lebanon High School students, it became clear that we value coaches at LHS. something much different than Hollywood. When asked what movie should have won Movie of the Year, Lebanon High School students chose Hacksaw Ridge, a movie depicting a wartime hero. Twelfth grader, Allison Hill, candidly explained her vote for Hacksaw Ridge by saying, “Our veterans are much more important than a Hollywood love story.” Lebanon, being a fairly rural community, promotes a deep respect for our veterans and religion - two primary features of Hacksaw Ridge. Larger cities, that are more diverse in culture and values, may focus their attention on issues like social progression and balance. It’s up to each individual to Congratulations to our Yellowjacket Teacher of the Week, decide what matters most, but one thing is for sure - values Amanda Perschall, history. will not likely align with distance.

Congratulations to senior Sawyer Nichols on today’s 8-1 home win against Richland!

Laura Latall, Director of LHSU, just received board approval for a service learning trip to Costa Rica. For more information about this unique opportunity contact Mrs. Latall.



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Archery Club By Tyra Rogers THE JACKET

The purpose of archery is to provide training in archery as well as giving people the opportunity to be in a friendly competition with others. The goal is to teach the members to shoot safely and have fun. Talking with two members of archery they really enjoy it. Kassidy Andersen says “Competing is my favorite part and meeting new people: it also helps me relax.” Jasmine Hewitt also enjoys being around people and competing. Jasmine had said, “My favorite part is having fun with friends and the competition, and also when her and Shawn tied during practice and then she eventually beat him once in a competition. During archery there are different levels. Kassidy said “there are different strengths on bows.” There are two different powers, one is higher and lower. Jasmine said “their about 10 to 15 pounds, and I’m in the higher power.”

Yellow Jacket Paper 4-20-17  

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